A ‘Two-State’ Solution for Germany or Other European Nations?

by Howard Rotberg

European nations do not have a good history when it comes to dealing with their Jews.

I find that even today, Europe is being less than helpful to its own Jews and to those Jews living in the Jewish State of Israel. With respect to its own Jews, what were Europeans thinking when they opened their borders to inadequately vetted Jew-hating Islamist immigrants – who come from rabidly anti-Semitic nations, to spread their culture and Sharia Law rather than adopt western values.

With respect to Jews in Israel, the Europeans have this idea that it is in order for them to tell Israel that it should carve out from its historic homeland of Judea and Samaria (that its enemies call the “West Bank”) some sort of Islamist terror state. It is bad enough that Israeli civilians are targeted with missiles from Iranian sponsored terrorists in Gaza and southern Lebanon and that Europe provides aid to Iran. Now the Europeans, together with the immoral United Nations want Israel to be subject to rocket attacks in its population center of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem etc. The Islamists, including the Palestinian Authority (sic), make it quite clear that the only reason they would take a state in Judea and Samaria would be to use it to launch attacks to get what they really want, which is to get rid of the Jews who they see as occupying all of the land that was once ruled by Muslims and therefore must return to Muslim rule.

I am so sick of this nonsense, I decided that Germany and other Europeans should get a dose of their own medicine when it comes to reconciling Islamist values with the traditional European values. How would Europe like to have terrorist states created to serve radical Islamists in their midsts?

I have a special interest in Germany. My father was slave labor in Auschwitz concentration camp and his parents and then 8 year old sister were murdered in the gas chambers. My family name indicates that my ancestors lived in Germany for some time.

I have written about German incompetence when Israeli athletes were killed at the 1972 Olympic Games at Munich and more incompetence in the face of terrorism in Munich in 2016. 

I concluded that “the reason for the incompetence is the foolish ideology adopted by the children and grandchildren of Nazi murderers that the problem of terrorism was a deserved problem of the Israeli Jews and that it wasn’t their problem.”

I have also written about the insensitive decision by Volkswagen to name a SUV the “Toureg” after the slave-trading Muslims active in Islamist actions in Mali with the idea that naming a vehicle after these camel-riders from the Sahara would help sell cars.

And more recently I have written about Germany’s moral choice to move away from the “special relationship” with Israel, arising from the Nazi crimes against Jews in the Holocaust, and join the European Union anti-Israel statements and actions: 

I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me where all this is going, however, I think that we owe our children an attempt to see what kind of future might be established in Germany and other European nations. In this essay I shall concentrate on Germany. If we have learned anything from history, it is that German problems don’t stay in Germany but seem to emanate to the wider world. And so, I ask a lot of questions as food for thought. Please don’t think me rude for asking questions that might make you feel uncomfortable.

Can you imagine what would happen if Germany’s Muslim population grew, through demographics and immigration to amount to about 15% of the population up from its present 6%?

Can you imagine what would happen if Islamists undertook a major campaign to have Sharia Law and Islamist culture against Christians, Jews, women, LGBTQ, and children, be part of a separatist movement for a two state solution within present-day Germany?

Can you imagine if Iran (with its terrorist proxies) and other terror-sponsoring and Muslim Brotherhood groups backed this movement by undertaking serious terrorism including chemical weapons and missile attacks aimed at German civilians?

Can you imagine that NATO folds?

Can you imagine that Western nations may come to the brink of civil war, as conservatives resist what I call the “Leftist-Islamist-Globalist alliance” adopted by leftist parties all over Europe and even in the United States – where Democrats have moved very leftward in their reaction to Trump’s election.

Can you then imagine that other countries around the world might begin to support growing Islamist demands to accommodate Sharia Law by means of a separate country, a “two state” solution to the Islamist terrorism? Would it seem reasonable for the more Muslim and tolerant former West Germany to agree to become the Muslim State with the former East Germany adamant about being the non-Muslim state?

How could France or Sweden deprecate such an arrangement when they have allowed “no go” zones to operate in a way that approaches a separatist Islamist sovereignty?

Can you imagine what would happen if Germany refused the Islamist demands and the United Nations, dominated by the Organization for Islamic Co-operation, became obsessed with Germany’s failure to give the Islamists what they wanted in the former West Germany?

How would Germany feel if other countries began to support the Islamist state in Germany and support numerous non-governmental pro-Islamist, pro-separation organizations?

Prejudice against Muslims is now deeply rooted in Germany with one-in-two Germans considering Islam a valid threat, according to research by the Bertelsmann Foundation which found deficits in religious tolerance in the country, with Islam in particular being perceived negatively by many. Reported in Daily Sabah (Istanbul, July 18, 2019):

“Dogmatic, rigid beliefs and intolerance toward other religions could be detrimental to democracy in the long term,” the study said.

The Bertelsmann Foundation regularly examines the significance of religion for social cohesion via representative opinion polls in the “Religion Monitor” report. The report suggested that this negative perception toward the Muslim community has “consistently taken root” over a couple of years and that the prejudice is stronger in the eastern region, where far fewer Muslims live. The rate of those who perceive Islam as a threat is a staggering 57 percent in eastern Germany, whereas this number drops to 50 percent in the west of the country. Some 30 percent of those in the east went as far as to say they did not want a Muslim for a neighbor, as opposed to 16 percent in the west.

Can you then imagine if the more “intolerant East” forced its smaller Muslim population to move to the more tolerant West, and the tolerant West was accepting of this? And what if the Muslim population through demographics and family re-unification (especially among the one million predominately young single Syrian men who migrated pursuant to Merkel’s open-door policy and are ready to produce 4 or 6 children each) increases to about 30% of the population of the West, with these Muslims being given special privileges to compensate for illiberal actions in the East.

And what if the United Nations and a significant number of other countries backed a two-state solution for a Muslim Islamist state in the West and a non-Muslim state in the East? And what if the position of the elites of all Western nations was that the Muslim state in the West was deserved because of the history of Islamophobia and prejudice and loss of human rights of Muslims by nativist xenophobic Germans?

Can you imagine that the West of Germany abandons any pretense of a “special relationship” with Israel based on the historic wrongs of Nazi Germany to the Jewish people, freeing it to emulate other European nations to adopt a blatantly pro-Arab, anti-Israel set of policies. Can you imagine the East Part of Germany finding a better fit with eastern European nations like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia who restrict Islamic immigration and oppose the Leftist-Islamist-Globalist alliance?

Can you imagine that the non-Muslim East decides to withdraw from the EU in a “Germexit” movement instigated by the increasing Islamification in other European nations? And that West Germany with the backing of Turkey, joins the Organization of Islamic Co-operation leading within a few years, after the secession of Italy from the EU, towards a merger of the OIC and the EU?

And if you don’t see that, can you understand that others do?


Howard Rotberg is the author of The Second Catastrophe: A Novel about a Book and its AuthorTOLERism: The Ideology Revealed, and his latest, The Ideological Path to Submission . . . and What We Can Do About It. He is founding publisher of Mantua Books www.mantuabooks.com, Canada’s only conservative values and pro-Israel publishing house. He also writes periodically for Frontpage Magazine, Israpundit, Jewish Voice of New York and New English Review. He resides in Hamilton, Canada.



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