Abbas Controls Violence


Yesterday Arutz Sheva reported on fresh efforts to reduce widespread Arab-Palestinian violence directed against Israel’s Jewish civilians, and its security forces:

“Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has demanded that Israel provide him political incentives in exchange for his efforts to stem the latest wave of Arab terror, Channel 10 reported Saturday night.

Israel, however, is reportedly reluctant to agree to Abbas’ demands and has only offered the Palestinians technical solutions. 

Abbas attended a series of meetings on Saturday with both US Secretary of State John Kerry and Jordan’s King Abdullah on calming tensions in the region.

According to Channel 10’s report, Abbas made clear in the meetings his expectation that Israel release the fourth round of security prisoners – a condition for talks during US-sponsored negotiations a year and a half ago. Those prisoners contain several convicted murderers.”

The talks represent a tacit acceptance by Jordan’s King Abdullah, John Kerry, and the Israeli government, that Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has the capacity to control the level of violence and terror directed against Israel in the new would-be Intifada. Abbas has used incitement over the Temple Mount to intensify the level of violence in Jerusalem, a fact that has even been accepted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon – now it appears that this so-called ‘moderate’ is using the terrorism directed against Israel’s civilian populace to extract concessions from Israel.

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