Abdulazziz Al-Qattani Does The Best He Can To Tell The Truth, But Tells It Slant



He can’t leave Islam. He can’t admit, to himself or to others, that Islam itself is the problem. But he can say, and he does, that ISIS does not come out of nowhere, that it is based on, if not the Islam of Muhammad, than the Islam of the Hadiths, which Hadiths, he says, need to be re-examined. Fat chance.

In other words, it’s the Sola Scriptura — Qur’an alone — that he’s offering as his desperate nostrum.

But at least he’s felt the obligation to tell not the truth, but something like the truth. And his interlocutors haven’t a think to say by way of rebuttal. That’s good. The more Muslims — the ones that are advanced, but not advanced enough to drop Islam altogether — have to admit that there’s sometthing terribly wrong with Islam, even if they suggest, hopefully and unrealistically, even preposterously, that it can somehow be brought back to its pure, wonderful, Qur’an-only form, and get rid of all that Salafi and Wahabi stuff. Pocket what you can from Abdulazziz Al-Qattani, and don’t expect him, living in Kuwait, to be able to say or even want to say, what Wafa Sultan or Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Ibn Warraq or many other ex-Muslims, living in the West, can permit themselves to say.

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