After the Wuhan Virus Crash: Let’s Go Back to Basics

by Howard Rotberg

What we have now in the West are a lot of childiren who have never grown up. They are promised by the Leftist-Islamist-Globalist alliance that Mommy and Daddy (big government) will always protect them even from their own actions by forgiving student loans, providing safe spaces when Trump is elected (again), and giving them jobs in the bureaucracy which have job security and pensions (which in Canada are indexed to inflation). The culture (except in Israel where they understand the threat) tells them that “all you need is love,” love thy enemy and no more war ever – since everybody is the same as us.

Large numbers of our young work for highly suspect censoring organizations like Google and Facebook that censor conservative content, and Chinese companies that see nothing wrong with spying on everyone including their workers. After the economic Coronavirus crash, other jobs will be hard to find, and we should not trade off our freedoms for financial crumbs thrown our way. This shall be put off if Trump wins and brings back manufacturing from China, but will speed up if the Democrats win.

Hopefully after the Crash, we shall go back to basics. One of the basics is the restoration of a free and fair press and other media. It seems basic to me that the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and CNBC are no longer serious media, but are part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome. A deranged media does not serve a freedom loving country. The first mission of every Journalism Department in every university should be an understanding of how ideology has subverted journalism and what can be done to restore investigative journalism and fair comment. It should be clear that extremism is less a problem in the Right, than it is with anyone tainted by the Leftist-Islamist-Globalist agenda.

Projected deaths, especially among young people, were way too high. At the outset public health officials who want 100% safe treatments did not promote a discussion of how much risk was acceptable in a time where poverty, depression and suicide will surely become a danger to public health when much of the discussion involved how to get more ventillators; the problem is that most of the coronavirus patients who end up on ventilators go on to die and many who continue to live can’t be taken off the mechanical breathing machines.

It seems that the goal of getting more ventilators to treat critically ill seniors from nursing homes was more important than how to reorganize nursing homes which became the worst place for seniors with other health issues.

With young people facing closed universities and lack of jobs, wouldn’t it have been smarter to ask these young people to do their patriotic duty to go to work with the best precautions available, but also helping overworked hospitals and nursing homes. Would it be improper to ask them to do this with the knowledge that perhaps one out of a hundred might get sick and one out of a thousand might die? Wouldn’t young people who take all sorts of risks (with alcohol, marijuana, driving too fast etc.) be agreeable to taking a small risk for their country, in order to keep the economy functioning, save the government some money, and help preserve care in nursing homes that have been left needing more personal care workers as they have illness among their regular staff?

Programs for young children to learn gender theory and other inappropriate content should be replaced with lessons that you save your money in the good times, so that you will have some money available in the bad times. Isn’t that basic? Obviously this has been left off curricula. Finally we must recognize that the “elites” such as the American Democratic Party are not progessive at all, go into government to get rich, and are just master manipulators like Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff. One half of the stimulus money or about a trillion dollars could build an enormous amount of affordable housing which would allow our young people to procreate and have decent housing. Instead, as Pelosi did in the U.S., the elites held up legislation to help working people until she got (added to the legislation) money for nice things, but hardly essential, such as concert halls (Kennedy Center) and left wing public radito (NPR).

We should stop allowing state supported universities to act as expensive baby-sitters and to indoctrinate our children into the Leftist-Islamist-globalist program. We should close one-half of the Humanities and Social Science programs and use the extra space (if their buildings are in big cities) for affordable family housing – it is a disgrace that one bedroom apartments cost more than $1000 per month in big cities, and that leftist or progressive-identified mayors are too busy creating “sanctuary cities” and giving benefits to illegal aliens, and emptying our jails, to worry about our young people. It is only conservatives like me who care about you. If you are one of the “Bernie Boys” then you believe the lies told by Bernie Sanders, who hever had a real job in his life and is walking away now with about $10 million and undeserved influence in the Democratic Party a party in which he was never even a member until recently (having been more of a communist and Israel hater, than the mainstream Democrats).

Our infantilized and Islamophiled young people have been taught at university to hate their own freedom-based societies and only support the rights of any group that can claim to be marginalized, so that white males may be marginalized with approval. What is needed is for western countries, not including Israel of couse, is to institute a draft for military service. There will be too many of them for the jobs that will now be available. But because our children in Democratic Party families have been taught to hate their military, we should draft them instead to work on national security programs where they can enhance their computer skills and analytical skills and also to provide social services which, after the crash. shall need more workers at less pay. The draft could be named the Triple S Draft – the “Securty and Social Service” Draft.

Will we learn our lesson from this pandemic or will we continue to be bought off by government promises to spend more of our own money on our childish wish lists? Will we learn that globalist high paying NGOs hate Israel and conspire with totalitarian governments like China and Ethopia (Ethopia is a Chinese client state and was rewarded with a new fancy building there from the World Health Organization). Wake up America and the West – no more bogus progressivism, no more benefits to Islamists and no more inane globalism. Did anyone notice how the EU fared in this crisis? Close the EU and close the United Nations and replace the UN with a small organization of liberal democracies such as the US, Australia, Britain, Israel, Canada and some Eatern European nations, with openings for more if they pass freedom tests and are not subjet to undue Islamist influence. Let there be objective standards for how long they can remain in the organization if their governments opt instead to be part of the Leftist-Islamist-Globalist alliance.

We have some choices to make – hard choices. You see, our countries are now broke, infiltrated by Islamists, obsessed about Jews, and our debt has been used to get high-end everything – fancy restaurants, expensive cars and international travel. Our grandparents didn’t have those things that some now think are essential, and now we have to tell our children about how we frittered away their inheritances, and thought that because interest rates are low, we should borrow and borrow some more. Times have changed. The baby boomers, even the millenials, forgot that historically there is both boom and bust. Now we have bust.

Let’s rethink the basics.


Howard Rotberg is the author of four books and many essays. He spent 20 years as a practicing lawyer and then 20 years developing affordable rental housing for low income working people in un-needed heritage buildings at the same time as founding Canada’s sole conservative values and pro-Israel publishing house, Mantua Books –


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