Ahmad Khan Rahami in Shootout with Police in NJ, Detained and in Hospital

Ahmad Khan Rahami

New  Jersey/New York Terror Bombing Suspect

Ahmed Rahami gunned down in Linden, New Jersey resisting arrest shooting an office. He was taken into custody and being treated in hospital. We’ll see whether FBI and New York and New Jersey JTTF interrogation reveal any co-conspirators in the terror bombings in Seaside park and Manhattan. More to come as this Islamic terrorism episode disquieting unfolds. We’ll shortly see how President Obama treats this in his news conference at the UN today while ironically attending the Refugee Summit at the 71st UN General Assembly.

Here is the Breaking News from NBC:

New York/New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was taken into custody Monday after a shootout with police during which two officers were injured and Rahami was shot, authorities said.

The shootout happened in Linden, New Jersey, hours after authorities announced the 28-year-old Afghan immigrant was suspected in the weekend bombings that injured 29 people.

One officer was shot but had non life-threatening injuries, NBC News reported. Another officer was hit by glass shrapnel. Two sources told NBC that Rahami also was shot and was taken to a hospital.

On Saturday, a bomb exploded in the New Jersey shore town on Seaside Park, forcing the cancellation of a large charity race. Later that day, a bombing in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood injured 29 people. Officers found a possible secondary device nearby. On Sunday, five additional explosive devices were found near a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Rahami was identified as a suspect on Monday morning after authorities found a fingerprint on a device that did not detonate, according to investigators.





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