Al-Hijra in Action: Pakistani Muslim Parents Wage Schoolhouse Jihad in Tasmania, Australia


As reported, with Islamophile enthusiasm and a total inability – or wilful refusal – to see or to explain what is actually going on in this story of these poor little Pakistani Muslims who have gone all the way to Tasmania, Australia, and are now demanding, so they claim, just “a bit of space to breathe), by one Carol Raabus, for “Radio Hobart” and Australia’s ABC.

Be sure to click on the link, for the story as originally published contains a most intimidating photograph of our two unpleasantly passive-aggressive Pakistani Muhajiroun, doing their bit for the spread, and the dominance, of Islam: he with a classic sharia beard, she in the niqab, only her eyes to be seen through the slit in the face-mask that she knows full well will intimidate and discombobulate every ordinary Aussie infidel that she encounters…. especially in Tasmania, where there have been, historically, even fewer Muslims than in the rest of the Australia. – CM

“Muslim Family Tells of Challenges Navigating Tasmanian Public School System”.

Now, why is it we hear all these stories about how terribly hard it is for Muslims here in the evil Lands of the Infidels, where everything is so monstrously contrary to what they know and desire (but then why did they come here?), and yet we never get any comparable stories about, say, a Buddhist family, or a Hindu family, or a Sikh family?  Even though the Buddhist and Hindu presence in Australia, combined, is larger than that of the Muslims, they don’t seem to be causing anywhere near as much angst, nor making anywhere near as much noise.  – CM

‘Five year old Yahya’s first year of school in Tasmania was full of lessons – not only for him but for his parents and his new school, too.

The lesson, for the new mostly-Infidel school in overwhelmingly-Infidel Tasmania, seems to have been in Muslim intransigence, arrogance and self-centredness, bullying and demanding their own way whilst simultaneously crying and playing victim. – CM

‘Originally from Pakistan, Yahya arrived in Hobart five years ago with his parents; they have come to the island state so that his father, Muhmmad Wasim, can study at the University of Tasmania.

And how does somebody from Muslim Pakistan – an economic baket-case, if ever there was one – manage to pay for five years’ worth of tertiary education in Tasmania? Who is paying? Is he from a wealthy family or is he on some kind of scholarship funded by the foolish infidels, in hopes that he will be grateful (he will not; he will accept all such largesse as his due, as either jizya or tribute)? And what precisely is he studying, that has taken him five years, and counting?  I hope he is not using his student visa as a stepping-stone to citizenship, to swell the numbers of the Ummah in Australial – CM

‘Yahya’s mum, Anjum Shaheen Khan, said she spent a lot of time searching for the best school for her son, and ended up choosing one with a high academic ranking.

‘But she said she did not think how diverse the school’s population was.

Back home in Pakistan, of course, Sunni Islam dominates, and the percentage of the population that is religiously and culturally ‘diverse’ from that is being steadily diminished to nothing; for Pakistan, “Land of the Pure”, was and is intended to be exclusively and purely Muslim, a land for Muslims only.  

It was cut off from India (along with ‘East Pakistan’ that has now become ‘Bangladesh’) because Muslims would not countenance the idea of being a minority within a non-Muslim state of India.  The Hindus and Christians and Sikhs and Buddhists of Pakistan – those who remained after the initial large-scale massacres and drivings-out that accompanied the Partition of India, which Partition was caused by Muslim intransigence, the Muslim desire for Total Domination and a purely Muslim environment – are being ground down to an ever-tinier remnant: killed, driven out, exploited, abused, degraded, their daughters constantly seized and raped and force-‘converted’ and used as brood stock to bear children to Muslim rapists.

And other-sect Muslims – Ahmadiyyas and Shias – are also persecuted mercilessly, because deemed heretic, or in effect, Infidels; and then, too, the dominant Urdus persecute and oppress the Hazaras and Baluchs and other ethnic minorities.  It’s a bit rich for this Muslim mama to whine about the lack of ‘diversity’ in a school in Hobart, when she comes from Muslim Pakistan where the dominant Urdu group, Sunni Muslims, are doing everything they can to transform Pakistan into a Sunni Muslim – and Urdu-dominated – monoculture. – CM

“When I was selecting the school, there were so many reasons to select this school, but I missed this point that there are not many Muslim families there”, she said.

Oh, how dreadful!  How shocking! How awful!  The school was full of… filthy Infidels!!  Well, duh!  You’re in Hobart, Tasmania, my dear Muslim Mama. Did you really expect the school to be mostly Muslims, like back home in Pakistan, with just a few suitably-cowed, bullied and marginalised non-Muslim pupils and teachers hanging on around the edges?  I have read Barnabas Fund’s accounts of what is routinely done to Christian teachers and pupils within the relentlessly-Muslim-dominated Pakistani state school system.  – CM

Ms Khan and her family follow Islam, and Ms Khan chooses to wear a niqab.

Which is not, by the way, all that common in Pakistan; in everywhere but the most Taliban-affected provinces, the wearing of the niqab signals affiliation with the most determinedly aggressive and pious of Sunni Muslims.  She might as well be flying the black flag of Jihad.  Her husband’s shaven upper lip and jihad beard are similar indicators of aggressive orthodox piety.  This couple are dangerous. – CM

“Most of the parents used to look at me like I was a real alien from Mars; sometimes their looks and stuff, I’m sorry to say, were crazy”, she said.

What do you expect, my dear Muslimah?  They have never before seen a woman who thought that her face was the equivalent of her pudendum and therefore thought that she had to cover it up in public. You are an alien; and an enemy alien, at that. I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. You and your husband chose to leave Islamic Pakistan, and come to Infidel Tasmania.  If you don’t like it in Infidel Tasmania, then kindly depart, the instant that your husband’ completes his studies. – CM

“It makes life a bit tasking (cry me a river, my dear; I know too many stories of how Muslims in Pakistan treat the Christians, the HIndus, the Sikhs – the debt-slavery, the cheating, the false accusations of ‘blasphemy’ that result in lynchings and imprisonments and assassinations and howling mobs burning down houses and temples and churches, the kidnapping and force-‘conversion’ of girls and women, including little, little girls, the rape of non-Muslim women and girls, some of them only toddlers, raped by gangs of men and left horribly injured, left to die, to feel even the tiniest bit of sympathy for your whining about how a few Tasmanian Infidels looked at you funny when you were glaring at them from behind your slave-mask – CM) – and if it’s tasking for me, what do you think it’s like for a five-year-old? How tasking is life going to be for them?

When your husband finishes his studies – which I sincerely hope will be soon, because I do not want you or your hsuband or your pickled-in-Islam son to remain on Australian soil, and certainly do not want you to inveigle your way into Australian citizenship status – you and he and the boy will return to Pakistan, where Muslims rule the roost, absolutely, and are entitled to do whatever they like to the members of the impoverished and powerless infidel minority groups. If your son chooses to rape a Christian or Hindu maid, or even murder her, he will be able to do so with utter impunity.  And you know that, so all your whining about his alleged ‘tasking’ experiences in a civilised infant-school classroom in Hobart, is sheer nonsense.  Shall I remind you of the Christian couple in Pakistan, my dear Ms Khan, who – only a little while ago – were beaten by a Muslim lynch mob, on the basis of a false accusation, and then – still alive, though barely – tossed into a brick kiln and burned to death, leaving behind three orphaned children, as young as your spoilt little Yahya, and younger?  If I tell you about them, will you evince even a glimmer of pretended sympathy?  And you have the hide to complain of a few funny looks?  You are perfectly safe in Infidel Hobart, Tasmania, and you know it damn well.  Quit with the pose of victimhood; it’s revolting, because it is totally fake. – CM

Ms Khan said the school worked hard to accommodate her family and their faith.

Meanwhile, NO state-run school back home in ever-more-aggressively-Islamic Pakistan makes even the smallest attempt, in any way at all, to accommodate Christian, Sikh or Hindu students, and their faiths; rather the opposite, they are constantly pressured and bullied and harassed, and their faiths are openly denigrated and described and treated with contempt. – CM

‘But at times, classroom activities – such as music and dancing – conflicted with the family’s religious beliefs and this caused confusion.

Hmm. So these two Muslims are practising and are attempting to impose the sharia injunction against music and against intermingling of unrelated males and females … even in elementary school.   One hopes that Mr Muhammad Wasim and his niqabette wife Ms Khan are being watched by ASIO, because their jihad uniform and their aggressive refusal to integrate in any way at all with the Aussie infidel culture, their pushing of the sharia, is or should be a very loud alarm bell. – CM

“He kept asking, “Am I allowed to do this? am I allowed to do that? Can I eat this? Why can’t I do that?” she said.

Really?  A five-year-old???   Did he say that? Or is his mama putting words in his mouth, presenting her and her husband’s implacable laying down of the law, as merely their support for infant piety?  This cute five-year-old boy is being used by his sharia-pushing parents as a human shield and entering wedge for the Islamoforming of this very nice and previously-happily-Infidel school in Hobart. – CM

‘The last term of the year was particularly trying for Ms Khan and her famly as her son’s class spent time doing activities around the theme of Christmas.

Oh, horrors! How dreadful!  Can’t have that!  Meanwhile, let’s have a think about whether any state-run school in Pakistan would make the slightest concession to the feelings of Hindu- or Sikh – or Christian – pupils.  They wouldn’t?  So why should Muslim Mama from Pakistan, in majority-nominally-Christian Tasmania, Australia, which she knows to be a majority-Christian country, have the hide to complain that the school, forsooth, celebrates Christmas? She chose to enrol him in the school. She and her husband chose to come to Tasmania.  Muslim malignant narcissism and sense of entitlement is a spectacle to behold. – CM

“We respect others celebrating Christmas (oh, suure you do… pull the other leg, ma’am, it’s got bells on – CM) but we are not permitted [under Islam to celebrate it]” Ms Khan said.  “Ideologically we cannot do this”.

Hmm.  Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist – and many non-religious – parents and students, down through the ears, in Australia, have probably witnessed many a Nativity play or school Christmas party, and don’t seem to have any particular difficulty just observing, and remaining politely quiet, or ‘sitting it out’.  It’s only some Muslims, like you, who get up and make a parade of what an imposition it is on their delicate sensibilities, to have to endure the sight of nominally-Christian Aussies celebrating Christmas.   Question: what happens, during Ramadan, in many Muslim countries, and Islamised areas even of Infidel countries, to non-Muslims living in those countries, or those areas? I seem to recall that right here in Australia, not so many years ago, in a school in Melbourne, Muslim boys, in the playground, attacked a non-Muslim boy who dared to eat a sandwich – even more shockingly, a salami sandwich – in front of them, in that playground, during Ramadan. – CM

‘Ms Khan said she sometimes felt she was in a “blind alley” navigating an education system she was unfamiliar with.

You’re in a foreign country, Madam. Deal with it. Plenty of infidels in Muslim countries have had to deal with much, much worse. – CM

“Sometimes we don’t understand what the system demands from us (my dear Muslimah, what they ‘demand’ is basic common courtesy and a willingness to find out and play by the rules – CM), and what we should do, and where they are trying to place us”, she said.

You’re not a victim, milady.  You are extremely privileged.  Your husband is at a very nice University, and everything works, and your son is going to one of the best schools. Quit whining.  All you’re complaining about, is that the locals are not sufficiently grovellingly-dhimmified. That you can’t – yet – domineer over and dominate them like you dominate and domineer over the impoverished and cowed non-Muslims back home in Pakistan. – CM

‘Ms Khan said she wanted to talk about her experience to help all Tasmanian schools better understand how to help families like hers adjust.

No, what she wants is for Tasmanian schools to Submit to the demands of Muslims.  She is on a little jihad of the schoolyard, to Islamify, to dhimmify, the school system in Tasmania, to soften people up to Submit to every last Muslim demand so sweetly, whiningly made, so that other Muslims – and there will be others, if the University of Tasmania, the government fo Tasmania, and the federal government of Australia, do not hurry up, get a clue, and slam shut the door against any further entry of niqabettes like Ms Khan and her jihad-bearded husband – can establish and expand their ummah colony, with a view to the ultimate Islamoforming of Tasmania, and of Australia.  – CM

“If they are welcoming to different cultures and different religions… they should at least consider the families who are not allowed to participate in all of these things”, she said. “For their kids, there should be some alternative there”.

In other words: the infidels must give way, the Muslims must get their way. Always. Everywhere.  Meanwhile – just how ‘welcoming’ is Muslim Pakistan to Infidels, including its indigenous Infidels? Are they accommodated in any way at all? Are they not rather – as the sinister Hadith enjoins – “pushed to the narrowest part of the road”?  – CM

‘In a statement the Tasmanian Department of Education said public schools recognise and value the diversity (bzzzzt! buzzword alert – CM) of all beliefs and religions.

The problem is, that Islam does not recognise ‘diversity’ at all, and intends, ultimately, that the entire planet shall be ruled by Muslims, and that there shall be nothing at all, anywhere, but Islam, Islam, Islam. – CM

“Students are accommodated with educational adjustments including alternative learning activities to ensure the skills outlined in the Australian curriculum are developed”, the statement said. “This includes alternative activities being provided at Christmas and Easter time for students of other faiths, recognising the increasing diversity of belilefs amongst the Tasmanian community.

But if you keep on letting in Muslims, and bowing to their demands (which never stop, and when one demand is granted, another will soon be made, and another) that much-vaunted ‘diversity’ will rapidly disappear. Because Muslims do not have a track record of tolerating ‘diversity’; Islam tends always toward a ruthless monoculture. – CM

“In relation to students of Muslim faith, it is common to have adjustments to uniform and sporting activities, as well as recognition of key holidays such as Ramadan, prayer rooms (why? – do Jews, Christians, Buddhists or Hindus get special set-aside spaces, just for them? – CM) and separate eating times/ spaces, if required.”

The Tasmanian Department of Education needs to read Sam Solomon’s “Al-Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”, and get a clue. Because this Muslim demand for special treatment and separate “spaces” will never cease; the Partition of India is a good example of how the process plays out on the macro scale, but all such  setting aside of ‘separate space’ as demanded and/ or seized by the Muslims, is never enough, it is in fact only a stepping-stone to the seizure of more and more ‘space’, psychological and actual, until the Infidels find that they are ‘pushed to the narrowest part of the road’, with no space left for them, at all. Muslim Pakistanis dream of the Muslm conquest of all of India; dream of and plot toward the wonderful day when there will be no ‘space’ left at all for Infidel Indians, when all of what is now India – not just the portions already grabbed and ‘purified’ by Muslims – will be ruled by Muslims, with any surviving Hindus as their slaves.  And even that is only part of the grand Muslim programme of Islamising the entire world.. including Infidel Tasmania. – CM

‘Ms Khan said she appreciated the work the school’s principal and her son’s teacher did put in last year, helping accommodate his needs where possible.

‘But some things remain a challenge.

‘For example, the school has no dedicated space for midday prayers.  Yahya has had to pray near the washrooms when no other room has been free.”

How old is he? Five.  If I recall correctly, even in strict sharia Islam a child that young is not obligated to perform the full daily prayer ritual, anyway.  This Ms Khan and her husband are bamboozling the school; what this is, is the use of the child, to Islamify the school, to seize ‘turf’.  There is only so much space in such a school; why should a whole chunk of it be set aside exclusively for Muslims? If it is a state school, rather than a church-run school, it most assuredly does not have a chapel. If it doesn’t have a chapel then it shouldn’t have a Muslim ‘prayer room’ either.  – CM

‘Nevertheless, Ms Khan’s youngest son, Zeerak, will start kinder at that same school this year.

“I appreciate the school… I appreciate the teachers” Ms Khan said.

Flattery, and gloating; they have been so naive, so accommodating, so ignorantly gullible. – CM

“I’m hopeful that it will be a bit more easy, in that I’ve already passed one year, and i’m going to be taking things a bit easier for myself, for my kids.

“I’m going to be giving [them] a bit more ease… and I’m expecting the same from the teachers and the school as well.

“I really want to ask one more thing (and here comes the whine…. with Muslims, there is always that ‘one more thing’… until the Infidel, having given way, and given way, and given way, discovers that the Muslim has everything, and they, the Infidel, has nothing at all – and has received nothing of any value in return, because Muslims do not do reciprocity – CM) that giving a very warm welcome to people like us can be like giving us a bit of space to breathe in an easier way.”

Would you grant any such ‘bit of space’ to any Infidel, back home in Pakistan?  No? Then, don’t come here to Infidel Australia and demand “a bit of space” that will, if we foolishly accede to your demands, expand and expand and expand till it swallows up our entire country.   The Muslim demand for a purely-Infidel ‘space’  – because they just couldn’t ‘breathe’, oh noes, as a Muslim minority in Infidel India – led to the carving-off of Pakistan and Bangladesh from historic India; but it did not end the Muslim jihad against India, because Muslims feel themselves so oppressed, so unable to ‘breathe freely’, just so long as there remains any un-Islamised space, any unsubmitted Infidel, anywhere in the whole wide world

This sinister Muslim couple, so busily engaged in their little project to Islamise this state-run primary-school in Infidel Tasmania – to carve off a part of it as purely-Islamic ‘space’ – are engaged in exactly the type of Jihad that Sam Solomon describes. Here is a useful review and summary of his book about the “Hijra”, the use of migration to spread and to impose Islam, and all the techniques by which that process of infiltration and subversion is achieved.

“… Americans and Europeans have made countless accommodations to Muslim demands… many… acculturations to Muslim entreaties have all been made in the service of respecting Muslim religious beliefs and practices.

“To those in Western democracies, these accommodating actions appear, on the surface, to be little more than harmless civil gestures, respecting the needs of a growing religion in their midst, and welcoming a new addition to their proud multicultural tradition.  Many Westerners (like the eagerly-accommodating principal and teachers of that school in Hobart, and the bureacrats of the Tasmanian Department of Education  – CM) pat themselves on their back for their liberal bent, their tolerance, and their open-mindedness.

“Little do they realize that this strategic pattern of demands (as seen in Ms Khan’s campaign to get a special ‘prayer space’ and her complaints about her son being exposed to Christmas celebrations, and to music and dancing – CM) is part of an insidious 1400 year old prescription for Muslims that originates in the Koran and the Sunnah, the deeds of Mohammed.

“It is the HIjra, or doctrine of Immigration.  Modelled by Mohammed’s migration from Mecca to Medina, this immigration is not to a romanticised melting-pot wherein newcomers gratefully search for opportunities for a better life in liberty and freely offer their talents and loyalty to benefit their new homeland.

This is immigration for Islamic expansionism, employing ethnic separatism to gain special status and privileges within the host country.

“Hijra is immigration designed to subvert and subdue non-Muslim societies and pave the way for eventual total Islamisation…’

“All demands are initially presented as benign attempts to accommodate the religious requirements of devout Muslims.

“Any actions to suppress them are decried as religious discrimination…”.

That is precisely what is going on with that Muslim couple and the nice school that they are targeting in Hobart, Tasmania. 

For good measure, I will link an article by an astute lady in Israel, Naomi Ragen, entitled, “You can never be nice enough to the Muslims”.

 “You Can Never Be “Nice” Enough to the Muslims.

“They Want Your Country, Your Religion, and Your life”.

“…I feel sorry for you, America, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany… (and she could have added, Australia – CM).  So many more of you are going to die trying to be “nice” to the Muslims.

“Trying to make life good for them, until you realize that they hate you and want you dead no matter what you do for them.

“[They want] you and your wife and your kids.  Dead or sold into slavery, or raped, or educated to be killers. Dead, or willing to be part of their new world order, the great Caliphate…”.

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  1. Has she ever thought of sending her child to an Islamic School.  She will have to pay for that.  She has been given a lovely home and furniture and pension.  He has got into University free.  They are using two different names.  I do hope Mum helps every day at the Tuck Shop and Dad is a volunteer at the School when sports etc are on as a way of saying Thanking Australia for all they have done.  It would be very polite to pull that veil off the face. Mum can even get a job and pay for a prayer room.

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