Allah is the Only Legislator


To Regent’s Park to see Anjem Choudary and his crew on the subject of not voting in the forthcoming election. #StayMuslimDontVote Regular readers may recall that he was there on Good Friday last year as well.

The idea was that as worshippers pour out of the mosque, and Good Friday being a public holiday many working Muslims would be free to attend lunchtime prayer, they met Anjem and other speakers advising them that voting and democracy are man made law, and therefore forbidden. Allah is the only Legislator. 

This had to be countered which was done by members of several divisions of the EDL and other patriot groups. 

Anjem and team were fashionably late, as usual. I am told that there was a scuffle when Abu Izzadeen arrived but I didn’t see it. The police were taking no chances of the two groups meeting and at that stage I could not get back along Park Road. It looked like the only way to see what was happening was from a double decker red London bus.

So that’s what I did.

Abu Izzadeen used to be a Hackney electrician named Trevor Brooks – he was not not a very bright spark; now he is a convicted terrorist. 

On my second sweep….

By the time I got off the second bus the throng leaving the mosque had thinned and I was able to get closer. 

Britain First operate differently to the EDL. To give credit where it is due, they have a spokeswoman called Jayda Fransen and she was not holding back today with her criticism of Islam. Explaining that Britain is a Christian country. If they wish to live under sharia law then a move to Syria is called for. That when a religion says that 72 virgins are given as a reward for killing that is inspired not by God but by the devil. She then challenged Anjem Choudary to come out from behind his acolytes and face her, a lone Englishwoman, for a debate. He declined.



But the best quote of the day came from the EDL side of the counter-demo.
“Here – don’t you know that it’s against the law to leave your 6 year old child bride at home alone?” Even a Muslim woman chuckled.

Womens rights (and wrongs) were a feature today.

Choudary was giving plenty of interviews.

Flyers were being handed out. It was not until I was able to read it throughly afterwards that I realised that the one I was given was produced, not by the campaign #StayMuslimDontVote,  but by Hizb ut-Tahrir.  

That is very sinister. That both groups will work alongside each other, and with no hinderance from the Mosque authorities (despite what they said on their website

Be it the slow jihad, the stealth jihad, the violent jihad or the demographic jihad, this below is the sea in which the jihadists swim.

A young Muslim man engaged an acquainance in conversation. He said they never give up. Then he looked at the EDL and said, ‘But then neither do they. Except they will eventually’ He didn’t hear me say that we will never give up, because we are fighting for our country and our homes; you are fighting for your ill gotten gains and your booty.

And tomorrow is another day.

Photographs E Weatherwax Good Friday 2015

2 Responses

  1. I must say, I find the prospect of mohammedan voters staying-at-home on polling day rather attractive.

    What would Galloway say on the matter, I wonder?

  2. Great article as ever Esme. I look forward to reading your one on today’s Pegida UK event.

    Steve (and son!)

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