American Mideast Coalition for Trump Supports President’s Action in Syria

AMCTrump press release:

Washington DC: The America Mideast Coalition for Trump strongly supports President Trump’s resolute action in Syria which sent the firm message that the use of chemical weapons of mass destruction will not be tolerated by the civilized world. However, we also concur that the President’s primary focus must remain on defeating ISIS.

We call on the moderate Sunni states as well as our European allies to create safe zones in Syria in order to allow the safe return of refugees. We call on the same parties and the United Nations to negotiate a cease fire agreement and to provide protection for minorities such as the Christians and Yazidis from both ISIS and the Shi’a militias supported by Iran. Iranian incursions into Syria must be countered.

With the world’s help, we look forward to change in leadership and the restoration of stability in Syria.

Co-Chairs of American-Mideast Coalition for Trump” (AMCT)

Tom Harb,  email: [email protected]

John Hajjar, email: [email protected]



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