An Assault on the Rule of Law

Democrats have now forced the country to choose between a sleazy, incompetent administration and the Constitution.

The conduct of the Justice Department and the FBI in raiding President Trump’s home at Palm Beach on Monday must rank as among the most dangerous assaults upon the rule of law in the United States since what President Lincoln referred to as an “insurrection” (with a legal precision that has eluded the mountebanks who have so described the events of January 6, 2021).

The New York Times, an unofficial mouthpiece of the regime, disclosed that the raid was caused by a dispute over archives, and their reporter Maggie Haberman conveniently claims to have evidence about Mr. Trump flushing unspecified documents down a White House toilet.

Mr. Trump has been cooperating on this matter, per custom. Archives, after all, have been subject of friction with all former presidents (Richard Nixon’s literary executors litigated successfully over his papers for years after he died twenty years after he retired as president).

Any such complaint should have been civilly litigated. The correct procedure is a subpoena; a warrant is justified only where there is reason to believe that exigible material is apt to be destroyed imminently — impossible given that Mr. Trump was at New York and the records were safely locked up in his Florida home, and the FBI had already gone through the same papers extensively.

It was also improper for the 30 agents to break into the ex-president’s safe. Mr. Trump had been entirely cooperative. If there were any complaint that plausibly justified so immensely sensitive and explosive a step, it should have been referred to a special counsel to give the current partisan attack dog-attorney general, Merrick Garland, a patina of impartiality.

This is the least that should have been done after the years of horrifying and recidivistic partisan improprieties of the Justice Department and the FBI that have poisoned American public life and vaporized the confidence the nation and the world formerly had in the integrity of the American legal system.

It is impossible not to fear the worst, given that dishonest officials within the Justice Department and the FBI filed false affidavits to enable illegal wiretaps on the Trump campaign in 2016 and allowed to pass almost without serious remonstrance Secretary Clinton’s destruction of 33,000 emails that were under subpoena.

And they were complicit in representing reports about Hunter Biden’s corrupt practices in which his father was implicated as “Russian disinformation,” even though they had already been the subject of a grand jury investigation for a year, and enabled the Russian-collusion fraud and the falsehood that Mr. Trump had acquiesced in Russian engagement of bounty-killers against American military personnel in the Middle East.

Let’s not forget that President Clinton’s national security adviser, Sandy Berger, smuggled classified documents out of the National Archives “in his socks and under his pants,” according to a Congressional staff report. His penalty was a fine and community service. The Trump-hating FBI director, James Comey, improperly removed a memo that was public property. There was no action against him.

As there was no danger of imminent destruction of anything, there was no excuse for a warrant, especially one executed with such a spectacular excess of force and drama against so eminent a target. Donald Trump was president when the material was moved to Palm Beach from the White House, and the president has the ultimate authority over classified documents.

This is apparently an effort to mouse-trap Mr. Trump in a records violation which might be used to disqualify him from holding a public office again. More than that, it appears to be a lawless effort to strangle the entire democratic process. No sane person can imagine that this invasion of the former and probable future-president’s home was justified or executed with an acceptable motive.

It is an astounding demonstration of the unutterable arrogance and moral bankruptcy of the unholy coalition of rabid Democrats and Never Trumpers. In the 2020 campaign, when Joe Biden was served soft-ball questions about his and his son’s dubious activities in Ukraine, his response was that Mr. Trump was under investigation and had no right to have the waters muddied by any questions about the Bidens’ probity.

The Democrats and the Fifth Column of anti-Trump nominal Republicans are now shaking in their shoes as Trump supporters reassert his control of the Republican Party and lead the polls toward reelection. Mr. Garland harasses parents who express reasonable opinions about school curriculum and does nothing to help reduce the sky-rocketing crime rate.

FBI director Christopher Wray put in a shabby and contemptibly evasive appearance before a congressional committee last week, and then left early in order to take a government airplane to a vacation in the Adirondacks.

The disgraced former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, a public liar, appeared on CNN, an unofficial television organ of the corrupt Biden Gong Show, and suggested the fact that a Democratic judge on the federal bench issued this warrant proves that Mr. Trump is a criminal.

The American criminal legal system has long since been exposed as completely rotten. The federal criminal conviction rate is 98 percent, 95 percent without trial. Ironically, George Soros had some reason in his hostility to American prosecutors but he made the grave error of promoting soft treatment of repeat violent offenders, instead of lessening penalties against non-violent first-time offenders, which would be sensible and would be supported. Now the country has omnipotent prosecutors in a stacked system that is led by a seedy claque of Democratic Party Torquemadas.

There is a silver lining in this storm cloud. The Trump-haters must finally have aroused the irrepressible puritanical conscience of America. Obscured and anesthetized though it often is by the shabby venality of much of the system, uneasy though many Americans are about Donald Trump as president, this is an affront to every American who has any desire for an impartially just society.

The Democrats are gambling everything on their ability, with the choreographed hallelujah chorus of their lickspittles in the national political press, to give the righteous orgy of mindless Trump-hate one more try. Swaddled in their threadbare righteousness, they have forced the country to choose between a sleazy, incompetent, putschist regime, propped up by the cabal of the national political press, and the Constitution and due process.

They have made Mr. Trump, with all his infelicities, the candidate of lawful democracy. On Monday night, Democratic Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said the Mar-a-Lago police raid was entirely appropriate and then said that we don’t yet know the facts; Republican Senate leader turned Mephistophelean Never-Trumper Mitch McConnell was silent, effectively complicit.

The choice will be clear: the great Democratic Party has descended to mere thuggery.  If this disgrace is as malodorous as it now seems, Mr. Trump make a broad appeal to protect the integrity of the system and reject the criminalization of policy differences. The Republicans should sweep the midterms, and should not hesitate to use the power of impeachment against those who are again attempting a pre-emptive coup d’etat. Each side accuses the other of lawlessness; this is the final escalation and Mr. Trump wins.

First published in the New York Sun.

7 Responses

  1. And from a spirit mail reminder from Olaf, our forever phoenix, “There is some shit I will not eat.”

  2. Mr. Trump has been cooperating on this matter, per custom. Archives, after all, have been subject of friction with all former presidents (Richard Nixon’s literary executors litigated successfully over his papers for years after he died twenty years after he retired as president).

    Conrad deliberately omits that Richard Nixon’s papers weren’t subject to the Presidential Records Act of 1978, which as of 1981 made presidential records public and required their retention and archival. His attempts to portray this as a civil matter and claim that Trump was being cooperative are both not accurate. A government agency reported that Trump has done something illegal, and the Justice Department and FBI are doing what the law tells them to do, which is investigate.

    The rest of this piece is name-calling, unsubstantiated assertions, spin, whataboutism, and more furious name-calling, and not worth bothering with.

  3. If this is just about archives then this is a case of massive overreach.
    The key point now, as Mr Black points out, is that the “puritanical conscience of America” has been aroused. Many, many, ordinary Americans are rightfully outraged at they’ve seen happening in their own country and to one of its proudest institutions these last few days. These people cannot be smeared as “Trump supporters” or dismissed with the usual “far right”, “extremist” epithets. And no amount of bluster by the likes of “Koolaid” (that’s the “Lying Propagandist” commenter above who likes to operate under multiple pseudonyms) will sway them from what they see at best as a gross abuse of power; and at worst a crude power grab.
    Accountability at the highest level needs to be established. And if required, heads must roll.

  4. Right-wingers like Conrad and Arthur.c are hypocrites. They want to criticize left-wing movements like BLM and Antifa for not appreciating the laws and systems we have here and working to weaken them, but when the political winds make it necessary they start trashing those same systems themselves. Ignorance and hypocrisy of the first order.

  5. “Arthur.c Is A Big Dummy” is, of course, our friend Koolaid the “Lying Propagandist”, hiding behind yet another pseudonym. Readers will note that an exact copy of this comment (with the single exception of “Conrad” being replace by “Roger Simon”) can be found in the next article on this subject by Roger Simon (
    Key points when manufacturing propaganda are simple repetition (however meaningless the content), attention-grabbing headings and of course virulent attacks on stereotyped targets like “Right-wingers”, “extremists” etc.
    Make your own decision as to why Koolaid does what he does. And whether he has anything of worth to offer.

    For the record, my own comment above on the outrage of ordinary Americans is based on personal conversations over the past few days with people from the broad center, most of whom, like myself, do not have a lot of time for Trump. Of course, if one believes the conspiracy theories about Trump (such as him being a “Russian asset”) the raid on Trump’s residence is easily explained. But for most of us, the hysterical, ceaseless, sometimes deranged and increasingly absurd attacks on Trump over the years have not gone unnoticed. Virtually all have turned out to be fabrications or outright lies: i.e. the kind of “misinformation” & “disinformation” we are all warned is such a danger to our democracy. The saddest, and most disturbing aspect of this is that the prime disseminators of these lies have been the corporate media, which ought to be a key institution in any stable democracy. Very few people now take them seriously, as polls show.

    I for one would like some simple answers to some simple questions. For example:-
    – Precisely how were the “Zuckerbucks” spent before the 2020 election? The more than $400 million dollars donated amounted to almost SEVEN times the DNC budget for the entire election cycle.
    – What was Ray Epps & his team doing at the capitol on Jan 6, and why is the FBI and the political class pretending he was never there? Poor Mr Epps has sunk from most-wanted villain & insurrectionist to an unrecognized entity since July 2021. Why?
    – Why has the security camera footage of the capitol not been made available for us to see for ourselves what occurred?
    – Why is any sensible discussion of the above topics ruthlessly censored on social media? And why are perfectly reasonable questions and observations on this topic subject to virulent invective by the likes of professional trolls like Koolaid?

      1. # Doesn’t Drink Orange Koolaid
        First, congratulations on yet another copy/paste operation Koolaid: wonderfully subtle this one with just the first sentence duplicated; your bluster remains stunningly original. And more congrats are due: as in my compliment to you on the ‘Roger Simon’ article, congratulations for reverting to your “Koolaid” identity on this comment instead of playing silly games posting under different names. Operating with multiple pseudonyms is an early sign of conspiracy theorist tendencies and we wouldn’t want you to go down a rabbit hole. So please, remain alert! There are conspiracy theorists out there who actually believe Trump is a “Russian asset”, the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation” and Ray Epps was not working for a government agency on Jan 6. Unbelievable !

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