‘An attack upon the nests of fornication, vice and disbelief in God’: ISIS’s chilling words after Tunisian massacre which killed 38 as they warn ‘worse is to follow’

From the Daily Mail

ISIS extremists have claimed the massacre which left 38 dead was an ‘attack upon the nests of fornication, vice and disbelief in God’ – as they warned ‘worse is to follow’.

The threat accompanied a picture of the man ISIS claim was behind the assault on innocent holidaymakers, who they name as Abu Yahya Qayrawani.

It is thought this is jihadi name of the killer fatally shot by authorities after Friday’s attack, a 23-year-old aviation student called Seifeddine Rezgui, who was armed with an assault rifle and grenades. The statement accompanying the picture added: ‘Our brother, the soldier of the Caliphate, Abu Yahya al Qayrawani, reached his target the Imperial hotel despite the security measures.’

Sky report the statement goes on to say he had attacked a ‘bordel’ and killed 40 ‘infidels’.

Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said Rezgui was not previously known by authorities, and came from the town of Gaafour in the governorate of Siliana and had been a student at Kairouan university.

A second gunman is reported to have escaped, but details remain unclear.

Eyewitness accounts say Rezgui was seen laughing and joking among the midday bathers and sunseekers, looking like any other tourist. But it was claimed he was carefully selecting the victims he would murder with a Kalashnikov hidden in his parasol.


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  1. “Fornication, vice and disbelief”. Thus – describing a hotel at which many of those present were lawfully married or else betrothed – say the robbers, rapists, slavers and murderers who have seized terrified little underaged Yazidi and Christian girls, dragged them from their weeping parents’ arms, stripped them naked, sold them as slaves, and *raped* them repeatedly; tormenting them and beating and *murdering* them if they *dared* to try to fight back against their rapists.

    Among those shot by the zealous mohammedan was a man who shielded his fiancee – his betrothed – by stepping in front of her to shield her from the jihadis’ fire.
    Another man – a lawfully married man – was shot and mortally wounded. His last words to his wife, as he lay dying on the beach? – “I love you, I love you, I love you”.

    Fornication and vice? Really??

    It is the Mohammedamn murderers and rapists and sex-slavers, who sell little little girls to be used and abused as sex toys, who “project” their own monstrous evil onto others and then engage in ritualised mass murder.

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