An Austrian member of a pro-ISIS Turkish Muslim nationalist organisation has been photographed making an Islamic salute on a concentration camp monument

From the Austrian edition of The Local

Abdurrahman Alpaslan was snapped standing on a monument to those who died at the Mauthausen concentration camp making the two-fingered salute, sometimes referred to as the Wolf Salute.

It is used by members of the Nationalist Movement Party of Turkey (MHP) in which the little finger symbolizes Turkey, while the index finger is Islam and the space between is the world, implying that Turkish Islamists will one day control the world.

Local Greens spokesman Sophia Hochedlinger said that Abdurrahman, who was pictured standing on the stone, was the leader of the Linz-based Grey Wolves association Avrasya.

Avrasya, according to Austrian anti-fascist organisations, is simply a cover organisation for the Grey Wolves ultra-nationalists in Turkey that are constantly making propaganda against Jews, Kurds and Armenians, as well as left-wing supervisors of any sort and are also known as ISIS sympathizers. . . 

She said that the local socialists in Linz had refused to accept that “Avrasya” was a fascist organisation, saying that it was simply an association of migrants working together to help each other. She said: “I have to ask myself what else needs to happen before (local mayor) Klaus Luger changes his mind?”

They want sponsorship from the local council to stop, and a ban on allowing them to use local venues for their meetings.


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  1. This hideous gesture by Arpaslan ostensibly symbolizing Turkish/Islamic supremacy over the world, actually shines a light on the deranged thinking in which he and his ilk wallow. The hand gesture alone is grimly illuminating but it becomes even more so when brazenly flaunted at a place that honours the memory of those who suffered and died at the hands of the hate-fueled Nazi regime. Far beyond showing a disregard for the torment of thousands of innocents, this gesture symbolizes a celebration of their pain and their deaths. In this way Alpaslan’s hand signal morphs from one signifying a religious/political aspiration – disturbing as that is – into this goulish display glorifying evil. That the local council sponsors Alpaslan’s group, Avrasya, is a further travesty – one that defiles the memories of all who suffered in Mauthausen, called the “mother camp” by the SS.

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