Anjem Choudary’s ban on public speaking to be lifted shortly

From the Mail on Sunday

Britain’s most notorious Islamic preacher will soon be free to spread his gospel of hate again, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

After his release from prison two years ago, extremist Anjem Choudary was banned from speaking in public under one of the strictest licence conditions ever imposed by judges.

But those restrictions will be lifted towards the end of May – and now security sources fear that Choudary will immediately resume his campaign to radicalise young Muslims.

Last night, terrorism expert and author Michael Kenney said the 54-year-old hate cleric will have ‘street cred’ after serving time behind bars, adding: ‘He is no longer just a talker, but has served time for his cause, so he has greater credibility.’ Photograph left, from BBC. With Michael Adebolajo, one of the murderers of Lee Rigby

Choudary, leader of the banned Al-Muhajiroun group, was jailed for five-and-a-half years after inviting support for Islamic State. He was released less than halfway through his sentence and has since been living at his family home in Ilford, East London, where his conditions include a night-time curfew and a ban on using the internet or preaching in public.

Choudary, a father-of-five, is understood to have written an autobiography, although is unlikely to make any money from it because he is banned from having a bank account. The Treasury would probably seek to freeze any income that he earned from the book. A Home Office source last night said Choudary would continue to be monitored by police and MI5 after his current licence conditions ended.


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