ANOTHER McDonald’s in Birmingham is hit in second mice attack in as many nights in pro-Palestine stunt

I said this little gang had enough mice for further incidents and I was right. 

A McDonald’s in Birmingham has been hit in a second mice attack in as many nights in a pro-Palestine stunt on Halloween this evening.

A video posted online shows the aftermath of what appears to be another protest against the fast food chain as dozens of mice are frantically seen scurrying on the floor of one restaurant.

Footage shows workers desperately scrambling to try and contain the rodents, some of which have already been trapped under a large tuppaware container, as horrified customers watch on.  At one point in the video, the person recording, who appears to have just stumbled across the unfolding chaos, can be seen on camera. He claims someone had just ‘dropped off’ the mice, sending them scurrying inside the restaurant.

The Mail doesn’t know which branch of McDonalds it is, but according to a post on X it is the Perry Bar branch.

From their behaviour, not frightened of humans,  obediently gathering under the box, these are obviously tame domestic pet white mice. A group of brown field mice, if you could catch so many, would have been off in all directions at speed. Where did this gang get them? Live mice are no longer sold for reptile feeding; these days they are sold dead and frozen.

The riddle over who was behind the stunt at a McDonald’s restaurant deepened today when the man who originally posted a video of the incident denied responsibility. Former limousine hire company worker and convicted fraudster Aamir Khan, 32, told MailOnline he had been sent the clip of the incident on Monday evening anonymously.

His brother Zahid, a fugitive who fled to Dubai before the pair were convicted over an exclusive car number plate scam five years ago, told us Mr Khan had merely reposted the clip on TikTok which then went viral.

Mr Khan’s TikTok and Instagram accounts – where friends congratulated him on the stunt – have now been deleted and police have launched an investigation to trace the person who emptied a box. …

Mr Khan’s Instagram page suggested he worked at Royal Limos, a luxury hire car company in the city.

But a man answering the phone at the limo company claimed Mr Khan left the firm four years ago, and now had a loose relationship whereby he was paid commission for attracting customers through publishing the firm’s vehicles on his social media.

The man, who called himself Adam, denied having anything to do with the McDonald’s incident.

Plenty of people are commenting on the animal cruelty issue and asking the relevant organisations to take some notice. But I suspect appearing to support the Gaza cause is politically more important to them, and compared to murdered babies mice are expendable. 

This probably isn’t relevant but whoever is responsible didn’t mix the mice into all the colours of the Palestinian flag this time. There are all sprayed with black paint. So there remain a couple of dozen of red and green out there. 


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