Are We Aztecs? Understanding the Transgender Epidemic

by Roger L. Simon

I have been trying to understand why people from CEOs to self-described “progressive” politicians act in such heavy support of the metastasizing transgender movement.

As recently as a few years ago, a girl who liked to climb trees was a girl who liked to climb trees and a boy who liked to play with dolls was a boy who liked to play with dolls. Nobody made much of it. Life went on.

Yes, there were a tiny number of people with actual gender problems, but that was dealt with privately and, we hoped, competently.

Suddenly, much like an epidemic, young people everywhere—often with deliberate secrecy from their parents—are attempting to change their sexes through dress, chemical/hormone treatments, and often irreversible genital surgery.

They do this although the 30 trillion to 40 trillion cells in the human body that determined their sexuality in the first place via chromosomes remain, as far as we know, untouched.

Almost always, they are encouraged in these “transitions” by adults from their schools, the health care profession (including psychotherapy), and portions of the community at large.

Why now? Why is this happening at this point in history?

Several explanations have been posited that have merit. The globalist crowd wishes to depopulate the planet, and this is one aspect. Hospitals and doctors stand to make a great deal of money from the transgendered that almost always become their clients for life due to these treatments.

Further, this is a natural outgrowth of the LGBT movement in its Jacobin phase, with actual gay rights left far in the rearview mirror (many gays oppose it)—or that it’s simply another organizing principle for left-wing power, specifically aimed at the young.

However, I think there may be more primitive forces at work, buried deep in the human psyche that encompasses all of these and more.

This is a modern version of child abuse of a very basic kind, akin to the human sacrifice that permeated Mesoamerica in previous centuries.

Distant as it may seem, I relate this to those well-documented sacrifices that began centuries ago with the Toltecs and Mayans and reached their apotheosis with the Aztecs. This was at the inauguration of the Pyramid of the Sun when, depending on the source, as many as 80,000 human beings were sacrificed to the gods within four days. These are Holocaust-level numbers.

Where’s the similarity?

When the Aztecs and the other tribes were going through hard times—droughts, pandemics (the latter should be in boldface)—the number of human sacrifices went up, particularly among children. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on the subject:

“It is hypothesized that this specific child sacrifice … [in present-day Mexico City] took place during the great drought and famine of 1454-1457, furthering the theory that Aztecs utilized human sacrifice to placate the gods. Osteological and dental pathological evidence shows that many of the child sacrificial victims had varying health issues, and it is suggested that the Tlaloques selected these children who had medical ailments. Because sacrificial victims typically embodied the gods they were being sacrificed to, male child sacrifices were more present at this site due to the masculine nature of the Aztec rain gods.”

Interesting, no? Drought and famine. Other times, it was pandemics, like the one we have just come through or was imposed on us, depending on your outlook, for COVID-19. Also of note is that the children sacrificed often had “health issues.”

Devotees of transgenderism would have us believe that what they are doing is improving the condition of our young people who have issues with their sexuality, almost everyone does developmentally at one time or another. These are often experts with medical degrees and doctorates who inform us of the good they are doing.

It was the elites of Aztec, Toltec, and Mayan cultures—advanced for their day—who were determining which children and adults would be chosen for sacrifice.

As for whether our elites, who are mutilating our children rather than completely sacrificing them, are doing any good in the process, that’s extremely hard to determine. For a young person to express regret in changing his or her sex whether via surgery or receiving testosterone or estrogen treatments or both would be tantamount to saying they have acquiesced in the destruction of their own lives.

Few could do that.

Making it worse they are surrounded by the teenage version of Mattias Desmet’s mass formation psychosis that would prevent them from shaming themselves in front of their peers.

We have powerful evidence of how extreme that is in an article here at The Epoch Times about a California mother whose daughter was “transitioning” at a school where half the “Girl Scout troop came out as transgendered.”

Here’s more:

“A few girls, including Friday’s [the mother’s] young one, were heard chattering in the front yard about some new things they learned at school. They were hip to fresh trends while, in their minds, boring old mom was the know-nothing dinosaur who was way behind the times.

“Five girls, each one of them picked a label that was on the alphabet, and they actually kind of giggled at me and said, ‘You’re cis, and you don’t understand,’” Friday told The Epoch Times. “I had never heard the term ‘cis’ before, and then they said, ‘OK boomer.’”

I read this right in the middle of writing this article that oddly corroborated what I had been thinking. It’s not hard to time travel in your head from this woman’s dilemma back to Tenochtitlan—the capital of the Aztec empire in today’s Mexico City—and envision an Aztec mother about to have her child sacrificed.

A dark corner of the human psyche allows for the sacrifice or mutilation of our children. Great artists—Euripides in “Medea”; Goya with his “Saturn Devouring His Children”—have acknowledged this. Whether you call this Satanic or psychologically aberrant again depends on your view, but neither is good.

It’s worth remembering, however, the Aztecs are no longer with us. The transgender epidemic may signal our own demise.

First published in the Epoch Times.


4 Responses

  1. The WHO has observed an increase in sexual identity confusion, and in a plausible explanation, hypothesized that hormones in the water in Western countries (used in agricultural products, and in wastewater from home prescription disposal, may be the culprit.
    I do think that this trend (with surveys reporting that as many as 20% of teenage children in the US reporting that they are “trans”) is pleasing to the Left. The Left loves anything that can result in fewer children being born, as the Left hates humanity. I think this is why the Left sees no problem with permitting “treatments” of hormones and surgeries for minors to render the children infertile. Poor kids!

  2. If this thesis is correct, imagine what they will start doing when our civilization actually encounters hard times. These are not that.

  3. It’s no surprise that in our DNA is woven potential for a myriad of cruel, justifiable, and criminal expressions. Rationales and irrationales for cruelties have been DEMONstrated since or before Moloch, Islamic expansion, Crusades, Napoleon, King Leopold 2, Hitler, Truman, firebombers of Dresden and Tokyo, Covid liars, NATO, Biden, Putin, Zelensky, war profiteers all, ….
    The Aztec elites and their bloody begging for murderous mercy are just one “justified” instance of sadism in the deadly disguise of National, community or personal salvation.
    The mixed bag of bogus promoters of surgical and irreversible psychosomatic interventions on youths below age 25, all of whom, due to incomplete brain development and therefore defective decision making, cannot give true informed consent to life-altering procedures.
    The road to Hell is paved with good parental intentions. Where is the survey of all the conversion rejectors and converted regrettors?!

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