A Mirabilary Of The Passing Parade: Homo Gnosticus

by Cynicus Americanus (August 2016)

A Mirabilary

Signs And Wonders of The Devolution Of Man And The Decline Of Western Civilization In The Time Of Obama In The Age Of the Gnostics In A Republic of Dunces, A Federation of Twits, An Accomodation Of DumbAsses.

And The Rise Of The Criminally Insane Class

The Passing Parade

As Observed by Cynicus Americanus 


Homo Gnosticus


We Need A War On Crazy



Cynic (‘sin-ick) n.–One who no longer believes in the comforting illusions and protective half-truths that others use unreflectively to get through their lives.  – Kirkpatrick Sale (Cynics’s Dictionary)


Assaults On All Fronts

Of all that assails us on several fronts, there is one assault more pernicious than all the others, for the others are merely methods, ploys, and tactics. All of it, whether it be a (one-sided) religious war; an alien invasion; a political coup d’état under the guise of “democracy”; exporting “American” Progressivism to benighted nations; a curtailment of freedoms under the rubric of “rights”; the discounting of citizenship, males, whiteness, heritage, history; a malign and purposed toxic contamination of the cultural, social, and political order of the signal civilization in all history; all of it, is all of the nature of  the witches’ cauldron – a smelting pot of ores, vials of strange, bizarre, queer, anomalous, mysterious, natural and unnatural potions. It is alchemy, a concoction of heavy metals that will collapse any society with its own weight and stress, and irradiates all living things. But who would formulate such a thing?

The Gnostics

Homo Gnosticus Stultus – Herman von Rumpuy

Devolution And The Descent Of Man

The modern lie is that there is always some third option, some third way, some new form of mankind, different from the ideal man, the hero, as once he was before modernists threw him over; and different from the common man, with a common human nature. This new man is not common. He is exceptional. He is of the line EveryMan, NewMan, ModernMan, SuperMan, SovietMan, EuroMan, and its branch, DavosMan. He is Homo Gnosticus.

Homo Gnosticus appears to be, along with it’s cousin Homo IslaMahometicus, the first devolutionary episode in the history of the evolutionary line Hominidae which began some fifty million years ago.

I fully expect, any time now, that the Universe will have stopped expanding and commence contracting. Seeing as the rate of collapse, always and by far, exceeds the rate of expansion – I doubt we have fifty-million years left – unless…

Homo Gnosticus knows. He knows he cannot compete. He knows he will not give in to moral rules he cannot follow. Homo Gnosticus will write his own rules, follow his own ethics. He will invent a new morality as different as black is from light. He will debunk God, creation, and nature itself. Homo Gnosticus knows what he wants. He wants no limits.

But this third man is not found in nature and not found in our reasoning. We have neither experience nor instinct to tell us what he should be like. He is a mere extrapolation by some theorists of what a man would be if he were not bound by damnable human nature. He would be Homo Gnosticus. Never mind he is an homunculus.

Homo Gnosticus Ebrius – Justin Trudeau

Homo Gnosticus will slither in the muck, fuck kittens, walk on all fours – as, and whenever it suits him. And what suits him most is the de facto and de jure recognition of his self-identitication – an agglomeration of yearnings, desires, appetites, and lusts. He will get up on his hind quarters, beat his chest, curse nature for having denied him provision for his appetites, curse as wicked those who will not indulge him. He will indict GOD, will war on all creation and those who will not join with him. In such respects he is not easily distinguished from Homo IslaMahometicus.

Gnostics, aka the criminally insane, are ascendant – and there are no glass ceilings holding them down, nor walls holding back their nervy pervs. The ascension of the Gnostics dwarfs that of Islam’s ascendancy, though Gnosticism is behind the rise of that pathogenic pandemic also, for Islam too deals with, as per its dogmas, godless perversion. Both will corrupt every thing of its God given nature and/or evolutional contrivance. Neither should be allowed a place on the world’s stage, a role in the play, a part in the game, a seat at the table, a klieg light, a soap box, a megaphone, a raised voice; nor an opportunity to take a dump on the world.

For however many millennia Gnostics chawed and clawed, tooth and nail for a foothold in God’s creation, it had never taken hold. St Augustine had long been beguiled by the ancient notion, in his time relevant as Manichaeism – until his mother’s prayers were answered. Now, after millennia of futility, gnostics hold the high ground; crazy abounds; the world is nearer an asylum than a global union. There is so much of crazy about one fully expects they will run out crazy – that soon there will be no more crazy to be had. But how the hell does one sell crazy?

Homo Gnosticus Insapien – Sonia Sotomayor

Begin with the abstraction – say…justice. Add to it a sniveling casualty, incorporate a weepy backstory, videotape helps (tears and sobs are photogenic), browbeat the squares, and, presto… justice – abortion on demand. Stir and shake, and in less time than it takes to produce two generations of ordinary humans there are bizarro strobing lasers emanating from all manner of diabolical penumbrae from inside the minds of Sotomayors, Kennedys, and Robertses.

Boundaries are to the modern Gnostic what social institutions were to Rousseau.

We now have judicially imposed same sex marriage; pedophiliac apologia in national “conservative” magazines; interspecies sex (that’s bestiality to the unimaginative – adjudicated by the High Courts of Canada); unrestrained non-binary gender fancies, legally binding – the courts again; and burgeoning cults of death – abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide; and eugenics is not far off. Genetic buffets and the manipulations of the neuromancers are a fait accompli.

Donkey love and screwing goats are on the way out of the closet. Donkey humpers have a right to their bliss. Donkey humpers pride parade – San Fransisco ’17. From the Castro district to the zoo in no time on the crosstown bus.

Rampaging Gnostic Progressives

Homo Gnosticus Polackus – Donald Tusk

Create a crazier progressive and half the world will beat a road to hell to get one. No matter how much the think tank brights benefit rampant gnostic Progressivism with the legitimacy of ideology – an ideology of idealism – it is not that. The idolatry of the expert/manager is not an ideology. It is a cabal of the world’s preeminent culprits. Progressives are the auteurs – authors, directors, editors, distributors, and reviewers of the Gnostic ZeitGeist. It’s either thumbs up for aberrance, perversion, demolition, or the middle finger in the face of civilization, and the traditions that were its framework, and the millennia that had accounted it as worth pursuing.

And for what? 

Homo Gnosticus Praevaricator – Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama

‘Progressivism’ is, beyond doubt, a pretense – as is made obvious by judging ALL of over a century’s applications of social, cultural, and political progress and results to date. Thereby provisioned with all that is requisite to draw the incontrovertible conclusion, the conclusion is: the utter demolition of Western Civilization is under way and ahead of schedule. Demolitions are as likely to come in under budget as constructions over budget.

To hell with the lawyers. First we kill all the Progressives.

However one views them, whether as croaking humans in the name of humanity for the love of humanity; cloaked in presumptive historical determinism, the warp and weft of which is economic and cultural Marxism, or partnering with Islam for the eradication of the Christian West, the GLLMPs find themselves in a maelstrom of their own making.

The dunces, morons, twits, and dumbasses, that bedevil the world and beguile its dunces, morons, twits, and dumbasses (talk of represntative democracy) have gone one madness too far.

Homo Gnostics Europus – David Cameron

The saving theory at work here – and I hate social theories, and theorists, they ought all be hanged  – but this advocates itself by reason without rationalization. It is reasonable for being evident. In the event hot, there must be cold; in the event up, there is down; there were there is evil, there is good. Neither the first, nor the second, has any quality without the other. And so it is with humans. Without men and women we find we are soon without… men and women; without non compos mentis there is no sanity. You get the notion – if you are not a Bernie groupie. Without GLLMPs and their heterodoxies there would be no orthodoxies for reactionaries, neo-reactionaries, the Right, alt-right, the White Christian cishetero male to crusade for. Nemesis has stirred, Nemesis is roused.

What We Need Is A War On Crazy

Axes of Evil abound.

Crazies proliferate.They propogate like May flies but have a longer life span and are far more annoying.

Homo Gnosticus Demens – Alexander van der Bellen

Österreich: Probleme mit dem Bundespräsidenten

Probleme! I’ll say. But who? Who here is crazy?

The elected PoohBah or, clearly, about one half the electorate? Even allowing for voting corruption, the number of dumbasses voting for non compis mentis seems too great to allay despair. One keeps hearing it like endless echoes through interminable canyons – we are doomed! Unless…

Discrete cells of lunatics are of little importance to the great number of lumpenproletariat. But when the lunatics are indistinguishable from the ruling class for being one and the same – even the proles will sit up and take notice. Sure, vote for the distributist… but make certain he is sane. And no crazy foreigners.

Ms. Merkel had been recognized as the “most powerful woman in the world” nine years running. Her family, originally Polish/Catholic Kazmierczaks, became German/Protestant Kasners. It’s entirely speculation but it is within reason that the avenging Angela had apparently, furtively, diabolically, set to avenging the past, from the Teutonic Knights to the Prussian Schutzstaffel. Polska jest pomszczona. Beware the immigrant.

Homo Gnosticus Perfidus – Angela Merkel

Ms Hillary, a short money favorite for physical breakdown, has steamer trunks of mental baggage that would not recommend her for any office. Ms. Hillary is criminally insane. Ms Cankle Pantsuits would chase cars if they were hauling money. As it is, even at rest, she sucks in dollars like a whale sucking krill.

Homo Gnosticus Improbus – Hillary Clinton

The Passing Parades

The march of the savage beasts has a history. Along that timeline there’s Gustave Flaubert’s recounting. His flight to Egypt, where he contracted an STD, also provided a backdrop for a favorite work of his, The Temptation Of St. Anthony. In that play/story, there is the passing parade. Herewith an excerpt – (Hilarion, the evil spirit):

Hilarion–“The one who is scratching his abdomen with his elephant’s trunk is the solar god, the inspirer of wisdom. That other, whose six heads carry towers and fourteen handles of javelins, is the prince of armies, the fire-devourer. The old man riding on a crocodile is going to bathe the souls of the dead on the seashore. They will be tormented by this black woman with rotten teeth, the governess of hell. The chariot drawn by red mares, which a legless coachman is driving, is carrying about in broad daylight the master of the sun. The moon-god accompanies him in a litter drawn by three gazelles. On her knees, on the back of a parrot, the goddess of beauty is presenting her round breast to Love, her son. Here she is farther on; she leaps with joy in the prairies. Look! look! With a radiant mitre on her head, she runs over the cornfields, over the waves, mounts into the air, and exhibits herself everywhere. Between these gods sit the genii of the winds, of the planets, of the months, of the days, and a hundred thousand others! And their aspects are multiplied, their transformations rapid. Here is one who from a fish has become a tortoise, he assumes the head of a wild boar, the stature of a dwarf!”

Anthony–“For what purpose?”

Hilarion–“To establish equilibrium, to combat evil. Life is exhausted, its forms are used up; and it is necessary to progress by metamorphoses of them.”

Gustave Flaubert, from The Temptation of St. Anthony

The metamorphoses of tradition, custom, Christianity, nature, are the Gnostic’s wet dream, The inversion of good and evil, the Gnostic’s great impulse.

As our passing parade passes before our very eyes, we are meant to be pleased at the progress made lowering ourselves to the sludge and fetor where the flies are master. If we are not pleased neither do we seem too much discomfited.

If there is a wheel of life, there where its diameter intersects a part of the arc, are sybaritic self-indulgence and rights – the Gnostics; and, opposite, are obligations and miserable tribulations, and duties – the sane. The former will get you the rubble of Ozymandias – the latter will make a civilization that would lift Homo Sapiens from the cave, to the penthouse, to the stars.

Ask the gods what’s to be done with humans enthralled by themselves, their righteousness, their virtue, their having chosen the “right side of history,” their self-esteem, their never requited love for themselves, their hubris. The gods would answer – Nemesis.

There are two types of people in the world – the US and the THEM. It’s Us vs. Them. It’s always been Us vs. Them. We have before us the second great commission – we are Nemesis. Give no platform, consideration, give no benefits of a doubt, no concession, compromise, settlement, no dialoguing, no quarter.

Nemesis has stirred. Nemesis is roused.

Gnostici delenda est.


Cynicus Americanus was born, had as marvelous and happy a childhood as could be imagined, went to school, got a job, and several more, retired, was torn between wiling away the time writing or exposing rubbish, gibberish, claptrap, balderdash, hogwash, baloney, rot, garbage, jive, tripe, drivel, bilge, bull, guff, bunk, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, hokum, twaddle, gobbledygook, codswallop, flapdoodle, hot air; bunkum, tommyrot, bullshit, and crap. He decided to merge the projects.

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