Colonizing Ourselves

A zealous missionary mentality pervades today’s left, who treat even their own kith and kin, as primitive tribesmen to be converted.

by Steven Tucker (March 2023)

Trophies of the Savages, Emil Nolde, 1914


In today’s Neo-Salem, you may expect a white European male who crudely accuses all other races of inhabiting “the jungle” to be immediately defenestrated by our leftist ruling-class. Not when said white European male is a prime member of that very same leftist ruling-class himself, however.

In a speech given in Bruges to trainee diplomats last October, Josep Borrell, the grandly-titled High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, displayed his own mastery of diplomatic language by declaring the EU to be a well-tended “garden” where, supposedly, “Everything works” (apart from the power-grids, economies, demographics and border defenses). “The rest of the world,” however, continued Borrell, “is not exactly a garden. Most of the rest of the world is a jungle, and the jungle could invade the rest of the garden,” in spite of the best efforts of Brussels-trained “gardeners” like himself.

Perhaps the best solution would be to actually enforce Europe’s external borders then, but any Donald Trump-style wall “will never be high enough in order to protect the garden,” Borrell explained. Instead, “The gardeners have to go to the jungle” in order to properly cultivate it and its backwards tree-dwellers by imposing alleged ‘European’ (re: woke) values upon it by force. Or, put more bluntly, to morally colonize the ignorant natives of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Caucasus, who are so politically illiterate they don’t even know what simple white man’s terms like ‘cisnormativity’ and ‘intersectional climate feminism’ mean.

Following an official diplomatic rebuke from the UAE, Borrell swung into action from his own taxpayer-funded tree to issue the usual non-apology of regretting that some had misunderstood his words as an example of “colonial Euro-centrism,” colonialists being the last thing he would ever approve of. His use of the word “jungle” had no possible “racist, cultural or geographical connotation,” and the only viable reason to “truly dislike” it was because right-wing US neo-cons of the George W Bush era had also once uttered it in relation to distant lands like Iraq. Yet Borrell himself was “far from this political school of thought.”

Was he? Bush-era neo-cons attempted to unrealistically impose their will upon non-receptive foreign fields by hard military force, but their liberal successors today seek to do precisely the same thing by less overtly kinetic means. The mindset of neo-con boogeymen like Donald Rumsfeld is uncannily similar to that of liberal missionaries like Josep Borrell or Joe Biden’s current Secretary of State Antony Blinken, both of whom also seek to transform benighted natives into mental clones of themselves, albeit no longer down the rather outmoded barrel of a Bush-style gun—it is just that, for Blinken and Borrell’s ilk, these benighted natives also appear to include the heathen, non-woke native inhabitants of their own countries too.


‘Charity’ Begins At Home

To those latter-day moral imperialists of Washington, London and Brussels, Western nations must also be colonized from within, lest their own deplorable unconverted Homo erectus knuckle-draggers amongst the general electorate fail to recognize the enlightened truths of the many and varied dogmas of the domestic colonizers’ new imposed religion of post-human wokery: religious dogmas like, for instance, the blatant lie that “trans women are women.”

According to a memo leaked in August 2022, for example, US Embassies around the world may soon be set to be instructed to report back disapprovingly on any nations who fail to take measures against conversion therapy for LGBT people— ‘conversion therapy’ here being disingenuously defined to include not only barbaric methods like men raping lesbians to turn them straight, but also letting psychiatrists gently ask schoolkids whether or not they’re sure they really want to have their breasts or penises amputated, or if they’re just being groomed into doing so by disturbed adults like the current US President. Nations failing to comply could possibly be labelled as “human rights abusers” by that nice, mutilation-facilitating Archbishop Blinken; including, given their current trans-skeptical medical thinking, such noted homophobic hell-holes as the UK, Sweden and Finland.

How many actual allies will Washington have left at the end of this process? Maybe just Brussels. When Josep Borrell defines Europe as a “garden,” he only really means the compliant Western portion of the continent, certainly not those allegedly politically retarded East European nations like Poland and Hungary, who stubbornly continue to believe in things like family, flag, faith and the physical existence of women.

The commendably socially conservative Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has been railing against the Borrells of this world for years, declaring “We will not be a colony” of Brussels, sentiments for which he has been predictably demonized as a ‘fascist’, a truly empty word these days. Prior to the 2020 US election, Orbán openly wished for a Trump victory, knowing that, under the Democrats, his nation would only become open to yet more “foreign policy built on moral imperialism” and financial blackmail; he recalled how, under Barack Obama, US Embassy staff were frequent attendees at opposition rallies in contravention of all usual norms of diplomatic neutrality.

At least Mr Orbán has his own private Hungarian garden to retreat to, though. When the leftist neo-missionaries of Washington or Brussels come a-knocking upon the gates of their own captive citizenry brandishing their canisters of civilization-poisoning rainbow weed-killer, where may we ourselves flee to seeking sanctuary? Perhaps it is time to don once more our ancestral Victorian-era pith-helmets and head back out into the global jungle, in search of some traditional human sanity. I believe the weather in sub-Saharan Africa is very nice this time of year.


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Steven Tucker is a UK-based writer with several books to his name. His latest two, The Saucer and the Swastika and Nazi UFOs, debunk various ridiculous contemporary neo-Gnostic pseudo-religions which exploit the popular online lie that Adolf Hitler secretly invented flying saucers as a bizarre neo-Nazi recruitment tool amongst the young and gullible. His next, Hitler’s & Stalin’s Misuse of Science, demonstrates how Nazi and Soviet-era scientific abuses are being directly repeated today amongst ideologically motivated academics in the woke West and is due out later this year.

NER on Twitter @NERIconoclast


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  1. “Moral imperialism,” indeed, sir; complimented by the traditional military variety as NATO marches east to the Russian frontier.

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