Elmo Tanner For President

The Whistling-In-The-Dark Whistlestop Campaign Begins

by Hugh Fitzgerald (Sept. 2007)



September 1


Cometh The Man, Cometh The Hour


September 2



While The Reluctant Candidate Considers, A Musical Interlude



The Candidate Seems To Be Pulling Out But Is Implored To Change His Mind



The Candidate, Listening To The Pleas, Agrees To Run. His Supporters Are Ecstatic, If Momentarily Confused



The Candidate Finds The Perfect Running Mate



The Candidate, On The Stump, Re-Affirms His Confidence In His Running Mate



The Environmentally-Aware Whistlestop Campaign Begins



The Candidate’s Speech In Miami Is Rapturously Received



Then It Was On To Alabama, With A Stop In Birmingham



And The Crowds Got Bigger


September 3


Before The Behind Yet Under The Vast Above The World Is In Tears And Tomorrow Is Tuesday


The Whistlestop Campaign Keeps Right On: What A Day For Someone And Me



The Campaign Train Stops For The Night In New Orleans



As The Train Sped Westward In The Night, The Brakeman Strummed On His Guitar



September 4



The Train Arrives in Houston, Just In Time For An Election Day



Where A Good Time Was Had By All



I Mean A Very Good Time



The Candidates Met With The Oil-Men, And Talked About Oil



Heading Out Where The West Begins



On A Slow Train, From Houston To Dallas



September 5  


Across West Texas To Albuquerque



Meanwhile, Back In Washington, Campaign Headquarters Released The First Position Paper



And While Elmo Tanner Slept, His Running Mate Lay Awake, Hearing That Voice


September 7

The Whistling-In-The-Dark Whistletop Campaign Stops To W(h)et Its Whistle


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