Escalation Desperation

by G. Murphy Donovan (October 2023)

Pillars of Society, George Grosz, 1926



“… As long as it (Ukraine war) takes.” —Joe Robinette Biden


There was a moment in the Canadian parliament the other day that defined NATO—and the feckless surrogate war in Ukraine; a war, incidentally, that actually targets Russia if the truth be told.

Never mind the ATACMs, the drones, and the F-16s that will be able to strike deep into the Russian Federation. Never mind NATO’s sabotage of those Nord Stream pipelines to Western Europe. Never mind the billions poured into the great Ukrainian Spring offensive that never happened.

Never mind that Kiev’s defense ministry might be more corrupt than our Beltway bandits or the Pentagon. And never mind the nuclear hazards of 29 European states poking Rodina with a sharp stick of contempt for the last 75 years.

Only Hungary is a notable common sense exception.

Never mind all of that and consider that Yaroslav Hunka, proud Canadian “hero” originally from Ukraine, got a standing ovation from Justin Trudeau and the entire Canadian parliament. Zelensky even threw in a fist salute to his “hero,” the Ukraine version of seig heil. Yes, that all happened in 2023.

Volodymyr Zelensky was dialing for dollars for the third time in the Americas.

So let’s review the bidding on who the Israeli media, in contrast to the legacy Canadian and American press, has labeled “Zelensky’s Nazi.”

Yaroslav Hunka was a volunteer in Heinrich Himmler’s 14th Waffen SS Division (Schutzstaffel). According to Nuremberg trial records, the mission of “SS Galichina” was:


“ … the persecution and extermination of the Jews, brutalities and killings in concentration camps, excesses in the administration of occupied territories, the administration of the slave labor program, and the mistreatment and murder of prisoners.” 


Seventy years hence, apologists for German Nazis insist that SS Ukrainian volunteers were “nationalist” patriots fighting Russians. In fact, the SS was, in the first instance, Hitler’s body guard.

The SS evolved into a national police, similar to the American FBI, responsible for internal security in Germany proper and occupied countries. SS units were seldom used at the front for any reason, anywhere. Jew hunting and eradication was probably the most important and heinous role given by Hitler and Himmler to the Schutzstaffle.

Other Ukrainian “volunteers,” including Muslims, participated in the hunt for and execution of Jews.

“In January 1942, a company of Tatar volunteers was established in Simferopol under the command of Einsatzgruppe 11. This company participated in anti-Jewish manhunts and murder actions in the rural regions.”

According to The Simon Wiesenthal Center (in January 2011), “Ukraine has, to the best of our knowledge, never conducted a single investigation of a local Nazi war criminal, let alone prosecuted a Holocaust perpetrator.”

False claims about SS roles and missions were debunked at Nuremberg, yet they persist today with the lionization of Stepan Bandera, another Jew hunter/killer hero, still celebrated in Kiev today with parades, statues, and annual festivities.

And so it goes ad nauseam. Thus today in Washington, Toronto, and Brussels; you can still be forgiven for exterminating Jews yesterday as long as you are willing to kill Russians today.

Russophobia, as our former DNI, General James Clapper, will tell you over at CNN, trumps the holocaust, anti-Semitism, and any semblance of justice for Jews in Europe or the Americas.

If “never forget” is the anthem of Israel and the Diaspora; “rather not remember” has always been the realpolitik response from the US and the EU – NATO in particular.

All of which, in many respects, represents a natural evolution of a 75 year propaganda and Cold War against Russia that is leveling Ukraine whilst enriching American military contractors and the Zelensky nomenclatura in Kiev. And clearly, Joe Biden believes that the Ukraine war horse will carry him to another term in office.

Win/win/win; indeed, a trifecta?


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6 Responses

  1. Murphy’s depiction of the endless crisis in the Ukraine is short but sweet, outlining with accuracy, realism, and cogency the reasons or the war, the responsibility, and the urgent threat to us all if the “trifecta” of Zelensky’s endorsement of the most virulent wing Ukrainian nationalism in its extreme anti-semitic, anti-Polish and anti-Russian pre-war form symbolized by Stefan Bandera’s movement, Biden’s war-machine and search for a distraction, suppression of any dissent in the current White House in site of misgivings almost everywhere else in NATO and the CIA and Pentagon (except Canada) to follow suit providing ultra-sophisticated weapons, a policy many perceive now as suicidal,
    The American public knows less about this war than it knew in Vietnam.
    I am convinced that knowledge of the two failed Minsk agreements and suppression of both the Polish and Hungarian is near universal among so called “Liberals” and woefully among most Jews.

    1. Indeed, Norm. If we look honestly at even the propaganda on both sides, we now see more speculation about a cease fire, secret negotiations, and war funding fatigue. Ukraine isn’t winning, but all Russia has to do is not lose. Methinks the bloom is off the Ukraine rose – and jingoists.

  2. How did a 14th Waffen SS “hero” end up in Canadian parliament being given a standing ovation for “fighting the Russians” in Ukraine during WW2?

    Michael Chomiak, our deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather, was also a member of the 14th Waffen SS, publishing and writing the 14th Waffen SS newspaper after it was taken from Ukrainian Jews who were sent to Poland for extermination.

    She has run the Canadian support effort for Ukraine. Trudeau our prime minister is clueless. Freeland handled all of Canada’s $9.6 billion in donations. On the first day of the special military operation, a photo appeared in Canadian newspapers with Freeland holding up one end of the Stepan Bandera flag, Bandera the fiercest of all SS Nazi collaborators, a Ukrainian hero after whom streets, squares and buildings in western Ukraine are named, and whom the Nazi battalions controlling the Jewish Zelensky worship. Bandera was executed by the Nazis because even by their standards he was too psychopathic. (cf. Wikipedia)

    Indeed, the deputy prime minister of Canada’s grandfather was a Nazi collaborator. That’s how one received two standing ovations in our House of Commons. It was all Chrystia Freeland’s doing. But the poor Speaker of the House had to take full blame.

  3. Thanks Paul, good get. I knew about Freeland’s Dad, but left it out because I couldn’t confirm that she sponsored Hunka’s curtain call before the Canadian parliament. Yet, I suspect she did, as Freeland is a long time booster of all things Ukrainian, including collaborators like Bandera. And the worst, part was the clown pairing of Trudeau & Zelensky. Like Poland, and several other NATO countries, much of the EU continues to rationalize collaborators as victims of the Nazis or Communists. The truth is still too ugly. Thanks, again.

  4. When top men in government publicly condone sodomy and lesbians along with torture, mutilation and destruction of infants and children for profit and pleasure, then it is no longer a human government. It is a Satanic instrument of evil oppression and death that flies into the Face of God’s Providence. Hammertime.

    1. Lex, to be truthful, I’m agnostic about “sodomites” because I don’t play for that team. But what’s not to like about lesbians? Girls loving girls as much as men do. Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, its ecumenical. However, I do draw the line at gender benders.

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