Europe Surrenders

by G. Murphy Donovan (October 2015)

“It’s often safer to be in chains than to be free.” – Franz Kafka

The cuckoo is one of the more interesting migrants in the animal kingdom. It spends part of the year in sunny Africa, but nests and breeds in Europe among other places. Cuckoos appropriate the nests of other birds to lay eggs. The lark or dove in turn does not recognize the egg threat and even feeds the cuckoo chicks after they hatch. Eventually, the larger aggressive cuckoo chicks either evict or kill any host offspring.

Brood parasitism features several related behaviors; egg mimicry, egg or chick evictions, or once the cuckoo chick is established, nest fratricide. Still, no cuckoo ever becomes a chickadee.

Some critters were born to political metaphor. The hawk, the dove, the eagle, the snake, the rat, the elephant, and even the jackass are familiar. (Hat tip to the American Left). Given the Muslim migration out of Africa and the Levant, even genteel bird watchers see the social or Darwinian implications of mass migrations, avian or human.

Europe and Islam

“I must confess here that I thought of foreign Muslim clerical fanatics in England receiving social security payments even as they call for the destruction of the society that pays them. We are horrified, it is true; but all the participants in the scene are acting only according to their nature.”

Nature indeed! Is it the nature of Europeans to be passive victims? Is it the nature of Muslims to be religious/cultural predators? Bamiyan, Palmyra, and the ongoing Christian genocide within the Ummah might be probative here.

Muslim feminist

What we have, as Luke’s jailer might have put it, is a “failure to communicate,” two cultures with radically different political, religious, cultural, and moral values. All the while, Europe clings to multicultural illusions even as their “union” is undone by a monoculture on the move. Islamic aliens flee Muslim lands as political “refugees” travelling, ironically, under an umbrella of enlightened Judeo/Christian indulgence.

Open border is to “union” in Europe as kefir is to ice cream.

Refugees from what? Shia theocracy? Sunni fascism? Surely Arabs and Africans are not fleeing the Ummah or Islam, the “religion of peace.” Why do the faithful go west, to the lands of infidels?

Where is the Arab League (22 Arab states) or the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (57 Muslim states) midst the greatest refugee crisis since WWII? What is Malaysia and Indonesia doing about Muslim “asylum seekers?” In Arabia alone, more than half of residents are non-citizen guest workers. Why not replace infidel “guests” in the Emirates with besieged brothers from North Africa and the Levant? Why should there be national “quotas” for Muslim refugees in Europe or America and none for the 57 nations of the Ummah?

Why is there is no discussion, no demand, that Islam care for its own? Why is there no call for Muslim or Islamic “moral” responsibility? The absence of any significant Muslim players in the migrant crisis puts a stake through the heart of any Islamic claims to moral equivalence.

Muslim North Africa, Arabia, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the most prominent human traffickers (nee slave traders) in the modern world. If Islamic flight is necessary, why not deliver economic migrants to those world class human rights abusers as a kind of poetic justice?

Alas, the human flood tide is well beyond the gates of Vienna now. Indeed, contemporary migrant/refugee flash mobs have secured more of Europe overnight than Islam ever achieved through force of arms in previous 1400 years. Europe is now a weak consortium of barren nests, ripe for colonization.

Europe’s open borders are the best thing to happen to Islam since Saladin. 

Apologists tell us that the modern Muslim tide is no different than any other historic migration, a value added. The East, the Ummah, and the swordsmen of al Qaeda and the Islamic State know better. The “refugee” or migrant gambit is the quintessential economy of force strategy, the wisdom of crowds if you will. If terrorists are the passenger pigeons of fear, a mobile mass movement might be the vanguard or base for a 21st Century caliphate in Europe.  

Luther, Darwin, or Marx might have argued that our natures compel us to do what we must. Alas, the specter of Mohammed now literally walks across the EU to victory – across a Europe without borders. Western cultural tolerance is hoisted on its own petard.

Secular democracy was ever vulnerable to ethnic or religious coup.

The siege of Europe might not be directed by any central Muslim authority, but such direction is not necessary. Imperial Islam has a tailwind from Christian guilt and Liberal moral relativity – and no restraints like tribal, religious, or national accountability.

For Washington and Brussels, Islam is an archipelago of immature cultures, like that in Lord of the Flies, child-like societies anointed with ideological, political, and moral immunity. Indulgence, alas, is the godfather of all social pathology.

Guilt, responsibility, and penance for Muslim pathologies are, unfortunately, the new “white man’s burden,” a political purgatory that Brussels and Washington wear like a hair shirt. The West does not expect the East to care for itself. And the East, for the most part, is content with culture corrupted by oil, wealth, ignorance, tribal fratricide, and theology.

The yeast in this toxic batter is Islamofascism, swordsmen the likes of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and the Islamic State. The cutting edge of Islam is the ugly end of mercy for passive apostates – as well as a harbinger of what is to come for inert or naïve European and American infidels.

The best evidence of cultural or political depravity is often anecdotal. In the same week that Austria fell, the American Press was obsessed with: rented Pandas at the National Zoo, Hillary’s email, homosexual marriage in Kentucky, deflategate in Foxboro, and an Arab invasion of the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.

Yes, while Europe watches a Muslim migrant/refugee/asylum seeker nightmare walk across Europe, “King” Salman Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia rented the entire 222 rooms of a 5-star hotel in Washington, DC for his court over the long Labor Day weekend.

Kerry and friend

The chances that Abdulaziz or Obama would do anything “morally responsible” about the latest Muslim exodus was about as good as the Saudi entourage going to Ben’s Chili Bowl for a kosher dog. As the Muslim Right partied with the American Left in Washington, DC, Europe was smothering under a host of fakirs on foot.

Small wonder then, that both the ayatollahs of Persia and the imams of the Islamic State have the decadent, if not ripe, plutocrats of Arabia in their crosshairs too.

Any further discussion of the moral responsibility for the chaos in the Ummah is probably moot. The West can’t even agree on the language to describe the threat. Words like terror, terrorist, Islamist, or Islamofascist are proscribed. The Islamic State is variously called ISIL, ISIS, or Daesh. Washington and Brussels can’t admit to themselves that international jihad now has a home field advantage.

The Islamist “minority” shibboleth is dying too slow to save Europe. As Vienna submits, can Berlin, Paris, London, and Minneapolis be far behind? 

The exodus circus is the latest front in another skirmish the West has no intention of winning. Muslims on the move are variously described as migrants, economic refugees, or asylum seekers. If allied generals are incapable of distinguishing friend and foe on the various Muslim battlefields, any notion that rear echelon diplomats or NGO apparatchiks will be able to separate an immigrant, a refugee, or a deadbeat from a terrorist 5th column is ludicrous.

The first test of any government is security. Brussels fails that test. Attempting to represent an invasion as humanitarian resettlement is a symptom of the depth of EU incompetence. With no border controls, documentation, and vetting; the European door is open to division and national sedition. Indeed, migrants are destroying their papers of origin and refusing to be “processed” unless they are allowed their destination of choice. The arrogance of dependency is mind boggling.

Any Christian or non-Muslim fleeing an Islamic conflict venue might have a legitimate humanitarian claim. The same cannot be said for Muslims. Indeed, the ayatollahs and imams of terror are crowing about European naiveté.

Stupidity is now rebranded as Christian charity. The Arab and larger Muslim world are gloating, all the while prohibiting resettlement of any refugees in their countries. Apparently, the Ummah, unlike Europe, appreciates the values of culture and national sovereignty.

Open borders and unlimited undocumented are now euphemisms for despair. Withal, the Ummah has carte blanche to export their problems; ethnic, religious, and political pathologies to Europe and beyond. Compassion has been weaponized.

The Quisling strain of social democracy has seduced Europe again. 

When all is said and done, the European Union is surrendering in slow motion. What Hitler could not do with German panzers, Mohammed is doing with cuckoos in walking shoes and backpacks. Over time, the European Union might well change its name to the Obama or Cameron Caliphate.




GMD sometimes writes about the politics of national insecurity.



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