by G. Murphy Donovan (April 2023)


Your body is not a temple. It’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride. —Anthony Bourdain


These days, affirming the grotesque is the norm in urban political ghettos like the New York and Chicago.  Remember when Mario was the only adult in the ladies room? We could offer a litany of much urban pathology like substance abuse, crime, and racism. But there’s no need to gild the lunatics. Just three relevant and related pathologies will suffice: obesity, sexual dysphoria, and suicide.


Obese in America

Obesity is the most obvious, and expensive, pathology in America today. Nearly 50 percent of Americans are overweight, depending on what study you read. Morbidities related to obesity are legion. Including, but not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart, and orthopedic problems.

The urban cultural response to the obesity epidemic is something called “body positivity:” in practice, a social validation or affirmation of body fat. Indeed, a cursory surf through American daytime television, especially those chat shows, looks like a weight watcher’s parade. With the exception of FOX network, American network TV appears to have a mandate to validate obese, nee fat, female role models.

No surprise then that seventy five percent of the US daytime TV audience is female, indeed regular viewers can literally watch daytime distaff hosts balloon from show to show. And seeing that race has a place in every case today, we would be remiss not to mention black women are more likely to be obese than white females, which may explain Whoopie’s tenure at ABC. If role model is too generous for Miss Goldberg, token might be closer to the truth.

Whoopie is not old, fat, woke, and single by accident.

Goldberg is another liberal, celebrity anti-Semite  of the American left, who obviously spends more off-camera time at the buffet or the hairdresser than she does at a library or gym.

The View is best seen with a narrow political focus and a wide angle camera lens.

Obesity is now validated and affirmed by legacy media on a daily basis. The putative answer to obesity is nonsense like “body positivity,” a kind of fat rationalization. If body positivity is a solution; why not hang bulimia, anorexia, and genital mutilation on the validation or affirmation goal posts too? Fat activism is in fact a form of collective denial.

Whether it’s appearance or longevity; obesity is a grotesque pathology, unless you’re a chubby chaser.


Chicks with Dicks

Fat validation and affirmation compliment other morbidity memes like sexual dysphoria, especially among women – or men who aspire to be girls. TikTok and Twitter are awash with overweight transvestites and transsexuals who create videos and associated gender bender propaganda.

Beijing and the CCP now has a neural jack into American youngsters nationwide, millennial through Gen Z.

Besides body mass, the de rigueur ensemble for activist dysphorics seems to be, top to bottom: rainbow hair, partly shaved head, ear/nose/face piercings, neck tattoos, chest surgery scars, and an amputated or prosthetic penis; underwritten, in many cases, by a belly button exclamation point, usually a jeweled geegaw.

We speak mainly about girls here because the TikTok platform, American groomers, and their CCP sponsors, target young American women. Not just targeting, but succeeding. Gender warfare in the US is sucking all the cultural and social air out of Washington. It looks like Joseph Robinette Biden will need only four planks, or deliverables, in his 2024 campaign; the Ukraine war, Sino appeasement, a recession, and federal, if not feral, gender bending.


Just the other day on national TV, Drew Barrymore, another iconic Hollywood matron, took a knee before a man aping a woman. Albeit, not necessarily a unique posture for a aging Hollywood diva, Barrymore’s rehearsed penis envy makes a mockery of feminists everywhere. The object of her affection, Mr. Dylan Mulvaney, a he/she hybrid, was also a well-publicized guest at the Biden White House.

Clearly, the transvestite/transsexual crowd is trying to march under the gay gonfalon as if their proclivities are civil rights. With transition bimbos, stolen valor is central. Still, we should be crystal clear about the stakes in what is now a woke, gender bending, cluster fuck.

A transvestite mocks or marginalizes women and ignores embedded pedophiles. Drag queens are the sick side of homosexual.  A transsexual mocks men, women, good medical practice, biology, mutilation – and child abuse. Both varieties of “transition” are using a largely mute and oblivious, assimilated gay and lesbian community for cultural and social cover.

If new pronouns are to be dispensed without a prescription, ridicule and blowback will inevitably be available over the counter too.

If we can abuse another metaphor, genuine lesbians and gay men need to cut the “T” out of the LBGTQ herd; or with attendant feminist recidivism, decades of historical social progress for real women will be lost. If a female Supreme Court justice will not defend “women,” the ladies room, and female sports; its woman’s civil rights that are at risk. The genuine rights of all real woman are more important than the fringe quirks of a noisy and, let’s face it, toxic masochistic minority.

Real women are still both necessary and sufficient. Fake females are neither.



When the subject is obesity or gender bending, suicide cultists are usually part of the conversation. First, we are told that lack of affirmation, acceptance, and validation creates anxiety and depression. Then we are reminded that suicide is a predictable progression for many adolescent dysphorics – and/or snowflakes.

Seldom are we reminded that we are all anxious or depressed at one time or another. Nor are kids reminded that death comes to us all; to some sooner, owing to poor choices. The question is not if, but when. Indeed, dealing with anxiety, the blues, and mortality is as normal as arson in Portland or clueless in Seattle. Maturation is the path that allows us to overcome the black dog, as Churchill was apt to call his fears, anxieties, and funks.

If the truth were told about suicides, it’s not social anxiety and depression that forecasts suicide. Suicide is usually preceded by immaturity, indulgence – and substance abuse. Cobain, Bourdian, and Presley were junkies. Hemingway was a drunk. Janis Joplin was both. Toxic habits are character flaws, universally probative if the subject is suicide.

Anthony Bourdain, especially, is a model man’s man for our time, expressing little sympathy for the suicidal in his orbit and then killing himself to underline the message:

That guy had to go . . . let him show up late, fuck up service because he’s going to off himself? Fuck him. We’re on a lifeboat baby. The weak? The dangerous? The infirm? They go over the side.

If irony were apples, Anthony Bourdain would be a strudel.

Depression has become the knee-jerk simplistic diagnosis, or excuse, to cover all manner of moral, social, or behavioral adolescence. With affirmation and validation, like Bourdain, why not think about suicide today as natural selection, Gen XYZ style.

If we are all sick, then none of us are responsible.

Indeed, normalizing a premature meltdown for snowflakes is no different in potential outcomes than obesity, drug abuse, or sexual mutilation. On the bright side, a snowflake funeral is lot more romantic than dying at a geriatric ghetto in Boca Raton.

Closer still to the ugly truth, suicide is wrought by parents, adults, and politicians who can’t say no to a child’s self-destructive behavior; juvenile behaviors that never have consequences until the petulant child becomes the dysfunctional and morbid adult.

Then it’s too late.

Generation millennial thru Z seems to be our first majority snowflake demographic; permanent adolescents who are encouraged to believe that everything that goes wrong in their lives is the fault of amorphous demons like racism, sexism, patriarchy, and the absence of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The honest acronym here should be DIE, which is what actually happens to many social misfits who never learn to deal with reality, the ruts and potholes of the actual as they swim in virtual toilets like TikTok.

Sexual dystopia and suicide may be trending on TikTok, but that just makes them popular, not heroic.

Suicide is at best a forfeiture of common sense, at worst a cowardly surrender. Death is the easy way out. Suicide is the penultimate confusion, second best because the alternative is life. And who doesn’t believe that life is difficult? Suicide is just another lame excuse, not an explanation for anything except maybe a sick variety of natural selection among weak woke men.

Young women, for the most part, just attempt suicide. Call them wokish. Girls cut themselves for attention – and it usually works; which probably explains serial female mutilators. Distaff suicide is a paradox, if not Snowflake Theater, sad tales to be sure, unredeemed, unfortunately, by predictable repetition.

Acceptance and confirmation is now a kind of liberal or woke cultural Esperanto for enabling. Grooming is closer to truth.

If your non-binary progeny looks in the mirror one day and sees a neck tattoo, face piercings, purple hair, a teatless, or dickless, fat slob with a hangover from alcohol or drugs; what might “they” be thinking? On such a day, “they” might be thinking suicide is a wise choice, given their likely future.

So, there you have it, Generation millennial thru Z now has the politically correct coding for grotesque. Indulge bad behavior and you are sure to get more of it. No one should have trouble living with those low standards, low expectations, and all those damaged bodies – if not premature deaths pending.

TikTok has 150 million youngsters addicted in America alone.

In another day in time, before snowflakes were anthropomorphized, we enjoyed the circus and freak (nee side) show as entertainments. The circus is gone today because such displays were thought to exploit or abuse animals. The paid side show is gone too because it exploited real victims of genetic or medical anomaly. Ironically, a bigger systemic freak show is back today on TikTok under the guise of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Ignorance and cruelty has found an audience under the big tent of woke social abuse.  We have created “safe spaces” for a morbid freak show of underachievers and grifters, safe spaces for the grotesque among us.


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Murphy Donovan writes about the politics of national security and Intelligence.



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  1. Sad, bad, and true. The DIE could refer to Despair-Illness (sickness of soul, or sense of being)-Exhaustion (hopelessness/faithlessness).
    “Suicide is at best …”, beyond reproach as an escape or relief from unbearable physical pain, or as self-sacrifice to save some other in peacetime or wartime. This view includes kamikaze pilots and the Thermopalaye 300.
    Where in our schools are the daily class readings of the recomendations for Medal of Honor candidates?

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