New Year’s Greetings from the Managing Editor (January 2018)

Interior with Etruscan Vase, Henri Matisse, 1940



New English Review wishes all of our contributors, supporters, and readers a very Happy New Year, 2018!


The year just past was monumental; we had a massive political shift here in the US, bringing with it a new and fantastic president, and challenges to the Left not seen for 50 years. The Trump presidency is like a breath of fresh air and, like all patriotic and reasonable people, we applaud President Trump for a job so far well done! 2018 will be just as yuge!


Here at NER, we relaunched the monthly journal after a short hiatus. Every month we present superb articles, stories, and poetry from some of the best authors, thinkers, and artists writing today. We will continue to showcase the finest literary, political, cultural, and historical analysis available on the internet. 


Our readership continues to grow. We greet 2018 with great hope and a renewed sense of mission to contribute to the culture, share our insights and literary efforts, and to push aside the curtains of confusion.


Thank you to our contributors and to all who enjoy their work. Thank you to our readers, and thank you to all who support our ongoing efforts to deliver the finest quality on the internet.


As there is no pay wall blocking our excellent offerings, and no monthly subscription fee required, contributions from our readers are greatly appreciated. You can contribute to NER by clicking here. (Donations are US tax deductible.)


For those who enjoy the intellectual flights and challenges that we present every month, discussions on philosophy, religion, politics, history, culture, and morestick around. There’s more fun and literary pleasures coming in 2018. If you read an article that you really enjoy, please share it with your friends. 


NER welcomes new contributors. Please see the submission guidelines. If you’re an author and would like to publish an article at NER, you’re welcome to send along a “pitch” to the Managing Editor by email or simply submit a finished article.


New English Review Press publishes books written by some of the best authors writing today in the literary, political, religion, and history genres. There is also The Iconoclast, NER’s daily blog. We have much to offer, and more to come in 2018.


New English Review will continue to be your internet place for excellent writers and thinkers. So, grab some cofveve and enjoy the superb articles and essays coming in 2018. Believe it when we say that we love our contributors and our readers bigly!



Kendra Mallock

Managing Editor 


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