Reality Check: In Defense of the Passport Bros

by Armando Simón (June 2024)

Anna Roslund— Gabriele Münter, 1917


Trigger Warning: The following is a critique—a very harsh critique—of modern women. Some women will find the critique intolerable since these women have become narcissistic to the point where the slightest criticism of women has been automatically labeled misogynistic and unacceptable and deserving of censorship. Should the reader become angry at what he/she reads and thinks it’s only the viewpoint of a sour misogynist, I strongly encourage her/him to take the time to click on the overabundance of links included.


To find a modest woman, prostrate yourself at the door of Jupiter’s shrine, sacrifice a gilt-horned heifer before Juno. —Juvenal


The term “passport bros” has been getting traction lately in social media. It refers to American men who travel overseas to find, court, and marry women, after having become disgusted with Western women who have incorporated poisonous feminism into their beings, who live promiscuously, and whose mouths are as filthy as sewers.

In fact, nowadays, twerking skanks seem to outnumber decent women. Time was when a skank was a rarity. Nowadays, a faithful, decent woman is the rarity—a true unicorn.

The fact of the matter is that, whether in marriage or in dating, modern women think nothing of being promiscuous and cheating. In fact, these women think it makes them cool and sophisticated. If you think that this is a gross exaggeration, then you have not heard the hundreds of women in TikTok and YouTube pouring out a torrent of venom against men or bragging about their “body counts.” Then again, consider the plethora of teachers who are having sex with their students, whether of the same sex or the opposite sex.

Many men are fed up with modern Western women.

These “passport bros” are ready to settle down, raise a family, have a good career and a good supportive loyal and decent wife who also wants to help create a healthy family and loving home. They want a helper, not a burden, not a tormentor. These men want a home where they can relax—away from a hectic and sometimes hostile world. The last thing they want is to be married to a woman addicted to toxic drama, who is constantly going for their throats the moment they step through the door. They don’t want to continue the warfare of the outside world inside their homes.

They simply want a woman who is nice.

They do not want to live in a home where they feel they are walking on eggshells.

In fact, some men dread coming home from work.

There are beautiful women in eastern Europe, Asia, South America, the Mediterranean, women who are decent and who are nice. Men don’t have to settle for someone promiscuous, someone who brags about their body count, a narcissist, a feminist, or the familiar parasite with the outlook of “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours.”

Predictably, modern women who learn of “passport bros” let loose with their venom against both the men and foreign women—thereby ironically giving a good illustration of exactly what men are running away from. These haters can be so delusional, they often say the reason some men go overseas is because they cannot get a woman here.

Some of the foreign women who have heard themselves being denigrated have answered back in spades.

Our society has become so toxic due to the influence of pro-feminist Western propaganda disseminated by the pro-feminist media hivemind that even women who dislike feminists have subconsciously absorbed some of this poison so, in a relationship, they have a chip on their shoulder and blow up at the slightest infraction. Many women become outraged when a man will not do some of the chores she is supposed to do on top of the ones he is supposed to do.

If you ever have the chance to eavesdrop on a group of foreign women and American women discussing their husbands, the foreign wives brag about their husbands whereas the American wives try to outdo each other in putting their men down.

Let’s take, for example, the common remark by so many women that men supposedly want a wife to be their “slave” so she will clean and cook for them (oh, yeah, right, there’s nothing that makes a man more excited than the sound of a woman putting dishes in the dishwasher). If a woman lives by herself, she is cleaning the home and cooking but, because there is a man in the home, now those same chores that she was doing on a daily basis for herself is considered “slavery.” For these women, marriage is a one-way street: endless adoration and praise while giving nothing in return.

“I love him,” they say, but they bristle if he asks her for a sandwich (not even a pot roast!) or to bring him a drink.

But it gets worse. Many modern women are so saturated with feminist hatred that they are advocating the death of all men. Yes, they are serious.


Male Rebellion

Lately, I have also been noticing, again in social media, a truly radical change of men’s attitude towards women in general. They are no longer under any illusions about females. There was a time when a man courted and married a woman, he was conscious that the woman had certain faults common to all women across all cultures and one simply had to put up with it. A man simply had to put up with the chatter, the labyrinthine stories, and a certain degree of irrationality. The very worst, of course, was when women indulged in nagging—a torture of husbands in every culture throughout history (“It is better to live in a desert than with a nagging wife.” —Proverbs 21:19-21; “The tongue of a woman is her sword, which never rusts.” —Japanese saying). More recently, men have noticed and have begun talking about other negative characteristics common to most women. Foremost among these is women’s subconscious belief that men should be able to read their minds, to pick up on their incomprehensible and undetectable “hints” so that they continue to not voice what is bothering them or what they want (ironically, a Youtube video by a lesbian complains of women’s mind games).

Whereas before, it was considered to be in bad taste to harshly criticize women, after decades of being demonized and subjected to a never-ending torrent of vile abuse from them in person, in media, in movies, and in schools—to the point of feminists laughing when women physically assault men or when they advocate the deaths of men—men are now unloading to the shock of females who think of themselves as the wonderful, perfect species who can do no wrong. Simply put, a lot of men are sick of it and have decided they are not going to put up with this one-way street any longer.

Indeed, why should they?

These women deliver unending criticism that they direct towards men, whether it is how men vacuum, how they leave the toilet seat up, how they place dishes or forks in the dishwasher, or telling men how to drive. Take a sheet of paper and list voiced criticisms of husbands to their wives and of wives towards husbands. Go ahead, do it. One column will be nearly blank while the other will be full. They delight in criticizing men. It’s an addiction.

For these types of women, psychological castration is an art.

This is why, when women go visit their mothers for a week or so, men express a sigh of relief and feel like a weight has lifted off their shoulders.

As an indication as to how radical the change in men has occurred in regard to women, look at some of the videos where delusional women have declared themselves to be equal to men in everything to the point of challenging men to fights. Whereas decades ago, it would have been unthinkable for a man to accept the challenge, now some men gleefully accept and pulverize the shocked female challenger in seconds. Likewise, it was not unusual for a woman to slap a man when she was angry at him without fear of reprisal. Nowadays, that may result in losing teeth from the man hitting back.


What Do You Bring to the Table?

So, men are beginning to ask in their minds, what is it, exactly, that women bring to the table when it comes to the marriage contract, and the stark, crude reality is … just a body.

That’s it.

Which every other woman has.

Women think they are unique. But there’s nothing unique about any one girl. The deeply harsh, uncomfortable, fact of the matter is that they are all interchangeable. So, what makes her so special?

Ask her and she stammers. Or gets angry.

Again, what makes any one woman “priceless?” Subconsciously, some believe that it is their matchless personality or their sparkling conversation. Others believe that it is their overused body.

Women are nowadays constantly told they are “awesome.” Or they declare themselves to be “amazing” simply because they can walk on two legs. Some women demand that their partner must have an exorbitant income for them to be interested in him. But once again, ask them what specifically makes them “awesome” and, again, they stammer and cannot answer the simple question, just like they can never answer the question of what rights men have in society that they do not. These women have an overinflated sense of their self-worth that is simultaneously delusional and laughable.

What is different between women is, of course, physical appearance, as is the case with men. Here you do find great variability. But even here, a beauty can be replaced by another beauty, who can be replaced by another beauty. So, if you are a man who finds himself in a toxic relationship, or is divorced, just find a replacement.

And what do men bring to the table? Money, strength, protection, status, investments, property, sex, home and car maintenance, as well as social, financial and professional connections.

To make matters much worse and what every married man will testify to is that, after marriage, the quality of sex steadily declines. And the quantity.


The Marriage Strike

Modern women proclaim in a very hostile, defiant tone that they are strong, independent women who don’t need men, that men are useless.

This braggadocio is laughable.

When was the last time you saw a woman change a flat tire? If a man offered to do it, the “strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man” would never turn down the offer of help. How many women repair power lines after a storm? How many women put out a house fire? How many women pave roads? How many women go out in the dangerous ocean for days to gather seafood? How many women drive trucks supplying cities? How many women work in the oilfields?

About as many women as are grateful to men for keeping them safe in a secure, comfortable society.

Yeah, that few.

Consequently. some men have given up on marriage altogether. Just like the inverse of modern women, some men have gone one step further from the “passport bros” and have come to the conclusion that they don’t really need women—from anywhere. They have joined a movement called MGTOWmen going their own way.

And, actually, they are more realistic than the “I don’t need a man” women. Supposedly, women take care of the home—but really how hard is that? Cleaning clothes? You pick up the clothes from the hamper, put them in the washer, put the soap in and press a button. Then transfer to the dryer. Once a week. Cleaning the house? Vacuuming takes all of twenty minutes. Picking up stuff another fifteen—once a week. Cooking? Cooking is a no-brainer, and it’s fun, and should you want a change, there are all kinds of restaurants. As for the dirty dishes, rinse and put in dishwasher, then turn it on. Besides, almost all chefs are men and almost all cooks in restaurants are men.

I know it’s easy because I did it for many years while I was a bachelor.

Housework has become effortless. Compared to a hundred years ago when housework was really work and women made clothes for their families, had to iron clothes, had to put their backs into scraping pots, and had to use a mortar and pestle, the old saying, “A woman’s work is never done” was true. Just as it was true for men. But now, housework is so easy it can be done by a trained chimp.

And if a man is too lazy to do housecleaning, there are affordable housecleaning services.



Right or wrong, time was when a divorce meant that a woman was considered to have failed in her primary mission in life. I remember when divorce was a deeply shameful status. In fact, I would go so far as to assert that women were the cement that held families together. Nowadays, divorce by neurotic women or cheating while married is seen as “self-expression,” as “liberation,” as “self-fulfillment,” as “finding oneself.”

Facts are facts, and the facts show that over 50% of marriages end up in divorce. Of those, 70-80% of divorces are initiated by women, usually for the most trivial of reasons, such as … they’re bored … they’re not “fulfilled,” even when they themselves admit there was nothing wrong with their husbands or their marriage or their family. And of those 70-80% divorces, 90% are by college-graduated females. You can guess why.

After all, if a woman brags about being independent, it means she may think nothing of walking away from her husband when he least expects it, any time she feels like it. What man needs that drama?

And if a man suffers a misfortune—loses his job, becomes crippled, gets arrested, has a serious illness—many modern women leave. A modern woman will abandon you if you fall; she will not lift you up, she will pick your pockets.

Through divorce, the supposedly oppressive-to-women-Patriarchy gives women the man’s home, his money, and takes away his children, whom he will rarely see. He has to, furthermore, give the ex-wife alimony and child support; euphemisms for legalized theft (a Nobel Prize winner actually had to give half of the award to his ex-wife). An ex-wife’s greed is insatiable. She also invents derogatory fictions about her ex-husband that she will spread in court and in her social life. Many men who have gone through a divorce will verify this. No wonder so many men have become embittered towards women.

Women now own 2.7 million more homes than men.

I wonder why that is.

A prenuptial—which should be a mandatory condition from all men—may attenuate this legalized theft—that is, if a man decides to get married (one problem: some prenuptial details have been thrown out, invariably by judges who are feminists who hate men). Paternity tests should also be routine.

Divorce, therefore, and by extension marriage, is financial suicide for men. And that is why men are warning the younger generation to NOT get married.

And women are whining as a result.

Nowadays, some men would rather not take the risk. It’s just not worth it. For these men marriage is a game of Russian roulette where the revolver has five bullets instead of one. So, the best way to win is not to play at all.

A couple may opt for marriage counseling instead of, or prior to, divorce. However, one should be aware feminists infested the field of counseling psychology specializing in marriage counseling, where the working doctrine is the husband is always wrong: he is suppressing, oppressing and repressing the poor, innocent wife.

Never go to a marriage counselor who is a feminist.


The Writing on the Wall

Many women, usually the intelligent ones, have recently seen the writing on the wall just before they hit the wall. They spotlight the irrational demands and actions of neurotic women. Some even defend men. They acknowledge the legal system is geared against men while treating women with kid gloves—regardless of the mantra about The Patriarchy—that, in spite of the feminist propaganda, men don’t really have more rights or privileges than women and, consequently, they experience cognitive dissonance. They acknowledge that it makes no sense whatsoever for men to get married, that to do so is suicidal.

They look at the disintegration of the family in society, its resulting dysfunctional character, and place the blame squarely on the feminists who have sold women a false bill of goods. Essentially, feminists convinced women to cut their own throats. Like lemmings, they followed the feminists over a cliff. They were told that being financially independent and acting like men and denying their own nature would bring eternal joy and self-fulfillment and liberation. Feminists created the “pressure for women to become caricatures of a certain brand of masculine ambition and sexuality.”

Feminism killed romance between men and women. It also killed the family—since bringing happiness to your family was turned into something sinister and oppressive, which was the goal all along. Many feminists are Marxists and Marxists have always been traditionally anti-family; it’s throughout their writings.

Yet, now these women are tired of being alone (“independent”) and without a family. Reality is finally getting through to women.

Nowadays, all too frequently cats are the consolation to women who have spent their youth in pleasure-seeking, in chasing new sensations and in numerous nonpermanent relationships and in “finding themselves,” only to reach the age when the idiocy of youth dissipates and one is left with a silent, empty apartment, the emptiness and bitterness relieved by cats. Alone, unloved, forgotten by all.

However, let’s be clear on this. For close to fifty years, Marxist feminists poured forth their truly odious venom at men, echoed by the media hivemind. In all that time, very few women defended their fathers, their brothers, their sons, their friends, their uncles, their cousins (a handful of women did—most notably Camille Paglia—but she was a voice in the wilderness). But now—yes, now—that the effects of feminists’ corrosive acid have become patently obvious to anyone with at least half a brain as being detrimental to women as well as men now—yes, now—is when women are beginning to think of defending their men.

Well, it’s too late.

Enjoy your cats.


Hitting the Wall: You Got What You Wanted But You Lost What You Had

Women have started noticing another equally alarming pattern. Many women complain that, although they say they are attractive, fewer men are approaching them. Men seem to be checking out, not just from marriage but also from the dating game. This male apathy is particularly the case if the woman is over 30.

Not only that, but on a purely social or professional basis, many men are avoiding women in the workplace out of self-preservation, as if they were poison.

For men, the dating pool has become a cesspool. Among other things, it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. They are being criticized for not approaching women and they get criticized for “harassing” women if they do venture to approach them. And, believe it or not, some women want to be approached by men just for the sake of turning them down. Worse, you have the countless instances of false accusations of rape/sexual assault.

The flip side is when some women prefer the smooth-talking sociopaths (“bad boys”) who abuse them, impregnates them and leaves. Then those women whine about where are the good, decent man before going back to another knuckle dragging sociopath.

And then, we have the situation where women in their thirties, forties, or fifties, with children, divorce their good loyal husband because they got bored—to have a fling with another man, who inevitably later dumps them. When they start advertising themselves on Tinder, there are no takers.

For these modern woman, wedding vows are not for better or for worse, it’s for better or until I get bored or annoyed.

And so, a lot of women are undeniably sad nowadays. Especially when they find out that they were easily replaced, that their ex-husbands found someone new and are now happy. They are left high and dry.

Because beauty fades with time, the dilemma also applies to the career woman who ignored her femininity, decided to act like a man until her fallopian tubes dried up and is surprised at the absence of interested men. Then she looks at a happy family and she crumbles.

Or better yet, the single woman who has kids with random dudes and wants—no, demands—a man to support her and her kids. There are single mothers who seriously expect a man to marry her and support her children (and true, it’s very true, there is occasionally some simpleton that will assume the role of The Rescuer).

But who wants these women with tons of baggage? What sane man wants to buy a junk heap of a car when he can get a new one, domestic or foreign? (I know it sounds caustic, and it is, but that is how men realistically assess the situation. Besides, women are even more caustic regarding men).


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Armando Simón is a trilingual native of Cuba, a retired forensic psychologist, and the author of When Evolution Stops, A Cuban from Kansas, and Fables from the Americas.


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2 Responses

  1. I have to admit your thoughts are quite cynical, but unfortunately truer than most people want to admit. Progressives believe change is always for the better, as well as necessary. They’ve made fun of the idea of dating, courting, the formality of asking a father for permission to marry his daughter, not living together before marriage, not sleeping around before marriage, etc. I think progressives have destroyed the concept of healthy relationships and marriage.

    I feel for men these days. I’m incredibly thankful for three sons who did it the right way and have amazing wives and now children. Sometimes I think progressives are just out to destroy all that is good in this world.

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