The Blue Diary

by Bibhu Padhi (October 2013)

The days look back at history

even as they appear to be

unjustified, same as other days.

What is lost is only a thin

blank space between undated pages.

Even the mind goes back

in search of dates.

What took place then

is only a story now, a story

which skilfully avoids the dates.

This is the time when

the days are remembered, fade.

I remember how currency notes,

insurance papers and progress cards

remained in the safety of place

in between two ultimate pages,

how the intimate fingers felt for things

where they rested for years

since it was kept away

for lack of further dates.

Today, it remains where it has been

for years, but containing

little or nothing that might affect me

at this fine morning hour, this day.

A blue cover, frayed at its edges,

remembering what it has lost

in the company of distance and days.


Bibhu Padhi's seventh book of poetry, MIGRATORY DAYS A TRAVEL DIARY IN VERSE, was published in 2011. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, the most recent being THE HARPERCOLLINS BOOK OF ENGLISH POETRY (2012). He lives in Bhubaneswar, India.


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