The Illusion of Love

by Boyd Cathey (October 2018)

At the Lapin Agile, Pablo Picasso, 1905

She was mine from the very first,
Or, so I thought in my proud mind’s eye,
Awakening in my loins unslakened thirst
Of desire and longing, and muted sigh.

But her one and twenty years
And my forty and five, thus doubled,
Spelled for me severest tears
And untold trouble.

Oh! What I desired from her
She would not deign,
And what she desired of me, alas,
Was just my brain.


Boyd D. Cathey was educated at the University of Virginia (MA, Thomas Jefferson Fellow) and the Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain (PhD, Richard M. Weaver Fellow). He is a former assistant to the late author, Dr. Russell Kirk, taught on the college level, and is retired State Registrar of the North Carolina State Archives. Has published widely and in various languages. He resides in North Carolina.

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