The Pandemic of Fear

Adam and Eve, Paradise Lost, Emil Nolde, 1921

“Look, so, so I will say this, doc, that in all the things that I have thought about, think about, and probably will continue to think, to think on, I’ll say that something that stands out at the intersection of human nature, postmodern oligarchy, social control, people as sheep formulations, interiorizing and then living the commands of your oppressors and, of course, hand over fist benefits for the few at the expense of the many is the pandemic of fear phenomenon, doc. This is crazy, I mean the levels, the thought of it and that goes in to it; and, by the way, it’s yeah totally like hello really sordid and sinister stuff.”

“Pandemic of fear?” he asks. “State directed, psychological warfare, those domains you mean?”

“Precisely. So it goes like this. The genesis is always a look into the future. Let’s

call that starting point A and the look into the future, let’s label that T. At point A—and the critical thing for you to know here is that the perspective is from the postmodern oligarchy I mentioned before, the political elite, the bankers, the diplomatic string pullers, the debt creators and collectors, usurers galore, the always ready to propagandize in support media and academe, these of the immediate latter immediate post comma useful idiot stooges long ago having surrendered bold and inspired thought in favor of please do open my cranium and pour forth into said receptacle whatsoever idea you want me to promote and watch me smote the living tote out of the promoting you want me to do; but so anything else, Dear Leader?, the military apparatuses ever ready themselves to take to the streets firing rubber pullets and lacrymogene gas into crowds of peaceful protesting citizens protesting, really a lot of them, out of last resort, you think they don’t have better things to do on their Saturdays than march in city streets wearing uncomfortable orange colored vests and hardhats and etc., these costumes if you will, just to make their point? Their point being you all are killing us, your policies are taking food off our tables and out of our kids’ mouths—there is a general realization that while the economy, and I mean, c’mon you already know, the economy is always the one true True thing these people care about so, look, point A it’s doing fine and the people, orange vested protests notwithstanding and my (oligarch leader fill in the blank empty typical template) super low poll numbers notwithstanding, things, meaning the economy, meaning money, dirty money, that’s all fine and well and good now at point A and now, at point A, the people who the oligarchs have an absolute Bacon’s Rebellion 1676 right to protest the policies of these policies fleecing them to line the pockets of the oligarchs, even they, the protesting people, are being kept in a somewhat calm line now and things are cool, now, at point A. But the numbers’ nerds crunch all the statistics and the lies even the damn lies, maybe even cooking the futuristic books a bit concerning T, concerning down the road, all the numerals, and they conclude that maybe a year, maybe a year and a half from now and they, well all their models anyways, they all make plainly clear that a point T the economy is not going to be doing bad but horrible, and that depression and really scarcity and paucity will mean Bacon’s Rebellion might just really happen, and maybe even this time succeed, and maybe at point T everyone but the postmodern oligarchy will be wearing  orange vests and marching and then agitating and then, what? What then? Surely, we do not want to find out. Then the storming of the Bastille, so to speak? We cannot allow it to progress even to the idea in the head formulation stage, the wish-desire stage. So, pandemic of fear is something that happens maybe around point G of the A-T scale we have in mind here. G is a type of virus, let’s say, for example. G. is a real virus, let’s say. Has it occurred in nature naturally? Naturally meaning from some animal-to-animal transmission that then hops into humanity in a bowl of bad as in badly prepared soup or some bite or some something who knows, but that it’s not intentionally and no one’s fault. Or is it a biological weapon intentionally released by someone in the postmodern oligarchy for the purposes of which I am gaining towards explaining? By the way I’m gong to refer to these people by the acronym PMO desormais. Or, if not naturally natural or a bioweapon, what if it was a virus that just leaked out of lab by accident therefore having the non-animal nature of the bioweapon meaning it was via humans but, not being a bioweapon ipso facto it retains too the point of the natural naturally animal to person path quindi absolving nature of human fault; it’s not someone’s fault, the harm that followed-follows-will follow-might come, for accidents are accidents. I’m saying the G, the virus, it does not matter, the origin of it; the damage matters. But why are the PMOs perhaps secret happily? Because they like human suffering? They like people sick and people dying? Not necessarily, God forbid even a little bit at all. But they do certainly like, no love, no adore, yes, adoration, that which any Catholic will tell you is reserved exclusively for God and God alone, they do adore, reverence, revere and worship money and so if G helps, see: covers for, the crash of their whole economic system and modus operandi T than they from the point of A and the from the preceding, the virus developing points on the scale of H, I, J, K, and L, are very happy, grateful even, my tophat I doth tip thy way, for the help. The help? The cover? It’s simple, doc. Listen, listen, listen. Here, right here, is my first point: A goes to T without anything and the people will rightly blame the crash, the hunger, the chaos, everything on the PMOs; and so, their world is over. But its A to T via GHIJKL … then the hunger, the chaos, the crash can be blamed on the G virus that catalyzed what seems to be the real problem and cause but which is but the cover-cause for the real causing and catalyzing cause. The PMOs are absolved. There was nothing wrong with the economy, the general exploitation, their shameless enrichment, after all. Once G passes we can, indeed, go back to A as if nothing happened. But so here, even more importantly is my second point. How the fuck to get all those pesky orange vesters off the streets? I can’t shoot my own people. I can’t justify banning assemblies of people, certainly not in the United States of First Amendment America. I know, I know, I know, it’s already be amended, the amendment to the 1st amendment, I know, but that’s primarily concerning speech and exercise of religion, I know and you know, I know. But you and I know too, the two of us do, that the right to assemble has never been abrogated. How to deal with the orange vests, the economic nationalists, all the anti-system ants, these pests, these slime-scum rabble, criticizing my system, the oligarchs ask? Ah ha. Maybe the G virus is a super deadly bubonic plague like agent, that even if one graduation less than this, would necessitate strict measures of what they once coined so as to call ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay at home orders.’ Maybe it’s not, but who cares? The appearance of G has solved the it’s not our fault economic collapse. The stay-at-home lockdown orders—this is my second point, doc—give the PMOs their mandate to clear the streets of any and all opposition to what had been, at point A., growing by the day exponentially and super angry remonstrations against that very thing: the point A system(s). And, and, listen, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, doc, doc, and, listen!!! No matter what, the PMOs win! Not only do they get the benefits of my point 1, cover for the economic collapse, and point 2, out of reasons of ‘public health’ they get to, justifiably or not, get people and most especially political opponent people off the streets and they, well, let’s be bottom line: they silence them in ways they could never dream off in times not ‘emergency’ in nature. And why the final ‘they win no matter what?’ Because if the virus is dangerous then they really should be commended, they put the people first and in keeping them imprisoned at home and socially distanced, they really did save lives and, I’m not being sarcastic, that is something commendable and should anyone care that their prime reason was my point 2 and not public health? No, because the policies did really serve public health. And if the virus turns out to be nothing, not dangerous at all, then they still ‘did the right thing’ because ‘better safe then sorry’ and every other imaginable cliché and saying, like, how fortunate are we to have such leaders who would put people ahead of money—and here is where these scumbags laugh rolling on the floor at the irony, they rolling on top of irony like gold, silver, and just gross smelling near rotten paper money under blue lit screens of bank account numbers reading 9 digits, 10, eleven, twelve—and risk destroying the economy to save lives. And so, when Z happens, the post T place, the PMOs have come out both blameless, richer and atop the moral high ground. Z, you guessed it doc, more. than A could have then ever imagined; but without the protests, without the protesters making all that noise, disturbing me from counting my money and planning my next vacation after I close down that row of mom and pop shops on Main Street in Whothefuckgivesashit, Flyover County, USA .”


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