The Perils of Claudine

by G. Murphy Donovan (February 2024)

Colorful Life, Wassily Kandinsky, 1907


Academia is to knowledge what prostitution is to love. —Nassim Nicholas Taleb


If you see the “news” on mainstream networks these days, you are probably having trouble distinguishing between soap operas and “reality TV.” If that nexus ever produces a spin off, the product might be a new stand alone genre.

Call it Credentialed Bimbos, not to be confused with daytime television which may already hold the bimbo trade mark. The only American institution that abuses women with impunity on a daily basis is daytime television. Hat tip to GMA, Live with Kelly & Mark, The View, the Talk, and the Kelly Clarkson Show, etc.

A pilot program may be in the works as we speak, call it the “Perils of Claudine ” —an all female cast, genuine biological self-identified women, no transvestites or transsexuals to confuse the issue.

Call it a struggle between good and evil, women and woke, the elite and the street, adults and infantilism, virtue signals and common sense. It doesn’t matter. Claudine Gay’s yarn captures all the drama; vapidity, vacuity, and hypocrisy of 2024 American racism, media culture, and gender (as in sex) politics.

The setting and cast couldn’t be more topical. Three female Ivy League University presidents (Harvard, MIT, and Penn) pitted against a hitherto little known upstate New York congresswoman. Indeed, Elise Stefanik, herself a Vardian, is so far removed from Manhattan politics that she is almost in Canada.


Schoolhouse Arrogance


Recently, Ms. Stefanik presided over a televised committee hearing about college campus anti-Semitism in the US. When Stefanik asked the assembled Ivy pedagogues if “calling for the genocide of Jews” violated mandates against hate speech, all three presidents punted—with responses like “it depends.” The same question was asked nearly a dozen times and all three elite academic feminists dissembled.

For Ms Gay, her self professed anti-Semitism was not a one off. Prior to the congressional hearing, Claudine had endorsed a sophomoric student manifesto claiming that Israel was “totally responsible” (sic) for the 2023 October 7th slaughter.

Whilst Claudine eventually lost her presidency for her blatant bigotry, she was retained at Harvard as a million dollar tenured “professor.” She will continue to teach DEI and Jew hate on campus. As such, she joins the ranks of Ibram X Kendi of Boston University, a stone’s throw from Harvard. Or better still, she might be installed as the house mother in the Jussie Smollett chapter of the BLM fraternity.

After Claudine Gay’s testimony, you could have heard Sappho wail as she spun in her ancient Grecian grave. Feminists down through the ages were shamed by Claudine’s cowardice.

What we saw was a take down by Elise, ever the clever cat, smarter than her woke prey. Claudine Gay now plays the victim on the pages of the New York Times, claiming that she was caught in a “well laid trap.”


Elise Stefanik (R-NY)


Alas, clever cats have no need for traps. A rat catcher simply waits for the rodent to do or say something stupid, then, she pounces. Gay was caught in a snare of her own making.

Bigotry always gets bitten by truth.

With compound charges of plagiarism; clearly, Claudine was never the cream of any academic crop anyway, black or white. However, Claudine Gay should become a cautionary tale about now ubiquitous black anti-Semites, DEI, and the pitfalls of affirmative action.

The official X (nee Twitter) account for Harvard University claims that they are “Devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders who make a difference globally.”

How then does Harvard ever explain Claudine?

Good luck with that.


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G. Murphy Donovan writes about the politics of Intelligence and national security,

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  1. I wrote to a friend after reading this: I’m telling you, the New English Review publishes
    the most witty and intelligent material, demonstrating that conservatives are the best thinkers among us today.

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