The Return of the Silent Majority

by Rebecca Bynum (August 2015)

On Nov. 3, 1969, President Richard M. Nixon first called on the “silent majority of Americans” to support him and his plan for “peace with honor” with the North Vietnamese. Then, like now, vocal minorities dominated the debate and bullied the majority into silence. The majority of the country held their counsel until Nixon spoke for them and rallied them to his cause, which meant never to sacrifice American honor. However, the silent majority had its hopes shattered as we well remember.

In man, poor beast that he is, the lynch-mob mentality is never far from the surface and the press seems to take a perverse pleasure in whipping up public emotion against their chosen targets. In fact, putting Dick Nixon’s head on a pike has widely been considered the golden age of American journalism, but in truth it was a smutty business.

Now, like then, average Americans feel as though the wheels have come off and the country is headed for a ditch. Even so, our leaders seem more solicitous of foreigners, from Mexicans to Iraqis to Iranians, than concerned about our own. The interest of America and Americans is being willingly sacrificed on the altar of the global village­. This is an America Americans don’t recognize. Worse, the silent majority knows it is being lied to by both politicians and the press on the vital subject of immigration and its effects.

On this single issue hangs fate of the nation. It is our people who create our nation; the nation does not create the people. There is no magic wand which alters the cultural values of a human beings once they cross our border. Everyone knows this except the press, most pundits and almost all politicians, who pretend that all cultures and all cultural values are exactly the same. They know they’re not, we know they’re not, so why are they lying to us? Oh yes, to avoid the likely firestorm ginned up by the press.

Men are created equal in one sense only – that of spiritual potential. In all other areas, there is nothing but inequality. Men differ most profoundly in their spiritual receptivity and that factor alone sweeps aside all other areas of inequality. But the truth of this statement has no bearing on the survival of nations. The survival of nations depends on cultural cohesion. Loving our country means loving its people. However, it often seems there are those who claim to love America, but who don’t like our people very much and would like to change our people for another.

Yet in the sane world, when we’re discussing immigration, we’re talking about the potential for new immigrants to become fully integrated, productive members of society. Do they contribute positively to the national fabric, or do they strain it? Do they become like us, or must we become like them? The issue is not about saving suffering humanity, we can alleviate their suffering where they are. We don’t need to import Third World problems by importing people who will inevitably be dependent on social services, But the fact that they will, on the whole, become reliable voters for the Democratic Party makes them valuable to that party.

The Labour party has done something similar in the United Kingdom by deliberately engineering mass Muslim immigration, mainly from Pakistan. Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, revealed the truth when he wrote, “I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”

Sound familiar? According to Ann Coulter in her absorbing and funny new book, Adios America, this is exactly the Democrats’ plan – admit so many immigrants who will vote Democratic that they effectively seal in a majority for the foreseeable future and run the table on all issues. We would become a one-party state much like Mexico with its Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) which held power from 1929 to 1988 or possibly some other one-party states I could name.

Though our current immigration policies and open southern border policy are the result of deliberate government action and inaction, the press conspires to make us believe that the slow-motion transformation of our nation from a first world powerhouse to third world basket-case is an inevitable aspect of progress. Even to the slowest among us, this does not compute.

Adding insult to injury, we are now being led to believe that we must accept jihad terror attacks on our soil as another inevitable aspect of this wonderful new progress in diversity. After the Chattanooga jihad attack, Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, suggested that the best strategy is to arm Army recruiters and put in bullet proof glass at recruiting stations. Only Senator Rand Paul came forward with the idea that restricting immigration from Muslim countries, but naturally he was ignored in the press. As Ann Coulter puts it, if your house is being flooded, maybe it’s best to turn off the tap before arguing about whether to use a mop or a sponge to clean it up. We’ve been arguing “mops and sponges” for years and years, meanwhile the southern border is wide open and we’re bringing in 100,000 Muslims to permanently settle here every year through our refugee program and H-1B work visa program in addition to granting 127,000 student visas to young Muslims to study, not to mention all the other types of visas. Every one of the 9-11 hijackers were here on tourist, business and student visas.

Every aspect of our immigration and visa granting process is broken.

There have been hundreds of videos and written statements by Muslim terrorists which carefully explain their religious ideology and motives to the world, but very few, if any, have made it to the nightly news. This gives the press cover to report, for example, that the Chattanooga killer’s motive is “a mystery.” The only mystery is why the public’s trust of the press is as high as it is, just above trust in government (only 13% think the government can be trusted, trust in the press is slightly higher). The public’s confidence that government can protect us from terror attacks is steadily eroding too, which is not surprising considering their main response to the jihad threat has been for the FBI to attend open houses at mosques. So far, we haven’t heard a single lie emanating from the Muslim community that the press has not swallowed hook, line and sinker (everything from a few dozen families saving their pennies to build those multi-million dollar mosques, to my boy’s a good boy, he was framed, or he was depressed, or he was discriminated against by the evil Americans in Hicksville). In practice, the FBI is actually a bit more circumspect.

As Coulter points out in her book, neither the press nor the government has seen fit to provide Americans with the most basic information on immigration. The number for Mexican illegals has been stuck at 11 million for a decade, even while the press admits that between 500,000 and 3 million more are entering the country each year – no one really knows how many. Other questions the press is strangely incurious about include: How much are both legal and illegal immigrants costing the taxpayer? How much are wages being driven down for our poorest citizens? How much welfare are new immigrants using? How much money are they sending out of the country? How many are entering our schools and requiring special services such as remedial English or Spanish-speaking teachers? How many roads, urban sprawl, cars driven, concrete, tires, trash, water polution, air pollution, and general environmental degradation are they causing? How many are in our prison system? The government collects data on all kinds of things, but very little on this. Apparently Americans can’t be trusted with the facts. They might decide such massive immigration is not such a hot idea, even if they vote the straight democratic ticket.

Donald Trump was the first Presidential candidate to seriously promise to secure the southern border and he immediately shot to the top of the Republican field. Americans know what needs to be done. We’re tired of being flooded with illegals while the politicians promise either sponges or mops to take care of the problem while the tap is still running. Americans know we’re playing Muslim roulette by bringing in upwards of a million and a half more Muslim immigrants since 9/11, not counting visas. We don’t want our civil liberties taken away just so we may have the privilege of welcoming new Muslim neighbors to show off how tolerant we are. We don’t want our public services overwhelmed and our taxes increased so that big agriculture, big contractors and big hotel owners will have plentiful cheap labor. America cannot survive as America if we import a permanent, underpaid, welfare dependent underclass.

The silent majority knows this. Will our politicians listen?




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