Two Poems


by Aiden Heung (January 2019)

n.g., Zack Zdrale, 2016





It must have been too much alcohol,

even your look becomes suddenly

so tender

and full of the promise

of a summer’s night.


I’m longing to have you,

here and now

before the harsh daylight steals you away

and I might never see you again.

Anyway that’s the game,

a sweet but ruthless encounter

with no tomorrow

for queers like us in this all-embracing land.


But I like you tonight—

that’s why this empty bar

does call for something more intimate

between us.

your face—

your half-open shirt—

Your creamy chest—

O the rushing sound

deep inside my veins!


It’s been too good a night to let you flee,

just stay a while longer—

If you desire admiration,

or compliments

from all men before and after me,

I have nothing better now

than my loneliness

in a promiscuous life,

and tonight,

I’ve given it to you.





After A Poetry Submission


Uncertainty drills hard

and leaves a hole on the page, where

gravity pulls—

Verses have fallen, words broken,

a pile of cut images.

No sound.





Aiden Heung is a native Chinese poet currently working and living in Shanghai. His poems have been published in many online and offline magazines in Asia, such as Alluvium, Eunoia Review and A Shanghai Poetry Zine among others. He writes both in English and Chinese.

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