Auburn, Sydney, Australia: Muslim Youth, 16, Charged With Plotting Anzac Day Jihad Terror Raid


As reported first thing this morning by the ABC and by Channel 7 News.

You will observe that the I-word, the J-word and the M-word are studiously avoided by all concerned.  This was an attack plotted by You-Know-Who in the name of You-Know-What, also known as That Which Must Not Be Named and Those Who Must Not Be Offended, or, The Religion of Perpetual Outrage.

First, the ABC version.

“Anzac Day: Teenage Boy Charged With Planning Terrorist Attack Ahead of Dawn Services.

What they could have written:

“Anzac Day: Teenage Muslim Charged With Planning to Attack Anzac Ceremony” – CM

‘New South Wales Police have charged a 16 year old boy with planning a terrorist attack allegedly linked ot Anzac commemorations.

“The teenager was arrested yesterday near his home in Auburn in Sydney’s west, after an investigation by officers attached to Operation Vianden.

And that is the only hint that That Which Must Not Be Mentioned is involved in this case. Because – along with Lakemba next door – Auburn in the southwestern suburbs of Sydney is the most heavily Islamised part of Australia. 42 percent of the population identified as Muslims in the 2011 Census (the Australian census includes a question on religion, which one is free to answer or not, as one chooses).  And it has an enormous mosque, entitled the ‘Gallipoli Mosque’, in a clever piece of mohammedan double-speak, because although the average Aussie will think of this as a respectful nod to the Anzac legend, it is nothing but; it is spitting in Australia’s eye.  From the Turkish Muslim point of view Gallipoli was a Muslim victory over and humiliation of the Kuffar. Had the Gallipoli campaign succeeded for the Allies – had they been able to break through – the Ummah would have taken a major blow: the Turkish Muslim Genocide of the Armenian Christians could have been stopped in its tracks and Constantinople liberated from the death-grip of Islam. – CM

“He was taken to Auburn police station, where he was charged with one count of preparing for, or planning, an act of terrorism.

‘The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

“He has been refused bail, and will face a children’s court later today.

Just as in Israel with the ‘stabbing jihad’, the Muslim Ummah, knowing that Infidel law is more lenient toward those deemed to be minors, and that Infidels are less wary in the presence of those they perceive as children, is weaponising its children and teenagers.   Me, I’d be recommending to the NSW Police that they surprise-raid that massively-ostentatious Gallipoli Mosque and search it from attic to basement. Right now, on ANZAC day.   Get the army to help and go in fast and hard. – CM

‘NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said anti-terrorist officers were forced to act yesterday afternoon in order to ensure public safety.

“Clearly we have taken swift action to ensure community safety on the eve of a sacred day on the Australian calendar”, Commissioner Scipione said.

“The age of the individual is obviously a concern for us, and it remains a measure of the ongoing task facing law enforcement and the community.

“Anzac Day should be observed by all in our community free from fear, and I would encourage everyone to enjoy this special day.”

‘NSW Premier Mike Baird said people should not be deterred from attending Anzac Day events.

I certainly wasn’t.  I just came back from attending the service in our suburb and there was a large crowd, at least 500 people and probably more.  I didn’t see any Mohammedans anywhere in the crowd of spectators (and I was keeping a weather eye open ), though in one of the school contingents who came forward to lay wreaths there was the token Hijabette who seems to be obligatory these days, proudly flaunting her Sharia badge. – CM

“This is a day where we should be out, commemorating such a proud day of our history”, Mr Baird said.  “Where we come and commemorate those many lives that have been lost defending this nation, defending our freedoms, and that is exactly what we should be doing today.”

‘Commissioner Scipione said the threat of an attack remained at “probable”.

“The attack didn’t happen, so that’s a good thing” he said. “What we have had is an intervention to stop an attack. That being the case, our level of security at Anzac Day is always high.”

Not to mention that not all of our ‘old soldiers’, whether marching or spectating, have lost their ‘Doesn’t Look Right’ spidey-senses nor their ability to wield an improvised weapon;  I am thinking particularly of our Vietnam Vets, many of whom are still well-and-truly able bodied, ferocious looking blokes who prowl along toward the tail of the procession sporting berets, bushy beards and tattoos; and then there are all the younger veterans, men who have survived the hell-pits of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as all the presently-enlisted men.   I feel safer spectating at an Anzac Day event than just about anywhere else.    – CM

‘AFP (= Australian Federal Police – CM) Sydney State manager Commander Chris Sheehan praised the work of his colleagues and warned of the risks of online radicalisation (sic: more accurately, “Jihad recruitment and incitement of young Muslims” – CM).

“In Australia and around the world, the age of people (sic: “young Muslims” – CM) radicalized (sic: “recruited for Jihad” – CM) is getting younger, with online grooming tactics similar to those used by sexual predators.

My dear Mr Sheehan, it isn’t just the Evil Internets.  All young people are not equally ‘at risk’, despite your attempting to pretend that this is the case.  Because it isn’t devout young Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs or Confucians or Taoists or Zoroastrians or atheists who are taking up weapons or cooking up bombs or sharpening knives and getting ready to go out and kill, kill, kill whilst howling Allahu-Akbar.  It is only those who identify as Muslims. Who for the most part have been raised in Muslim families, who – or their kin – attend the mosques; though there is a small minority of converts who have renounced whatever non-Muslim belief system they were raised in and Gone Jihad along with the ‘cradle Muslims’.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  If we didn’t have any Muslims in Australia we would have a much, much smaller Homeland Security headache.  The only ones we’d need to worry about would be the few non-Muslims foolish or gullible or evil-inclined enough to convert to Islam after reading the Quran or falling prey to Muslim online dawa. – CM

“Yesterday’s activity is another example of the effectiveness of the cooperative nature of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Taskforce.

“We will disrupt to ensure the safety of the community, and follow that up with thorough investigations to identify criminal behaviour.”

‘Mr Baird also said the police should be commended.

“Clearly the events are disturbing.  The actions proposed are disturbing, but I think what we should be doing right now is thanking the police for taking preventative action.”

You will observe that from beginning to end of that report there is  not one mention of Muslims, Islam or Jihad.  And now to the Channel 7 version, Melissa Hills reporting.

‘Sydney Teenager, 16, Charged With Alleged Anzac Day Terror Plot’.

‘A 16 year old boy has been charged with plotting a terrorism offence that police will allege was linked to Anzac commemorations.

‘At a press conference Commissioner Andrew Scipione said officers had enough information to act over the threat and the boy was arrested near his Auburn home on Sunday.

‘The boy was questioned extensively overnight and police say they believe the boy was acting alone.

Suuuure.  Me, I’d raid-and-search that monster ‘Gallipoli Mosque’ in Auburn, anyway, and every other known mosque within a 20 mile radius.  Did he attend a state school or an Islamic School? If the latter, I’d raid and search the school.  Jihad begins in the mosque; jihad begins in the madrasa; and jihad begins in the home, too.  I wouldn’t assume his family didn’t know. – CM

‘It is believed he was planning some kind of attack in Sydney; no further details have been released.

Could have been anything; from running amok at a Dawn Service in the packed crowd, with a knife or an axe or a gun; or planting a bomb in a rubbish bin or… a wreath, or putting on a bomb vest and detonating himself in the middle of the crowd. Lots of possibilities.  – CM

‘The boy was taken to Auburn Police Station, where he was charged with one count of preparing or planning an act of terrorism; the offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

‘NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said officers were forced to act yesterday afternoon in order to ensure public safety.

“Clearly we have taken swift action to ensure community safety on the eve of a sacred day on the Australian calendar”, Commissioner Scipione said.

Muslims love to attack Kuffar when Kuffar are celebrating important occasions whether sacred or secular.  Christians are attacked at Christmas and Easter; Jews at Passover or on Yom Kippur; Hindus on their sacred days.  ANZAC is a secular holiday that honours Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fight and fought in defence of  non-Islamic states and societies.   This young Mohammedan in Sydney was preparing an act of war; he was acting as a Fifth Columnist, an enemy combatant.  If he holds Australian citizenship it should be stripped from him, for he has identified himself publicly as giving his prime loyalty to an alien and hostile Power: the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, the de facto Empire of Islam. – CM

“I want to assure the NSW community that our counter-terrorism capability is such that we were able to move quickly to prevent him…”….

‘Premier Mike Baird has called the alleged terror plot “disturbing” (as indeed it is; it indicates the presence within us of an aggressive and expanding Fifth Column – CM), but says we must be resilient (a better word would be “defiant” – CM) and attend an Anzac Day event.

But what would Premier Baird say if Aussies turned up to Anzac Day events wearing T-shirts defiantly proclaiming “Lan Astaslem”??  Probably bleat about “Islamophobia”. – CM

‘AFP State Manager (Sydney Office), Commander Chris Sheehan, said family and friends are vital when it comes to connecting with those young people who may be susceptible to carry out criminal acts that attract significant penalties.

Good luck with that, mate.  You need to read 1/ Surah 48.29 of the Quran which clearly states that Mohammedans are “harsh” toward the Unbelievers (i.e. you and I, Commander Sheehan) and compassionate only towards one another (well, so long as the ‘other’ mohammedan is sufficiently sharia-compliant and of the correct sect…; otherwise even that intra-ummah ‘compassion’ tends to be in vanishingly-short supply), and then 2/ some discussion of the core Islamic doctrine of the Dar al Harb vs Dar al Islam  (you and I, Commander Scipione, inhabit the Dar al Harb, the Zone of War, the region where persons refuse to bow to ‘mohammed’ as a ‘prophet’ and refuse to live by the Sharia of Islam) and al-wala wa al-bara, ‘Loyalty’ (to fellow Muslims only) and Enmity (toward all non-Muslims qua non-Muslims). And you might like to reflect on the recent bitter experience of the police in Belgium, and how the Muslim Mob in Molenbeek closed ranks impenetrably around a fleeing jihad gang boss and shielded him.  Mohammedans generally don’t ‘rat’ on other Mohammedans. – CM

“A cohesive society and social inclusion is critical in driving a counter-narrative to extremist ideology”, he said.

But Muslims don’t want to be ‘included’.  They desire and intend to dominate, to subjugate, and to rule.  To repeat: Dar al Islam is forever at war with the Dar al Harb.  The loyalty of a Muslim belongs to fellow Muslims foremost and only; enmity and hatred must be directed toward the filthy Kuffar qua Kuffar.  Non-Muslims must not be befriended nor allied with, unless temporisingly and temporarily, for Muslim advantage.  Joseph Schacht put it succinctly in “An Introduction to Islamic Law”:  “The basis of the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war.  They must be converted, or subjugated, or killed”.  And this is not ‘extremist ideology’.  This is Islam, Islam, Islam. Islam as taught and practised by the majority of the Ummah throughout the past 1400 years.  – CM

“Yesterday’s activity is another example of the effectiveness of the coooperative nature of the JCTT. We will disrupt to ensure the safety of the community (what ‘community’ does he mean here? The Muslim community? The infidel community?  The reality is that the Muslim mob is not the intended target of such as this 16 year old would-be jihadi/ ghazi raider.  He was intending to kill Kuffar, because they were Kuffar. – CM) and follow that up with thorough investigations to identify criminal behaviour.”…

This is not mere ‘criminal behaviour.  This, to repeat, was meant to be act of war.  It must be recognised as an act of war, and the Ummah colony in Australia must be recognised as a Fifth Column. – CM

‘The 16 year old was refused bail (good – CM) and will appear in a children’s court today (Monday 25 April 2016).”

He is no more a  ‘child’ than was my 16 year old Great Uncle when he lied about his age and enlisted in the Army, during WWII.  And he is just as dangerous as any of the teenage Mohammedan murderers and would-be murderers wielding knives who have run amok in the streets of Israel. He is motivated by exactly the same set of ideas that may be found coded into the Sira, the Quran and the Hadiths and all their traditional and authoritative interpretations, the works of mainstream Mohammedan law and theology, from the 7th even unto the 21st century. – CM


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