Augusta: Man Guarding Recruitment Center Displays Sign Muslims Don’t Like


MAD World News:

Muslims are in an uproar after an armed man was spotted outside of an Augusta, Georgia military recruitment center. However, it wasn’t so much his presence that seemed to have bothered them, but rather a sign propped up behind him that ticked them off to the point of calling the FBI.

You can’t argue with those wanting to step up and protect our brave military men and women, who aren’t allowed to carry weapons while on the job, especially after the Chattanooga shootings. Doing what our United States government will not allow those who protect our nation to do themselves, citizens have stepped up to fill a void that has consumed the lives of innocents.

However, when Jim Stachowiak stood guard while armed with his semi-automatic rifle, he wasn’t just there to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. He decided to make a statement as well. Since those murdered in Chattanooga were killed by a Muslim extremist, he came bearing a sign that read:

“Support and defend our troops from Islamic savages.”

Sounds pretty accurate to me. Chris Kyle even called them “savages,” and he actually saw what they were capable of doing. Since the Muslim extremist who killed here in America held the same mindset of those over in the Middle East, it seems like a perfectly adequate description.


Jim Stachowiak

Apparently, Muslims don’t appreciate the sentiment. In fact, Islamists were so infuriated by the sign that they called the FBI to report Stachowiak. According to Bare Naked Islam, they “then tried to get him into the mosque in order to ‘re-educate’ him with the usual Muslim lies and propaganda about Islam being a ‘religion of peace.’”

Unfortunately for them, Stachowiak wasn’t buying what they were selling. Mohammad Daoudi, the Imam for the Islamic center in Martinez, states that the armed man is known for anti-Muslim activity.

“He has a history of anti-Muslim slogans, bashing Muslims and Muslim faith, and sometimes teasing the Muslim community by coming with his car [to the center] that already has a print against Islam,” Daoudi explained.

Daoudi also asked if “we’re going back to the wild west again?” This is a ridiculous accusation, as it implies that Stachowiak has no respect for the law and would willingly shoot another man at a moment’s notice. If it was the wild west, Daoudi very well could be dead after making such a remark, and the reality of such a claim probably isn’t quite as funny as he thought it was.


Jim Stachowiak

The Imam went on to say that his religion actually does teach peace and that extremists, including the Chattanooga shooter, give the religion a bad name. Unfortunately for him, it isn’t just one man – or even a few – that gives the religion a bad name.

The Muslim “holy book” is a message of hate, death, and domination. Anyone who has read it, can see it for what it is, and it’s far from being up to interpretation. Those who want us to believe Islam means something it doesn’t are either not following their own Quran, or they are willfully trying to deceive to further their ideology — something their religion actually commands them to do. So, who can we trust when it comes to Muslims?

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