Aussie Politician Ewen Jones, MP, Swallows the Myth of Muslim Victimhood and Peddles the Lie that Resisting Jihad Causes Jihad

As reported by Eliza Borrello for the ABC just yesterday.

“Liberal MP Ewen Jones Says Tackling Racism Against Muslims In Australia Will Help Curb Extremism”.

Racism?  What “race” are Muslims, Muslims who are Caucasian, African, South Asian?  What “race” was Jake Bilardi, Anglo-Aussie convert to Islam? David Hicks, Anglo-Aussie convert to Islam?  Shane Kent, Anglo-Aussie convert to Islam?  Is it “racist”  if one denounces – if one condemns as both foolish and wicked – their decision to embrace the Religion of Blood and War and to plot or engage in Jihad against the perceived enemies of Islam, the dirty unbelievers?  Is one a “racist’ if one points out those many aspects of Islamic doctrine that animated and are clearly operative in the Turkish (and Kurdish, and Arab) Muslim mass-murder of the Armenian – and Assyrian, and Greek – Christians 1915-1917? – CM

‘A Federal Liberal MP is worried about the level of racism towards Muslims in Australia and says it must be tackled to curb violent extremism.

So if we all fawningly declare love and admiration of Muslims and of their ideology and of their long-dead warlord Mohammed, and fall over ourselves to remove even the smallest pea from under their thirty mattresses and make them all happy and rich, they will not engage in bloody Jihad to force us to Submit??   Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on. – CM

‘Queensland MP Ewen Jones recently signed a letter supporting the Government’s push to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if they are involved in terrorism.

‘He said he did so on the condition no-one would be left stateless.

A Muslim who has joined the Islamic State is not “stateless”. He is a fully signed-up card-carrying member of the…Islamic State. – CM

‘But Mr Jones said society as a whole has a responsibility to tackle violent extremism and that racist attitudes did not help.

Dear Mr Jones, MP: the aim of the Jihad is to subject us to Muslim rule.  Quran Surah 9: 29 sets it all out in a nutshell.  We infidels, when the Call to Islam is made, have the option of becoming Muslim, or of becoming near-slave dhimmi untermenschen – humiliated, exploited, degraded and constantly imperilled.  If we refuse those options we are supposed to be warred against until dead. The violent extremism – the jihad, the terror attacks and all the other ways by which Muslims attempt to subvert, weaken, demoralise and destroy non-Muslim societies – is not “caused”, at bottom, by anything except the texts and tenets of Islam.  No matter how nice or how nasty we are, it is, in the end, irrelevant.   Muslims wage jihad against Jews in Israel, where they are treated with extraordinary decency and restraint; they wage Jihad in the UK, where they are fawned upon and flattered and deferred to and appeased; they wage jihad against Chinese infidels in western China, and against Russian infidels in Russia, both countries where they are treated with severity. – CM

‘He said he was disturbed by the level of racist hate mail he had been receiving, directed at Muslims.

It is a pity he did not produce some concrete examples of this “racist hate mail”. I would like to know whether he is referring to simple and crude xenophobes (who might well direct their hostility generally at anyone different, not specifically at Muslims qua Muslims, and may be targeting Muslims merely because they happen to be particularly conspicuous, rather than out of any real awareness of the danger they represent) or to persons who have learnt something of what Islam is about and have tried – however clumsily – to warn him.  – CM

“I am very, very worrieda bout the latent, for want of a better term, racism, that we are seeing in the country when it comes to our Muslim population”, he said.

 I would like to know exactly how many letters and emails and phone-calls Mr Jones has been receiving on the subject of Islam, specifically.  I would like to ask him whether he gets anywhere near as many angry or worried communications on the subject of assorted non-Muslim immigrant ethnic groups and faith groups. For I have a suspicion he doesn’t get many letters complaining and asking worried questions about the Buddhists or the Hindus, even though, put together, there are as many Buddhists and Hindus in Australia, as there are Muslims. – CM

“I’m still getting people sending me stuff saying, “What about these bloody Muslims?” and you go back to them and say “You know, that’s a false story”.

What ‘stuff” do you mean, exactly, Mr Jones?  Quotes from the Quran?  Statements about the doings of Mohammed, such as his wedding and bedding of little nine-year-old Aisha, or his ordering and approval of assassinations and beheadings and torturings?  News reports of Muslim atrocities against non-Muslims in this or that country?  Because there is a great deal of material out there, now – the translated contents of the Islamic texts, and of Muslim jurisprudence, and a mountain of historical and contemporary accounts of Muslim mistreatment of women and of non-Muslims – that is not false but, rather, demonstrably factual. – CM

‘He said social cohesion could also be boosted if governments looked at removing barriers to migrants getting work, such as the number of hours of supervised driving it takes to get a licence.

In the case of Muslims it really doesn’t matter whether they are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, have a driver’s licence or don’t have a driver’s licence.  The hatred of, contempt for and aggression toward non-Muslims, attitudes that are inculcated by the core texts of Islam, remain.  Muslims who could drive have taken cars and driven over Infidels in the street in order to kill them, as two converts to Islam did to Lee Rigby (before they stabbed and beheaded him), and as Muslims – presumably with driver’s licences – have done in Israel more than once, and as at least two Muslims have done in the United States (one ran amok in San Francisco, the other at the University of North Carolina).  Muslim taxi drivers and restauranteurs in the UK – and not a few, but many of them – have been actively engaged in sex gangs preying upon, ensnaring, raping and pimping underaged British non-Muslim girls. – CM

“I shudder ot think what someone would have to do when they’ve got a 16 or 17 year old child and non-one’s got a car in the family and no-one’s got access to a car”, he said. “How do they actually get 100 hours up?”

‘Learner drivers in Queensland must record 100 hours of supervised driving, including 10 hours of night driving.

“There are some very real challenges out there for people to participate in the workforce, and we’ve made it awfully hard, we’ve made it hard for a reason, because we want people to be safe, but by making it safer we’ve made it harder”, Mr Jones said.

The Aussie-passport-holding doctor who recently flitted and joined the Islamic State was well and truly participating in the workforce, and was in all probability pulling down an excellent salary. It didn’t stop him from deciding to go off to wage jihad fi sabil allah. – CM

‘The Herbert MP’s comments come after his Coalition colleague George Christensen last month declared that multiculturalism had led to the problems Australia is facing with foreign fighters….”.

Well, those who have gone off to join Islamic State, and those who have plotted various varieties of anti-Infidel mayhem right here on Australian soil, are motivated by Islam – as jihad-waging Muslims always have been – not by multiculturalism…  Multiculturalism, an unexamined belief that all belief systems/ cultures are essentially the same and all essentially neutral/ benign and capable of getting along with one another, or something like that, simply prevented us Infidels from seeing that Islam was – and indeed uniquely was – a menace, and therefore led to our blithely admitting thousands of Muslims inside our gates, in the fond belief that they would shake down more or less peacefully as everybody else had done.  It is now preventing some of us from discerning that the jihad arises out of Islam as such; that jihadis though they will cry victim and wail about “persecution” even where it barely exists will in fact be most aggressive and demanding toward hosts who are hospitable and accommodating; that the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, is the sheltering and nurturing sea within which the jihadis swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge.  Mr Ewen Jones, MP, does not see this at all.  Mr George Christensen, MP, has a glimmering of an inkling of the problem; but even he, so far as I can see, is not yet seeing Islam head-on.

What is clear, though, from what Mr Jones has said – and it is also clear from things Mr Christensen has said elsewhere – is that not a few of our politicians are finding, in their in-trays, an increasing pile of letters and emails from Infidel Australian Voters who are worried and unhappy about Islam, and Muslims (and not about Buddhists, or Hindus, or anybody else, to anything like the same extent), and who are not about to be fobbed off with the equivalent of “fiddlesticks!” – CM




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