Australia: Counter-Terrorism Raids Intended to Foil Attacks

Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  All over the lands of the infidels, whether first-world or third-world, wherever colonies of mohammedans have become established, our police and associated law enforcement agents are being run off their feet trying to keep ahead of a/ the criminal activity so often engaged in by mohammedans nd b/ seditious and usually mass-murderous jihad terror plots hatched by mohammedans.  There have been plenty of similar raids and arrests in the past, carried out in order to nip jihad plots in the bud; and until and unless Australia stops importing mohammedans and starts figuring out how to evict those already established, there will be many more.  

Breaking news, as reported by our ABC this morning (there is, of course, no mention of the M-word, the J-word, or of That Which Must Not Be Named, no reference to You-Know-Who and You-Know-What, but the location of certain of the raided premises – heavily-Islamised Lakemba, and similarly-Islamised Punchbowl – still gives it away)

‘Sydney Counter-Terrorism Police Carry Out Raids Aimed at Foiling Attacks, Prime Minister Says”.

‘Police have carried out raids at several properties across Sydney to disrupt plans for terrorist attacks in Australia“, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says.

He would never be brave enough to utter the words, “to disrupt Muslim plans for terror jihad attacks on Australian infidels”.  But that is what he should have said.  – CM

‘Four homes across Sydney were raided by heavily-armed police on Saturday evening as part of a terrorism investigation.

Note that the police went in ‘heavily-armed’.  Sydney police have learned from bitter experience that when dealing with the Mohammedan mob one must be prepared both to display and use overwhelming force. – CM

‘Australian Federal Police (AFP), ASIO, and New South Wales Police conducted operations in the inner-city suburb of Surry Hills, and the south-west suburbs of Lakemba, Wiley Park, and Punchbowl.

Surry Hills is a bit unexpected – but Lakemba and Punchbowl are among the most heavily-Islamised parts of Sydney and indeed, Australia.  Wiley Park is also inhabited by Muslim families already known to have produced jihadis. – CM

‘The AFP said four men had been taken into custody.

‘A source has told the ABC the plot was believed to relate to an attack on an aeroplane, but it was understood police are trying to work out whether the threat was credible.

‘A woman has told the ABC her son and husband were arrested after her Surry Hills house was raided denied they had any links to terrorism.

That’s because in the Muslim mind – assuming she is Muslim, which is a safe bet – ‘terrorism’ is what happens when Infidels refuse to Submit to Islam.  In Saudi Arabia you are a ‘terrorist’ if you are an atheist.  Muslim aggression of all kinds against Infidels, undertaken in order to force the Infidels to Submit to Muslim dominance, whether as converts or as near-slave Dhimmis, is not ‘terrorism’; it is seen as perfectly justified and justifiable. – CM

“I love Australia”, she said, as she was accompanied to a waiting car by police.

Oh sure she loves ‘Australia’ – meaning by ‘Australia’ the large chunk of turf, packed full of potential booty for mohammedan robbers and rapists.  It’s Infidel Australians she doesn’t love at all – that, indeed, she views with murderous contempt and hatred – if she is a Mohammedan. – CM

‘The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement saying the operations were “designed to disrupt and prevent plans to undertake terrorist attacks in Australia”.

“I have been kept closely briefed on the progress of the operations by the heads of our relevant security agencies”, Mr Turnbull said.

“However, as the operations are ongoing, it is inappropriate to provide further detail at this stage.”

Watch this space.  More, no doubt, to come.

And there will be more, and more, and yet more, jihad plots – and sooner or later, one or more or many that will evade surveillance until it is too late, bringing about the deaths of one or many or hundreds or even thousands of despised Aussie Infidels, attacked by Muslims to punish them for their outrageous refusal to Submit totally to Muslim despotism and Muslim laws and customs – unless and until the authorities in Australia put a complete stop to all further Muslim immigration, evict all non-citizen Muslims already within the country, and then intern the rest as a potential public danger, pending changes in the law to make possible strippings of citizenship and mass deportations to the dar al Islam. – CM


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  1. G’day Christina,
    I like your writing as you do not muck around. You say what you think.
    I would like to see more of your work.
    Like many in Aus, I am concerned for our grand children that will inherit the country we leave behind. We once had a great place but it is rapidly going down hill. Pity that it is our generation that is stuffing it, by not stopping muslim immigration. Neil

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