Australia: Grand Mufti Doesn’t Like the idea that Australia Might Act to Save Some Syrian Non-Muslims from Being Killed Off By Muslims

And his extended whine is sympathetically reported by the grovelling Islamophiles in our media.

Here is one Michael Safi in the Guardian (Australian edition) giving the Grand Mufti of Australian-resident Sunni Muslims a platform from which to claim “discrimination!” – CM

‘Calls To Prioritise Christian Refugees Are Discriminatory – Australia’s Grand Mufti’.

The Grand Mufti, by the way, is from Egypt, a graduate of Al Azhar, and very probably a Muslim Brotherhood operative.  –  CM

‘MPs pushing for Christian Syrian refugees to come to Australia first reinforces a sense that Muslims “are always going to be vilified in the Australian community”.

Pfffft. I hope that PM Abbott and all the MPs who – bless them – have spoken up in favour of decency and commonsense – will tell the Grand Mufti to go take a flying leap. What will most certainly get Muslims vilified is if they demand that we NOT lift a finger to rescue non-Muslims who are being specifically and preferentially subjected to genocide by…Muslims – CM

‘Calls for Christians to be given priority among Syrian refugees are discriminatory, and reinforce a sense that Muslims “are always going to be vilified in the Australian community”, the  country’s highest Sunni authority has said.

Really?  Rescuing some of the Syrian Christians from their Sunni Muslim rapists, robbers, enslavers, torturers and murderers = vilifying Australian-resident Muslims?  Excuse me while I go vomit. – CM

‘Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, Austraila’s grand mufti (no, he’s not ‘Australia’s, he is “grand mufti of Australia-resident Sunni Muslims” – i.e. the head gang boss – CM) said choosing refugees based on religion or ethnicity was the very kind of sectarian thinking “that got Iraq and Syria into the problems they’re facing now”.

Pffft.  Yes, Islam engages in sectarian thinking – and indeed, manifestly teaches hatred of, contempt for and aggression toward all non-Muslims qua non-Muslims, and toward other-sect deemed heretical Muslims, and toward insufficiently-sharia-compliant Muslims. And when Muslims, in obedience to Islam, are attacking and force-‘converting’, raping and enslaving, robbing and killing, a helpless non-Muslim minority population, even when in the midst of a situation in which Muslims are also fighting amongst themselves, then sensible Infidels will confine themselves to rescuing and assisting their fellow Infidels.  The Christians and Yazidis in Syria and Iraq did not attack and oppress, rape and enslave the Muslims; the Muslims are the aggressors toward and oppressors of the Christians and Yazidis, not only now, but have always been, all the way back through the past 1350 years or so. – CM

“When it comes to catastrophes such as these, we should be prioritising human beings rather than prioritising a certain religion”, he told Guardian Australia.

Shall we ask the Grand Mufti for the special Islamspeak definition of ‘human being”?  Because orthodox Islam in fact doesn’t view non-Muslims as being properly human – they are “the worst of beasts”.  And it’s a bit rich for him to be complaining about ‘prioritising a certain religion’ when in all Muslim-dominated lands throughout the entire history of Islam it is Islam that is exalted over everything else, it is Muslims who come first and non-Muslims who are deliberately suppressed, pushed into the gutter, exploited, degraded and humiliated.  The life of a non-Muslim is valued at a lesser rate than that of a Muslim; the testimony of a non-Muslim against a Muslim is not accepted in court.  Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Ikhwan, declared that “Islam is to dominate, and not be dominated”.  The Grand Mufti is throwing a tantrum because, just for once, there is a possibility that a group of people whom Muslims firmly believe ought to be kicked to the back of the queue, or off the end of it altogether – as per the Hadith “push them to the narrowest part of the street” – might actually get a bit of affirmative action. – CM

‘The employment minister, Eric Abetz, said on Tuesday that Christians in the Middle East were “the most persecuted group in the world” (and they are – CM), and should be favoured if Australia increases its intake of fleeing Syrians.

I’d go further than that.  In the current year I’d reserve every single place on our expanded intake, for bona fide (carefully checked) non-Muslim Syrian refugees…because there are still many more of them imminently threatened with murder, enslavement, rape and ethno-religious ‘cleansing’ by many of the local Muslims, than there are tickets to Australia on offer.  Any ticket given to a Muslim – and the Muslims are not the most persecuted, and in many cases are approving of, assisting in or actively perpetrating the persecution – is a ticket that a mortally endangered non-Muslim is not being given.   – CM

‘Another front-bencher, Barnaby Joyce, made similar comments on Friday, telling ABC Radio that Shias, Zoroastrians, and Jews in the region were also being persecuted, but it was “the reality that the future of Christianity in that area is over.”  

Except in Israel, where the Christians are free and safe behind the thin ring of steel that is the IDF, holding back the Jihad that is engulfing the region. – CM

‘Christians in Islamic-State held territory, along with other religious minorities, some Sunni tribes, and political dissidents, have been persecuted by the militants, and dozens of churches in Mosul, Iraq, have reportedly been destroyed.

Not ‘reportedly’.  Actually. Destroyed.  Destroyed specifically because they are churches.  And although the Islamic State sharia-pushers threaten and kill other-sect Muslims and insufficiently-sharia-compliant Muslims, a special and extra degree of ferocity is reserved for the non-Muslims, the Christians and Yazidis, who are likely to be wiped out altogether.  No-one else is threatened with total extinction. – CM

‘Tens of thousands of Sunnis have also been killed by forces loyal to the regime of the Syrian president, Bashar al Assad (a member of the embattled and deemed-heretical Alawite sect – CM), which is responsible for an overwhelming majority fo the 250,000 civilian deaths so far during the four-year conflict.

And if the Alawites lose – if the Sunni Muslims, bankrolled by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, succeed in toppling the hated heretic Alawites and creating a sharia-compliant Sunni Muslim state – they will be all driven out, or exterminated, also.  Because Islam knows only Victor and Vanquished.  The Alawites are fighting for survival against a Sunni Muslim insurrection.  – CM

‘Abu Mohamed said Australian Muslims were “feeling yet another form of discrimination, or marginalisation, or targeting”.

So if we take any special action to rescue Infidels from Muslim murderers, we are attacking Muslims in Australia??? PFFFT. – CM

“Statements like this, in their clarity of discrimination against Muslims…assert the counter-narrative that Muslims are always going to be discriminated against and vilified in the Australian community”, he said.

So we shouldn’t lift a finger to rescue any of the people that your pious and entirely orthodox co-religionists are enslaving, raping, driving out of their homes, and gleefully mass-murdering, specifically on the basis of their religion, in Syria and Iraq?  Because that would hurt the feelings of,.,Australian Muslims? You disgust me, Mr Mufti. – CM

‘It was “vital” that Australia accept more refugees from the region, he said.

Yeah, but since he obviously doesn’t want us to take in any – or many  at all – of the Christians, what he’s asking for is – more Muslims, more and more Sunni Musilms.  So they can swell the numbers, and clout, of the Ummah colony in Australia. – CM

“A lot of people are being affected, and it would be a great honour for Australia to be at the forefront of countries allowing these refugees to seek asylum here.”

I think it would be a great honour for us to take real action to rescue the ancient Assyrian Christian community whose forebears somehow survived over a millennium in the predator pit that is Dhimmitude.  Time for them to be given a front seat on the bus, for a change. – CM

‘The 20,000 places suggested by the Greens was a start, but “Australia is a big country, and has a lot to offer, so it will be able to absorb that number and more”, he said.

Spit it out, mate; if you had your way, every last refugee place would go to a Muslim, and then some, and you’d gleefully condemn Yazidis and Christians to perish in Iraq and Syria.  You are dreaming of thousands and thousands of Muslims pouring into Australia.  Well, that’s my worst nightmare and that of any other sensible Australian who knows anything about Islam and its history.  Who knows what the Hijra is.  – CM

‘Tony Abbott has indicated he will announce on Wednesday the details of Australia’s response to the refugee crisis, but has already committed to taking more Syrians.

And I have gotten a distinct impression he intends to prioritise the Christians. Which is the only sensible and decent thing to do. 

There were a lot of comments to this article. The vast majority appeared to be either Muslims – whether declared or not – and Useful Idiots/ Islamophiles/ Dhimmis, echoing the Mufti in their screams of rage over the very idea of offering the smallest gesture of affirmative action to rescue even some of a Christian – Christian! oh, the horror! – people-group from imminent extermination. 

But an intelligent minority knew better, and were manfully upholding the cause of commonsense and decency.  For example, one ‘Mr Fappy’, quoted the whine – “”Abu Mohammed said Australian Muslims were ‘feeling yet another form of discrimination, or marginalisatin, and of targeting’ – and then replied bluntly, “No, they’re not.  This has nothing to do with Australian Muslims.  It has to do with the level of persecution of Christians in the middle east, and the fact that we are a Christian nation.  We are allowed priorities too, and while we must do our best to accommodate our minorities, they should not be dictating terms to the Australian nation.” 

One ‘Rebel 7’ was even blunter, re the Useful Idiots in the comments – “So some pretend atheists are now feeling butt-hurt on behalf of Muslims? You know, [on behalf of] the sect that is the reason the Christians are leaving the Middle East.” And in another comment, aimed at a Useful Idiot who was blaming all the current and past conflict in the Middle East on western / Christian ‘meddling’, he retorted – “Learn some history, exTen. The ‘pseudo-Judeo-Christian great power meddling’ was back during the Crusades.  As far as meddling goes, no-one has yet topped the meddling done by Muhammad and his holy warriors who meddled from Spain to Central Asia. And it may also be news to you that the Christians of that region have been dying at the hands of Muslims ever since.  My wife’s grandfather was killed in Urfa, Turkey, by a Muslim about 1918.  No US involvement near the region.  Her father left Aleppo, Syria, about 1960, ’cause he got tired of wearing a target for Muslims.  Don’t recall any US adventures anywhere near Syria around that time.  There was of course the USSR.  You’ve got your politically correct head buried deep in the sand of wilful blindness.”

And another poster, toward the end of a long and intelligent comment on the Syrian civil war in which he noted that the Saudis are bankrolling the Sunni Muslim jihadis, made the following astute observation – “Before listening to the shouts of discrimination from assorted Islamic religious leaders in Australia, I would like them to clarify one thing. Do they receive funding from Saudi Arabia, the major financier of the current trouble? How impartial are they?”

And another remarked,It seems to me that Abu Mohammed has a very twisted view of happenings in the world at the moment.  He thinks that prioritising the acceptance of Christian refugees is discriminatory. Well, I think that the deliberate seeking out and murdering of Christians and other non-Moslems in the middle east is discriminatory!”

Exactly.  And that is what so many clueless Useful Idiots and Islamophiles in our midst, at the moment, seem totally unable to understand. – CM




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