Australia’s ABC Reproduces AP Article That Can’t Work Out Why Many Dutch Are Voting For Geert Wilders

This one appeared just the other day.  Within the past week or two we have had three articles appear in the ABC’s online outlet that deal with the nascent resistance to Islam.  A woefully inaccurate report on a Britain First demo in provincial England; an article about some people in Australia who were had up in court on a charge of “hate speech” because they found a rather crude way to draw attention to the fact that orthodox Islam commands beheadings (I will discuss this subject in another posting), and an AP (Associated Press) piece on Geert Wilders that attempts to represent him as either whipping up, or exploiting, for political gain, fears that, by the writer of the article, are implied to be irrational and baseless.

Strikes me that some among our generally-Islamophile ‘fourth estate’ are getting a bit panicky.

“In Rich, Low-Crime Netherlands, Why is Anti-Islam Candidate Geert Wilders So Popular?”

‘The economy is up, unemployment is down, and some Dutch prisons are so empty that the Government has been renting out cells.

It might be worth mentioning, at this point, that in 2005, just after the Muslim murder of Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh, Geert Wilders – having been deluged with death threats, from Muslims – was housed, for his own protection, in a Dutch high-security prison, the one that was used for the Lockerbie terrorists, and for drug traffickers.  Wilders has slept in a prison cell; not because of having committed some crime (other than to breach the sharia of Islam by publicly criticising Islam and Mohammed) but for his own safety. – CM

‘So why do polls indicate that the Netherlands’ ruling parties are set to suffer big losses before a March 15 national election, while the party of right-wing anti-Islam (hm, what is the opposite of ‘right-wing anti-Islam’; might it be “left-wing pro-Islam”?  – CM) politician Geert Wilders appears poised to make substantial gains?

“it’s not the economy, stupid”, Professor Gerrit Voerman of the University of Groningen said, tweaking the campaign message Bill Clinton used in his successful 1992 march to the White House.

True enough. Though one wonders exactly what the Muslim fifth column – which (according to a Christian sourcebook named ‘Operation World’, which I find generally reliable, sober and realistic in its use of statistics) was growing, in the Netherlands, in 2010, seven years ago, at an estimated rate of 2.3 percent, much more quickly than any other belief system in the country – is costing the Netherlands, both in terms of welfare and in terms of money having to be spent on homeland security.  The expanded and expanding Muslim presence in the Netherlands has not only made life more dangerous and more unpleasant but also much more expensive. – CM

‘Instead, Professor Voerman said, “It’s about identity”.

‘Mr Wilders’ campaign slogan sums it up – “The Netherlands – ours again!”

And what is wrong with that?  The Dutch made the Netherlands and the Netherlands made the Dutch.  This is their traditional, ancestral homeland.  It is not the ancestral homeland of, for example, Moroccans and Turks. – CM

‘The nationalist (why not, instead, say, “patriotic”? – CM) refrain, which echoes US President Donald Trump’s campaign call to “Make America Great Again”, is a theme that could dominate elections in two other European countries this year – France and Germany.

And it is a heartening sign. It suggests that, just perhaps, in parts of Europe, some elementary instincts of self-preservation are starting to kick in.  That some Europeans are noticing the Hijra – the Muslim immigration-invasion – and getting healthily worried about it. – CM

‘How Mr Wilders’ Party for Freedom fares should provide an indication of the prospects for fellow far-right (far-right, far-right, far-right… on and on it goes, this reflexive applying of the term ‘far right’ to anyone at all who dares to criticise Islam or propose a break with policies of craven accommodation and appeasement of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob – CM) nationalists (sic: patriots – CM) Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate for France’s National Front party, and Frauke Petry of the Alternative for Germany.

Interesting that right now two of the Islamoresistant parties in Europe are headed up by women. One might recall that it was a woman, Bat Yeor, who pioneered the study of Dhimmitude and wrote a trenchant work entitled  “Eurabia”, warning of the calculated and disastrous appeasement of Islam among many in power in Europe; that it was a woman, Oriana Fallaci, who wrote two scorching little books – “The Rage and the Pride” and “The Force of Reason”, fiercely criticising Islam, warning of the resurgence of Jihad, and calling for intelligent and concerted resistance to Islamic expansion within the West.  And the mass rapes and sexual assaults that took place at New Year 2016 in Cologne and other cities in Germany – attacks carried out by very large mobs of Muslim men but newly arrived in Europe – and the ongoing exposure of multiple cases of Muslim gangs targeting infidel girls for grooming, pimping and brutal rape, in the UK –  indicate just why any intelligent European infidel woman might step up to join the Resistance to Islamisation. – CM

‘In the Netherlands, pollsters predict Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy will lose about 15 of the 40 seats it holds in the 150-seat House of Representatives.

‘Mr Wilders’ party, which currently has 12 members in the chamber, is on track to become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, parliamentary faction, despite a recent decline in polls.

How recent? And how much of a “decline”? Details, please. – CM

‘However, Mr Wilders’ hard-line anti-Islam anti-immigration (? my impression, and I have been following Mr Wilders’ career ever snce he appeared on my radar screen around 2007, is that he is opposed to Muslim immigration, not opposed to immigration as such; though the Netherlands, being small and densely populated, with a total population of 16 million or so, cannot be expected to take in unlimited numbers of any kind of immigrant – CM) has driven away potential coalition partners among mainstream parties, meaning he is unlikely to be able to form a government even if he wins the popular vote.

Note how the reporter seems to think it is a given that to be opposed to Islam is to be a bad person, and that the shunning of Wilders by other parties in the Netherlands, on the basis of his opposition to Islam, is A Good Thing, – CM

‘Mr Wilders’ one-page election manifesto leads off with two “us-against-them” themes.

My dear AP reporter, have you ever read any of the Islamic texts? The whole of Islam is based on an “us vs them” division of the world.  There is dar al Islam, and then – containing all as-yet-unsubjugated infidel individuals and polities – the Dar Al Harb, the Zone of War.  – CM

The Party For Freedom pledges to “de-Islamise” the Netherlands by shutting all mosques, banning the Koran (emulating the ban on “Mein Kampf” – CM), and halting all immigration from majority-Muslim nations.

And – outwith the Koran ban, which might prove problematic, for if one cannot read the enemy’s book, because one cannot get hold of it, how can one understand the enemy’s game plan? – these measures are eminently sensible.  They are first and necessary steps toward self-defence of the Netherlands against the global Jihad. To understand why shutting the mosques is necessary one must read an ex-Muslim, Sam Solomon – “The Mosque Exposed”.  Mosques are, in effect, forward operating bases; they are military installations, command-and-control centres of the Jihad.  Jihad begins in and issues forth from the mosque.  Shut them down and a key element in the process of Islamisation of any targeted society will be removed.  And ending Muslim immigration would significantly slow down the expansion of Islam within the Netherlands, buying time for a regrouping and re-energising of the Camp of the Infidels.  Again, a book by Sam Solomon – “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration” – goes a long way toward explaining exactly why it was so very, very foolish for infidel countries in Europe or anywhere else to permit large numbers of Muslims to pass their gates and settle (and go on settling, even today) in their midst.    – CM

‘It also commits to remove the Netherlands from the European Union, which it helped found 60 years ago.

So?  There is such a thing as recognising that one has made a mistake, and then acting to correct the error. – CM

‘After decades (how many? – CM) of immigration, around 5 percent of the Dutch population is Muslim, according to the Central Bureau for Statistics.

Hm.  My own sourcebook, Operation World (which usually tries to err on the side of caution with any of the facts and figures that it compiles both from official national and academic sources and from a wide range of church agencies and NGOs) in 2010 estimated that 5.5 percent of the Dutch population was Muslim, and was at that time growing at a rate of 2.3 percent per annum (most likely due to a combination of immigration and high birth rates, rather than to conversions) which was a rate of growth faster than the then estimated rate of growth of any other belief system in the Netherlands.   By August 2016 a Breitbart article (discussing yet more Muslim threats against Mr Wilder’s life)

estimated that the Muslim percentage of the population had exceeded 6 percent, and the writer observed that “the nation has sent hundreds of Islamist recruits to Syria” (sic: a better wording would have been that “the Ummah colony in the Netherlands has sent hundreds of people to join Islamic State in Syria”). – CM

‘Many of Mr Wilders’ supporters have a deep-rooted sense that new, often Muslim (or, rather, “mostly Muslim” – CM) arrivals in the nation of 17 million are treated better by the Government than long-time residents.

Shouldn’t that be, “than the indigenous Dutch”?  Is someone whose forebears were in the Netherlands centuries before the time of Rembrandt, perhaps all the way back to medieval times, merely a ‘long-time resident’ as opposed to a ‘new arrival’? – CM

‘Mr Wilders pounced this week on figures from the statistics bureau showing that despite the drop in unemployment, the number of people eligible for welfare rose last year, a trend mainly driven by refugees (or persons claiming to be refugees – CM) granted residency permits., the bureau said.

“Thanks to Rutte, the Netherlands has become the ATM for many immigrants”, Mr Wilders tweeted.

‘His supporters agree.

“People who come here get everything, and people from the Netherlands have to survive on a few centes”, Jo Hendriks, a 65 year old Wilders voter from Rotterdam, said.  “The foreigners go to the food bank in their Mercedes to get food… I live near a food bank and I see it with my own eyes”.

Dear AP reporter; has it even occurred to you that she might be telling the truth?  It would be easy enough to check; go with her to the very place and wait there, say for a period of days, and observe the comings and goings. – CM

‘Dutch economy grew last year, crime steadily declining’.

Relative to when? – CM

‘Economic Affairs Minister Henk Kamp, a veteran member of Mr Rutte’s party, observed recently that “people are inclined to look at other issues” during election campaigns, if the economy is doing well.

‘The Dutch economy expanded for 11 consecutive quarters, and grew by 2.1 percent in 2016.

But what are the long-term trends?  Further: it may just be that the 94 percent of the population who are not Muslim are so industrious, and so generally law-abiding that, despite the cost of homeland security, despite the drag imposed by an expanding and aggressive and highly-crime-prone Mohammedan colony, when everything is averaged out the Netherlands is still able to record modest economic growth and a decline in crime (though it would be interesting to see what the crime statistics – amount, type, and trends – look like, if broken down district by district, and what percentage of the Dutch prison population is Muslim, as opposed to anything else, and again, whether that percentage is stable, decreasing, or.. increasing.)   If this is what the Netherlands can manage despite a Muslim presence of 6 percent (which imposes a not insignificant cost in terms of policing expenses, homeland security expenses, and welfare expenses) what would the Netherlands look like if there were no Mohamemdans inside the gates at all?  A similar question might be asked of India, whose Muslim fifth column is much bigger and even more aggressive and disruptive.  Just how much better off would India be today, if all the Muslims had left the place, in 1947?  – CM

‘Meanwhile, crime has been steadily declining for years (from when to when? – CM) so much so that the country has in recent years rented out prison cells to Belgium and Norway, and even housed asylum seekers in disused jails.

I guess that’s one way of keeping them out of mischief… – CM

‘Ahead of Dutch elections, mainstream parties carefully outline their plans to keep the economy healthy and run them past a government-funded think tank to prove that their projections are sound.’

‘Mr Wilders gave the economy just a few words in his manifesto.

Mr Wilders’ priority is the survival of the Netherlands as a free non-Muslim society, in the face of the Jihad. Everything else takes second place. – CM

‘His priorities would be to “reduce rents”, “lower income tax”, and cut healthcare contributions, while spending “much more on defence and police” and slashing funding for overseas development aid and culture.

Reading between the lines, that bit about slashing aid suggests to me that he would be reducing, first and foremost, the de facto jizya or tribute given by the Netherlands to assorted ungrateful mohammedan entities… such as the “Palestinian Authority”. – CM

‘Mr Wilders is also focusing on concerns shared in France and Germany that the huge numbers of migrants (sic: the floods of Muslim men of military age – CM) Europe saw arriving in 2015 could peak again if an EU deal with Turkey, which has reduced the flow of newcomers, were to collapse.

And that is why he wants to get the Netherlands out of the EU; so that even if that deal does collapse, the Netherlands would be free to repel boarders. – CM

“He is trying to make use of fears within society”, Professor Voerman said. – AP

No.  Wilders is responding to a clear and present danger, to the reality of the global Jihad, which many others besides himself – notably, the redoubtable Conor Cruise O’Brien – saw coming down the pike years and years ago.  In an article published in the ‘Independent’ in 1995 – 1995! – entitled “The Lesson of Algeria: Islam is Indivisible”, O’Brien wrote – “What is going on today in the Muslim world is not the advent of some aberrant thing called Islamic fundamentalism, but a revival of Islam itself – the real thing – which Western ascendancy, and Westernised post-Muslim elites, no longer have the capacity to muffle and control.  The Jihad is back.”  

And O’Brien, in the same article, stated flatly – “The ‘Prophet Mohamed’ did not offer his followers a chance to live in harmony with their neighbours.  He taught them to fight their neighbours, if they were unbelievers, and kill them, or beat them into submission.  And it is futile to say of those Muslims who faithfully follow those teachings today, that their actions are not ‘intrinsically related to Islam’.  We are facing an Islamic revival”.

‘A Blast from the Past: Conor Cruise O’Brien, in 1995, Discussing the Jihad in Algeria’.

And this time, as not in previous centuries, there is a huge Muslim fifth column entrenched within the cities and societies of the western world, a Muslim fifth column that acts as a nurturing sheltering sea within which the sharia assassins – such as the man who murdered Dutch film-maker Theo Van Gogh in broad daylight one fine sunny morning on a street in Amsterdam – swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge.  It is that same Islamic fifth column, within the Netherlands, that continues to issue threats against Mr Wilders’ life, threats so real and serious that he goes nowhere without armed bodyguards, and must sleep in ‘safe houses’.  

One may note that that AP article nowhere mentions that curious little fact; that Wilders lives with multiple and continual death threats issued against him… by Muslims. And that if there were no Muslims living within the Netherlands Theo Van Gogh would still be alive, and Wilders would be free to criticise Islam in public, should he choose so to do, without requiring an armed bodyguard to keep him from being killed. 

Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  Wilders is proposing certain actions intended to curtail the expansion of Islam within the Netherlands, so as to counteract the Jihad.  That is what the AP reporter is refusing to even think about.  For the AP reporter, ‘fears within society ‘(fears of what, precisely?) are presumed to be groundless.  But fears of what the Mohammedan Mob will do in the Netherlands, either now or in the near future when its projected and real power – unless swiftly curbed – will be greater, are not groundless at all.  – CM


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