Ayaan Hirsi Ali is too kind

A few days before the UK General Election, Ayann Hirsi Ali hoped for a Conservative victory. From The Times:

On Mr Cameron’s watch, websites promoting Islamic extremism have been targeted and hate preachers kept out or kicked out of the country. The charity commission has also been given new powers to investigate charities with extremist links.

The prime minister has called Islamic extremism “a poisonous ideology” that justifies “the most sickening barbarism and brutality”. If re-elected, he has pledged to come down even harder on those organisations that “stay just within the law but still spread poisonous hatred”.

It takes courage, commitment and leadership to make these hard choices. Contrast this with Ed Miliband, who last month criticised the government’s approach and promised,Muslim News,that he would make “Islamophobia” an “aggravated crime”.


On Thursday, Britons can vote for one of the few western leaders who understands that Islamic extremism is to their generation what Nazism was to their grandparents’ generation: a mortal threat to freedom. David Cameron gets it. Ed Miliband doesn’t.

Wrong. Cameron doesn’t get it. On his watch, two eloquent and brave speakers who do get it, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, were banned from speaking here. Condemning “Islamic extremism” is easy – even Muslims do that. We’re all against extremism, aren’t we? Cameron knows nothing of Islam, least of all that in this belief system, the extreme is mainstream.,

Cameron won, as the incumbent often does, because the others lost.

Labour lost the rich vote. The champagne Socialists of Hampstead and the wealthier parts of Islington feared Labour’s “mansion tax” and voted with their wallets, These same champagne Socialists elected Blair in 1997 because they thought a Blair victory was costless. Not so with Miliband, who would tax them hard. The secret ballot, which Labour has tried to whittle away using the corrupt postal vote, allowed such people to talk Labour but vote Tory.

Labour lost the white working-class vote. Some of this went to UKIP, though this did not show up in the seats. In Scotland much of it went to the proto-Communist SNP, showing up disproportionately in the seats. Once rational and thrifty, the Scots have been drip-fed grievance politics by a party that knows how to spend but not how to earn. Scotland has sucked on the English taxpayer’s teat for too long. I will be happy to cut it loose.

Labour does not appear to have won enough of the Muslim vote to make up the numbers, despite Ed Miliband’s toadying promise to make “Islamophobia” a “hate crime”. Why was this? From toads to elephants in rooms to apes and pigs, I suspect that his Jewishness had something to do with it. It doesn’t matter that Miliband is an atheist, anymore than it would have mattered to Hitler.,

I am pleased to see a Tory majority – it is the least worst outcome. Unshackled from the Liberal Democrats, Cameron is free to tackle monstrosities such as the Human Rights Act and the EU. I certainly trust him on the economy. If he continues to clamp down on the vastly over-generous welfare benefits, jihadists and their enablers may see their funding cut off. But as to his tackling Islam directly, sorry Ms Hirsi Ali, it is you who don’t get it.


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