Barber Detained In Kano For Giving Customers Haircuts That ‘Offend’ Islam Released


Update on this from earlier in the week. From Sahara Reporters

Elijah Odeh, the young barber who was arrested by the Kano State Hisbah Corps for allegedly giving his customers haircuts which allegedly offend the Islamic faith, has been released.

The senator representing Benue South Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Abba Moro, confirmed his release in a statement on Wednesday.

Odeh, who hails from Adum East, in the Obi Local Government Area of Benue State, was first arrested on January 15, 2021 and rearrested on Wednesday, January 27 after two of his customers were caught with hairstyles deemed blasphemous to the Islamic religion.

According to Moro, the case was struck out on Wednesday by a magistrate at the Gyadi-Gyadi Magistrates’ Court, who had refused to grant him bail earlier. 

The statement read, “I’m pleased to announce the release of Elijah Odeh, a young barber from Obi LGA arrested and detained in Kano State over hairstyle he designed on two of his customers. The case was struck out today,” the statement reads. “Like I said the other day, I won’t allow any of my constituents, anywhere in the country, suffer unjustly as long as I remain their senator. Elijah was unjustly arrested and even denied bail but thank God he’s now free…”

That’s a terrible haircut – in my youth the question would have been “Who cut yer hair? Dewhursts?. Tell us his name and we’ll get him for yer. ”  But if that’s the fashion it doesn’t merit arrest. 

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