BBC Bias: Civitas report says ‘Auntie’ kept Brexiteer voices off the air for a decade

by Sally Ross

A report by the research think-tank Civitas has found that out of 4,275 guests discussing EU matters on BBC’s flagship Today program between 2005 and 2015, only 3.2 per cent (132) were pro-Brexit, even though there was good public support for withdrawal during the period. The Corporations coverage, it says, has consistently excluded voices of Eurosceptics. 

Entitled, The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation? the study revealed that in the six months following the EU referendum, only 10 (2.9 per cent) of 366 speakers featured on Today’s business news were supporters of Britain leaving the EU. 

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Also, to be found at Breitbart LondonWhites need not apply

In addition to giving low priority to the opinions of Brexiteers, it seems that the BBC also ignores current studies showing Britain’s white working class to be at the bottom of the social ladder.

Recently it has been advertising positions open to everyone but white people; A tweet from BBC Newsbeat calling for a ‘Trainee Multi Media Journalist” says:

“This is a @_CreativeAccess scheme for people from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background. Know anyone who’d be suitable? Share this with them!”  

Apparently, this is not the first time the publicly-funded broadcaster has posted ‘no whites’ advertisements, showing that the Corporation favors some Equal Opportunities over others. 


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  1. Will the pusillanimous fools and their groveling tools never tire mucking around in their mire?

    Is fair discussion beyond their responsibility to the public?
    Are these broadcasters simply bawd casters paying obeisance to their masters?

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