Berbers Quite Reasonably Fear An Arab Genocide In Libya

So many Berbers have been killed by Arabs, forcibly islamized by Arabs, forcibly arabized after they had been islamized, all over the Maghreb. Why shouldn’t it happen — it has already happened, over time, in many places in the country — in Libya. “Islam–The Arab National Religion” is a book, that can be read with profit, and should be reprinted as a duty, by someone, with pleasure, by the late Anwar Shaikh. It’s a useful book to have reprinted by the millions, in a cheap addition, suitable for distribution to non-Arab Muslims everywhere. After all, during the Cold War the C.I.A. paid for millions of copies of books that, it was felt, would weaken the hold of Communism. Why not do the same in the waqr of self-defense against Islam? Food for thought.


Story here.


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