Beware The Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum

Ray DiLorenzo writes in the Canada Free Press:

Every emerging power has its little army, enforcers…Brown Shirts, Black Shirts, Stalin’s Secret Police. For The World Economic Forum (WEF), it has its Young Global Leaders (YGL), attractive men and women, mostly in business attire, seemingly harmless. But these YGL members are near invisible, but dangerous.

The Young Global Leaders (YGL) was created by Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF, architect of The Great Reset or The New World Order. The YGL, a non-profit organization managed from Geneva, Switzerland, is under the supervision of the Swiss government. The program was founded as part of the World Economic Forum in 1993 under the name “Global Leaders for Tomorrow” and was renamed Young Global Leaders in 2004.

Schwab was born a member of the Nazi child aristocracy in 1938

The YGL provides heavy indoctrination and training in socialist principles. Its aim is to provide ‘suitable future leaders for the emerging global society, a one world global government. It includes politicians, business leaders, royalty, journalists, entertainers, and other cultural influencers.

Schwab was born a member of the Nazi child aristocracy in 1938, and was reared into Nazi eugenics…getting rid of undesirables. Schwab claims to be an economist, a champion of economic freedom. But, looking at him closely puts him far away. Schwab inherited Escher-Wyss from his Nazi father, a once high technology metals company entrusted by Hitler to develop nuclear weapons. The company was hailed by Hitler as a “Model National Socialist Company.” After the war, the company moved to Switzerland, and with all the economic prowess he could muster, his company managed to go bankrupt.

Today there are over 1,400 graduates (some publications say 3,800) from more than 120 countries. Some well known graduates are Justin Trudeau (Canada), Emmanuel Macron (France), Gavin Newsom (Gov. Calif.), Bill Gates, Chelsea Clinton, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Larry Fink (BlackRock), Peter Thiel (eBay), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Nikki Haley (US pres. candidate), Nathaniel Rothschild, Tony Blair (former PM UK), Angela Merkel (Germany), Jonathan Soros, (son of George), Huma Abedin (Hillary Clinton aide, Pete Buttigieg (former candidate for President), Sanna Marin (Finland PM), Alexander Stubb (former Finland PM), and Vlad Zelensky (President Ukraine).

As you can see, they are everywhere. These new, young leaders are to go back to their respective country and spread the gospel of a global socialist government. They are entrenched in places like Washington, Ottawa, London, and Paris. They don’t care what their people want or need, their borders, their culture or tradition. They only answer to their bosses at the World Economic Forum, the likes of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, or George Soros.

YGL members have become entrenched in every major global government

YGL members have become entrenched in every major global government.

Klaus Schwab said, “We penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF young globalist leaders.” More than half of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet are graduates of the YGL. That explains much.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is a YGL graduate trained by Klaus Schwab. It’s easy to understand why he would not meet with representatives of the 50,000 truckers of the Truckers Freedom Convoy who had concerns over vaccine mandates. In spite of over a million Canadians showing up in support of the truckers, Trudeau was faithful to his training and his suspected father, Fidel Castro. He showed no regard over the concerns of fellow Canadians. A video in 2017 shows Schwab bragging that half the cabinet in Canada and the prime minister, of course, were products of his Hitlerian Young Global Leaders organization. Trudeau is a true emerging dictator. Someone to watch closely.

Biden is not a YGL graduate, of course, he’s too old, but one can tell where his sentiments lie. Telling 40% of Americans who refused the COVID vaccine that “our patience is wearing thin” was unpresidential to the extreme. President Macron of France, a YGL grad, told his antivaxxers that they would no longer be treated as French citizens and that he would purposely enact policies that would ‘piss them off.’ Maybe that explains the rioting in France these many weeks.

The Young Global Leaders through the World Economic Forum have been instrumental in shaping policy around the world, undermining democratic principles, and creating obedient and compliant servants.

You could see why Trump would not be a good fit.

If everything I have pointed out looks like the re-emergence of a World National Socialist State, you would be correct…a sort of new feudalism. All for the greater good, promote world peace, protect our environment, and control climate change…Yeah right!!



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  1. I’ve always been wary of anything that includes ‘young’, ‘global’ or ‘leaders’ in its name, so hitting the trifecta certainly makes me wary. Anyone who is willing to be identified as a Young Global Leader should be disqualified from power or influence for life.

    Remember that the Children are Our Future, unless we stop them now.

  2. Trump promoted he jabs, see operation ”warp speed” (it’s public news that he called himself the ”father of the vaccine”).
    Neither left, nor right are a solution.
    Turn to Jesus Christ, He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

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