Bibi visits Hague while PM Rutte and Wilders are Tied in Dutch Polls

         Dutch PM Rutte of VVD and Wilders of PVV   Israeli PM  Netanyahu and Dutch PM Rutte in Hague


Bibi is in town, meaning the Hague on a two-day state visit under the auspices of current PM Mark Rutte who heads the VVD leading the current ruling coalition in the Tweede Kamer (Parliament).

Bibi has lectured the Dutch parliament on why Israel is key to fighting Radical Islamic extremists is an important matter for the West to address, something that Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party (PVV) has made a cause cé·lè·bre including his recent declaration of de-Islamization of Holland. SEE: “In Holland, Netanyahu to stress Israel’s role as key brake on Islamic terro”…/In-Holland-Netanyahu-to-stress-Israe…

Bibi then gets dissed by aging former Dutch PM who believes that the Israeli PM should be clapped in the hoosegow and arraigned as a ‘war criminal’ before the International Criminal Court at The Hague for settlement building, operations defending the Jewish nation from Hamas rocket and tunnels terror, Palestinian violence and the alleged occupation of the disputed territories.
SEE:Dutch ex-PM: ‘War criminal’ Netanyahu should be tried in Hague.”

To top things off Bibi is rebuffed by a Dutch Muslim MP at a gathering of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.
SEE: “WATCH: Dutch Muslim MP refuses to shake Netanyahu’s hand . ”…/dutch-muslim-mp-refuses-to-…/

Then Bibi announces a Dutch supported deal to provide gas and water to the beleaguered residents of Hamas-occupied Gaza, which probably was cynically received by the red green black alliance parties in the Tweede Kamer.
SEE: “Netanyahu says Netherlands, Israel to improve water, gas supply to Gaza”…/us-netherlands-israel-gaza-idUSKCN…

Things are really topsy turvy in Dutch politics as it lurches towards a 2017 general election. We don’t know if Bibi met Geert, but after the former’s treatment by Muslim MPs, leftist former PM’s and others, perhaps some words of sympathy from a kindred spirit and defender of Israel would be welcomed.

Which brings us to the latest political polls taken in the Netherlands, that shows both Rutte’s VVD and Wilders’ PVV in a near toss up contending in next year’s general election. NLTimes in a report just released, today noted where things stand currently.
SEE: “Political polls have ruling VVD and anti-Islam PVV tied in popularity.”…/political-polls-ruling-vvd-anti-is…/

“According to the latest poll by Peilingwijzer, the race for the biggest party in the Tweede Kamer is currently a tie between the VVD and the PVV. This is the first big poll after the summer recess, during which Geert Wilders’ PVV seemingly lost some ground.

The Peilingwijzer combines the information of five other polls – from I&O Research, Ipsos, Maurice de Hond’s, De Stemming/EenVandaag and TNS NIPO – to get a complete overview of what the Dutch voter is thinking.


With the next year’s elections looming ever closer, currently ruling VVD and anti-Islam party PVV are tied at between 25 and 29 virtual parliamentary seats each, making them by far the most popular parties in the Netherlands at this time.


The upcoming elections, scheduled for March next year, means that the political parties are releasing their election campaign programs one after the other. So far we know that 50Plus (between 7 and 11 seats) is focusing on the elderly and regulated cannabis cultivation. Geert Wilders surprised his PVV with the sudden publishing of a one page campaign, mostly focused on the “de-Islamization” of the Netherlands.”…/political-polls-ruling-vvd-anti-is…/


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