"Blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world.." Some Reflections on the Latest Eruption of Jihad In Israel


Following events in Israel over the past twenty days or so – these frenzied murders and attempted murders of Jews, by allahu-akbaring Muslim Arabs, the hurling of rocks and of molotov cocktails, the shootings (the murder of Eitam and Naama Henkin, in Samaria), the use of cars as weapons, and above all, the ritualistic stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, hacking and slashing – I have been forcibly reminded of some words written exactly 60 years ago, by a very astute Israeli Jew, A Carlebach, on the subject of Islam; words I first encountered in an essay by Hugh Fitzgerald, at jihadwatch.


Hugh introduced the passage in this manner – “The relentless Jihad against Israel – against, rather, any infidel sovereign state within the Dar al-Islam – always included imposition of the Shari’a as part of its intended goal  Imposition of the Shari’a was, in fact, demanded as early as 1920 by a group of Arab notables in the former Ottoman territories that were quite properly assigned to Mandatory Palestine (i.e. all of Western Palestine, while Eastern Palestine went to form part of the Emirate of Transjordan.)

“Nor was there any doubt that the attempt to keep Jews out of the area was a jihad directed at Infidels throughout the Mandatory period; curiously, it was some British officers, rather than the Palestinian Jews, who recognized the Islamic grounds for opposition to the Jews and the restoration of a Jewish Commonwealth.

“It is also true that a few Israelis, early in the history of the state, had the wit to recognise the problem.

“One of these was Dr A. Carlebach, whose analysis – published in Ma’ariv (October 7, 1955) would have been lost to history, one suspects, but for the fact that it is reprinted, amusingly and quite uncomprehendingly, in Edward Said’s preposterous “The Question of Palestine”.’

“Fortunately for us, Said often provided quotes from various European and Zionist sources that are so deadly, so convincing, particularly in the light of all we have learned about Islam over the past few years, that as works of propaganda they no longer serve their purpose.  

“Here is what Said quoted from Carlebach, and what Said obviously thought was self-evidently absurd, but we read it now with quite a different frame of mind:

“These Arab Islamic countries do not suffer from poverty, or disease, or illiteracy, or exploitation; they only suffer from the worst of all plagues: Islam.

“Wherever Islamic psychology rules, there is the inevitable rule  of despotism and criminal aggression.

The danger lies in Islamic psychology, which cannot integrate itself into the world of efficiency and progress, that lives in a world of illusion, perturbed by attacks fo inferiority complexes and megalomania, lost in dreams of the holy sword.

The danger stems from the totalitarian conception of the world, the passion for murder deeply rooted in their blood, from the lack of logic, the easily inflamed brains, the boasting, and above all: the blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world…their reactions – to anything  – have nothing to do with good sense.

“They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat.  You can talk ‘business’ with anyone, and even with the devil.  But not with Allah…This is what every grain in this country shouts.

“There were many great cultures here, and invaders of all kinds. All of them – even the Crusaders – left signs of culture and blossoming.  But on the path of Islam, even the trees have died…”.

Now, keeping in mind Carlebach’s phrase, ‘blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilised world’, let us review just a few of the things that have been done to Jews, in Israel, by Muslims, since the 1st of October.  And not only the murders and attempted murders, but the frenzied incitement, and the gloating celebration.  As reported in the Israeli press; the foreign press has, for the most part, ignored these unpleasant details, or refrained from making them known.  

After Naama and Eitam, a couple in their thirties with four young children, were ambushed as they drove on a road in Samaria, and shot to death by Muslim murderers, there was great glee and delight among many local Arab Muslims.

As reported here:


‘Palestinians Launch Fireworks, Wave Flags to Celebrate Brutal Murder of Israeli Couple.”

‘Throngs of Palestinians (sic: Arab Muslims – CM) took to the streets on Thursday night to celebrate the brutal slaying of an Israeli couple in a shooting attack in the West Bank (sic: in Samaria, rather. – CM).

‘The festivities included the launching of fireworks, and the waving of flags in the streets, Ofir Gendelman, a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said.

‘Gendelman posted on Twitter a photo of the scene.  Most of the flying banners were of the Palestinian Fatah faction, the armed wing of which claimed responsibility for the attack that killed Eitam and Naama Henkin.

‘Revelers in Nablus, near the site of the shooting, set off fireworks, he said, adding that Palestinians [sic: ‘palestinian’ Arab Muslims – CM) on social media networks were “ecstatic” about the killings…”

‘Leading members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, Azzam Al-Ahmad, and General Sultan Abu Al-Einen, praised the attack, Gendelman said.  He added that General Al-Einen, who serves as Abbas’ adviser on NGOs, called for more attacks on Israelis.

‘Rival Palestinian terror group (sic: jihad gang – CM) Hamas also applauded the attack.  Spokesman Husam Badran congratulated Palestinians on the killings and referred to the shooting as a “heroic operation.”…”

To recapitulate: two Jews, a man and a woman, unarmed, are blown to pieces at short range in an ambush attack by Muslim attackers. The couple’s four children, aged between nine years and four months, in the back of the car at the time, are spared only because they were overlooked and because one of the attackers accidentally shot his companion in the hand, causing confusion such that they fled the scene without searching the back of the car where the terrified children were huddled. This is what the jihad gang bosses of Hamas deem a ‘heroic operation’.  Thus revealing that the Muslim jihadist’s definition of ‘heroism’ is not the same as that used by most of the rest of humanity.

As well as letting off fireworks, Muslims handed out sweets to celebrate this murder.  There are pictures of them doing it, at the link, here:


‘Fatah Brigade that Murdered Couple Hands out Candy’.

‘Not only did the Martyr Abdul-Qader al-Husseini Brigades – an “armed wing” of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction – claim responsibility for the murder of a young couple last Thursday, now they’re openly celebrating the “commando operation.”…

“On Saturday, on their same Arabic-language internet page where they first took credit for the murder, the Martyr Abudl-Qader al-Husseini Brigades posted no less than 17 pictures  of their members passing out sweets in Gaza to celebrate the attack.  In the pictures, the terrorists…can be seen handing out candies to smiling Gazans in cars, and on the streets…”.

Besides the candies and fireworks, pleasure was derived from pictures of the murdered Jews.

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik of “Palestinian Media Watch” reported it as follows:


‘Palestinians (sic: ‘Palestinian Arab Muslims’ – CM) Joyous By Sharing Pictures of Dead Israelis.’

‘Palestinians have been celebrating the murder of Israelis by distributing the pictures of the killed Israelis and the terror scenes on Twitter and Facebook, according to the official PA daily.  The “most significant” picture is that of the dead young Israeli couple Naam and Eitam Henkin…According to the PA daily, the killing of the couple brings “joy” to Palestinians who see the killing as “heroic”.  


“Palestinian users of the social networks Facebook and Twitter posted pictures from the scene of the settlement Itamar operation (Marcus and Zilberdik note, “i.e. terror attack murder of Naam and Eitam Henkin in front  of their four children”) south of Nablus, the most significant being the picture of the killed woman settler and her husband, alongside expressions of joy over the operation which they described as “heroic”.  [Palestinian] citizens expressed their joy over this event.”  END EXCERPT.

This Muslim Arab gloating over pictures of dead Jews murdered by Muslims,  calls to mind the testimony of ‘John Roy Carlson’, investigative undercover journalist, during the war of 1948.  He observed that Muslims resident in Jerusalem were gleefully passing around pictures of the nude, mutilated bodies of Jewish medical staff who had been murdered by Muslims.  I quote, from chapter 9, ‘the holy city’, in Carlson’s book “Cairo to Damascus”, describing the aftermath of the “Battle of the Roads”  between a Haganah force and an Arab Muslim force, as the Haganah were returning from supplying Gush Etzion.  In that battle twelve Jews and 183 Muslims were killed.  Carlson writes – “The next day on sale everywhere in the Holy City were gruesome photographs of the battle: the burnt and mutilated bodies of Haganah men, which for some perverse Arab (that is, Muslim – CM) reason, had been stripped of clothing and photographed in the nude.  These naked shots hit ‘Holy City’ markets afresh after every battle, and sold rapidly. Arabs carried them in their wallets and displayed them frequently, getting the same weird subnormal ‘kick’ that our perverts derive from nude photographs of women.”

But now, back to October 2015, and another Muslim murder of Jews, this time in Jerusalem, only a couple of days after the murder of the Henkins.  Two Jewish men were murdered and the wife of one was very badly hurt, but survived.  It is what happened to that woman that calls to mind Carlebach’s words about ‘blasphemous disregard’.

The attack itself was filmed by a passerby (and probably on CCTV) and may be observed, here.


‘Watch: Murder in the Old city’.

‘A passerby in Jerusalem’s Old City captured the horrific murder of two Israelis on film [on] Saturday night, in a stabbing attack conducted by a 19 year old Arab terrorist (Arab Muslim terrorist – CM).

‘The video was filmed near the Lion Gate of the Old City, and in it gunfire, screams, and a baby crying can be heard…

‘At around 12 seconds into the video the terrorist, wearing a black sweatshirt, can aparently be seen stabbing a victim in a white shirt from behind.  He follows after his falling victim and repeatedly stabs him on the ground. Shouts of Allahu-akbar (allah is great) [sic: in fact, “Allah is greater”, i.e. greater than the victim’s god or gods – CM), traditionally shouted by terrorists as they attack, are heard around the same time.

‘In the attack the terrorist attacked a family (Ahaaron Banita Bennett, his wife Adelle, and their two-year-old child – CM) with a knife, stealing a gun from the 40 year old father (note: other reports state that he got the gun from a second man, rabbi Nehemia Lavi, who had tried to come to the aid of the first two victims – CM) whom he stabbed repeatedly before opening fire on passersby, before being shot dead by security forces.  The father was murdered int he stabbing attack, and another victim died of his wounds as well. Two other victims were likewise wounded, one of them the wife of the murdered man, who is in critical condition.”

And this is how the Arab Muslim passersby and shopkeepers, in that street, who witnessed the attack, treated that young Jewish woman, as she staggered past them, dangerously wounded.  The report is here:


‘Arab Witnesses Laughed, Spat at Wounded Terror Victim’.

‘On Sunday afternoon, Adelle Banita Bennett, widow of Aharon Banita Bennett…woke up from medical coma…

‘Among the first people she spoke to was Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau, whom she told in detail about the attack.

‘The widow told Rabbi Lau that she attempted to escape from the terrorist after the stabbing began.

“I ran for dozens of metres with a knife in my shoulder, bleeding.

Arabs in the area who saw this horrible scene clapped and laughed, and told [me] that they hoped for my quick death.  I felt I was about to faint”, she said. “I tried to hold onto someone who passed by, and they just shook me off, and kicked me, and said, “Die”.”…”.

Only a few days earlier, also in Jerusalem, an Arab Muslim mob had threatened and assaulted a Haredi Jewish man with his young son. The violence of some and the indifference of the rest of the Muslims present was related by the victim to Gil Ronen of Israel National News.


“…The video that shows Levy and his two sons emerging from an alleyway has been widely circulated, and photso of his sons crying in fear as he walks onward, silent and grim-faced, were disseminated worldwide by news agencies.

None of which agencies, so far as I know, has shown any interest in what happened to Adelle Banita-Bennett only a few days later.

‘Levy said that the event began several minutes earlier, as he and his sons were making their usual route toward the Western Wall, in honor of Sukkot.  They were initially accosted by women, he said, and these women were then joined by men.  He described being kicked and spat upon.  His son’s kippah was knocked to the ground, and when the father tried to pick it up, it was kicked away from him three times.

‘The father and his young sons were made to walk a gauntlet of screaming Muslims, he recounted.

“I understood that there were no security people, and it made no sense to try and go back, because they had already closed in on us from the back, so I understood that I have to go forward.  My younger son, Nathan, was telling me, “Dad, they’ll stab us in the end, no-one cares.”…

It started with kicking and spitting”, he recalled, “and then a young man motioned to me to approach him. I was certain that he wanted to help me somehow.”  However, when he approached the young man who called him – the man spat in his face.”

‘Asked how he responded when he was spat upon, Levy said that he did not feel that he could do anythinge except walk on.  “It’s not like I entered the Gaza Strip,” he explained. “It’s my regular route to the Kotel.  We had passed through a police checkpoint, and no-one told us there was any danger. It’s a really, really terrible feeling”, he said, “And you know what the thing that really bothered me was? That there was no-one there who cared – not one among all the people who were there, not even the shop owners, or the jewellers – men, women – who cared.  Not one person (from among all the Muslims in this Muslim-occupied street in Jerusalem – CM) who would stop this horror, with children screaming.”

And that same Arab Muslim pleasure at the sight of Jewish fear and suffering – and death – is reported from yet another incident, somewhat later in the month; the killing of Avraham Hasno, who was deliberately run over by an Arab Muslim with a truck.


‘Arabs (sic: Muslims – CM) Celebrated Jew’s Death with “Inhuman Cruelty”.

‘A gruesome new detail has emerged in the case of the killing of 55 year old Avraham Asher Hasno of Kiryat Arba in Judea, who died (was killed – CM) in an Arab rock ambush attack on Tuesday.

‘Arab terrorists threw rocks at several cars at Al Fawar junction, southwest of Hevron, prompting Hasno to get out of his car.

“At that point an Arab driver ran him over in a truck before fleeing the scene.

‘The paramedic who treated Hasno at the scene revealed…that he had witnessed a blood-chilling sight while performing resuscitation attempts for the victim, which eventually failed, as he died of his wounds.

‘Around the site where he was trying to save Hasno’s life, the shocked paramedic saw dozens of Arabs were standing around, and they clapped, celebrated, and cheered, as the victim lay critically wounded and dying on the pavement.

‘The Arabs (and they would all be Muslim Arabs – CM) celebratd with “cruelty that is hard to describe among human beings”….”.

I shall end this florilegium of horrors by referring to an article from Jerusalem Post.  Click on the link to see a slew of horrifying images.  And then one can share it with any of one’s acquaintance – especially any in church circles – who insist on sentimentalising over the so-called ‘Poor Palestinians’, and inquire of them whether they still want to support and make excuses for people who indulge in this level of sheer barbarous blood-lust.


‘Photos: Social Media and Palestinian Incitement During Terror Wave.

‘Palestinian Facebook Post: There is Nothing Greater Than a Knife Penetrating the Heads of the Jews”.

‘Social media is serving as a main source of incitement for the ongoing terrorist attacks in Israel, two new reports by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute) reveal.

‘Several hashtags such as “The Intifada Has Started”, “The Third Intifada”, “The Jerusalem Intifada”, “The Knife Intifada”, “Poison The Knife Before You Stab”, and “Slaughtering the Jews” were launched recently in social media in Arabic to spread propaganda praising and encouraging attacks.

‘Many Twitter accounts using these hashtags expressed joy at the attacks, called the perpetrators “heroes”, threatened more attacks soon, and encouraged others to carry out similar stabbings”, one of the reports, which included various samples of these posts, described…

‘A post by the Alresalah.net website, which is affiliated with Hamas, posted a picture on its Facebook page showing a man holding a knife as he walks towards two religious Jews standing at a Jerusalem bus stop. The image fetures the Knife Intifada hashtag…

‘Another picture, posted on Facebook (and since removed) showed the victim of a stabbing with the knife stuck in the back of his neck, with the caption, “Stabbing operation. The free men of Al-Aksa. The Intifada has started. The [West] Bank is carrying out resistance. There is nothing greater than a knife penetrating the heads of the Jews.”

‘The second report, by MEMRI, deals with posts that provide video tutorials and tips for more “effective” attacks.

‘A Gazan user named Zahran Barbah, using the hashtag “Stab”, posted an anatomical chart with knife images at locations on the body to aim for…

“A tweet from Karem from Gaza using the hashtag “Poison the Knife Before You Stab”, gave instructions on how t make attacks more deadly – “Dip [your] knife in an active poison before carrying out [a stabbing[ so that even if the knfie does not manage [to kill] the poison will do the job”, it said…”.

This is the fruit of Islam. This is the same thing that Carlson encountered, when he went undercover among Muslims bent on Jihad against the nascent Jewish state of Israel.  I have already quoted from ‘Cairo To Damscus’, his account of Muslim gloating over pictures of dead Jews.  But here is another passage, that bears out even more strongly what Carlebach would write, no more than seven or eight years later, about ‘blasphemous disregard for everything that is held sacred by the civilized world”.  Carlson is conversing with a Muslim named Ali.  From the chapter “With the Arabs iN Jerusalem”.

Ali tells Carlson, “I must clear myself before Allah. I must kill Jews, many Jews.  I msut kill till my arm is tired.  I must not stop killing Jews till the bodies are this high…”. The wild Arab brought one hand to his chin. “I must do one more thing..For this I need your help, Artour…”. (He is addressing Carlson – CM).

“I want you to come with me the next time we fight the Yahood.  When I catch a Jew alive, I want you to be with me – with your camera.’

“Why do you want me with yoiur camera?” I (Carlson) asked curiously.

“I want to you take one picture of me holding the living Jew by the throat.  I want you to take another picture while I stab the Jew in the neck.  Then I want pictures as I stab him again and again in the neck, in the face, in the heart, in his belly…with this knife!” Ali whipped out a vicious blade. “After I have kiled the Jew, I want you to photograph me drinking his blood”.

“While it is still warm, I suppose?”

“Yes, while it is running warm from his body”, Ali affirmed…”.

As observed in  1948 by Carlson, and in 1955 by Carlebach, so also in 2015. The same frenzy, the same passion for and celebration of the murder of Jews, any Jews;  the same production and circulation of what can only be called ‘death porn’, what Carlebach identified as “blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world”.  The fruits of Islam, Islam, Islam. – CM


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  1. This is an especially trenchant piece. But really, it only elaborates what some of us haters of Islam already knew. Bibi knows this, but neither he nor any Israeli elite will advocate expelling the Muslims from Eretz Israel. None will advocate shooting Abbas. One can’t be more Catholic than the Pope, and one can’t be more Jewish than Israel. Its failure to lead is what disgusts me most.

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