BREAKING NEWS: France’s most wanted woman is in SYRIA after ‘crossing the border to Spain and flying from Madrid to Istanbul’

From the Daily Mail

Hayat Boumeddiene has reportedly fled to Syria.

The wife (mistress – they are not lawfully wed) of terrorist Amedi Coulibaly took a flight from Madrid to Instanbul yesterday accompanied by a man whose brother was known to French intelligence services, Le Parisien has said. 

It has been thought that the last confirmed sighting of her was on Thursday night with Coulibaly.

It’s now thought she was no-where near when Coulibaly killed the rookie policewoman but detectives say she was certainly involved in the logistics. 

Police were today interrogating the wives of the Kouachi brothers responsible for the Charlie Hebdo massacre in a bid to track down Boumeddiene.

Boumeddiene, described as armed and dangerous, has been on the run since the slaying of rookie policewoman, Clarissa Jean-Phillipe, by her terrorist husband (he is merely her lover – they are not lawfully wed) Amedy Coulibaly.

Hundreds of phone calls between Boumeddiene and Izzana Hamyd, wife of Cherif Kouachi, have shown up on mobile records. Five hundred in all were made last year.

Also being held is the wife or girlfriend of the older Kouachi brother, Said.

French Algerian Boumeddiene is now not thought to have been with Coulibaly at any time in the Kosher Supermarket and to have fled immediately after the killing. 

Photographs of the ‘wife’ of the Kosher supermarket hostage killer reveal how she was radicalised by the man she would go on to marry.  Her husband Amedy Coulibaly is dead, one of the three terrorists who brought France to a halt in 48 hours of bloodshed.

Now, 26-year-old Boumeddiene is on the run and is believed to be ‘armed and dangerous’.  The couple ‘married’ in a religious ceremony after Boumedienne, who was never seen without her veil, waited four years for him to come out of jail following his conviction for armed robbery. 

The couple were never married in a civil ceremony – the only form of marriage legally accepted in France. One of the many things we must do with islamic mores is refused to call women who live with islamic men ‘wives’ unless and until they have been through a legal registration according to the law of the land. 


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