Brexit Betrayal III – Protest in Westminster today. Updated 10pm GMT

I was sure we would get Brexit today, this time, as promised. I started to believe when I saw the signs on the motorway three weeks ago. I caught it the nanosecond the sentence moved, but you can take my word that it was a notice to lorry drivers that after Brexit on the 31st October their paperwork from Europe would change and need checking.

There were adverts on the television “On 31st October Britain is leaving the EU”; “Be ready for Brexit”. Only this afternoon I picked up the leaflet left in the post office. 

But by last weekend we knew we had been betrayed again. And being the polite law abiding people we are there have been no riots, no civil unrest. But instead of the party in Westminster it was a march and rally. I couldn’t go due to family committments but friends are there and these are some of  their photographs. So far the press isn’t covering this – update, a report in the Mail. But did we expect otherwise? 

Trafalgar Square, down Whitehall to Parliament

The Liberal Democrats sent in their lorry float “Stop Brexit” It was blocked by the protesters and the Police had to direct it reversing out and then away. And they expect people to vote for them. Lloyd George (he knew my grandfather) would be turning in his grave (his statue is opposite) 

That was this afternoon during daylight. I understand that some pro-brexit protestors have gone home. Others are having a drink in the Westminster pubs and that a call has gone round in the Antifa media to find the ‘gammon’ (a racist slur for white men, usually older white men). Police are on the spot.

Hopefully Antifa will just bluster a bit and then go home for some nice lentils. 

The Antifa presence is a night-time action “London is Anti-fascist – anti-fascism is international” meeting by the International Brigade memorial at Jubilee Gardens on Southbank. They intend to stop the far-right mobilising to spread islamophobia and xenophobia in the chaos of Brexit. ‘Hem!
I hear that a group of them were challenged at Waterloo station. 

Meanwhile back in Parliament Square police are containing and have arrested what are believed to be pro-brexit supporters. 

Thanks to CD and DL for the photographs. 



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