Brig. General (US Army retired) John Adams: Could Hostage Release upend IDF Strategy to Destroy Hamas?

by Jerry Gordon and Brig. General (US Army Retired) John Adams

Jerry Gordon, a Senior Editor of The New English Review, invited retired US Army Brig. General John Adams to discuss Israel Defense Force military doctrine and strategic options in the conduct of the Jewish state’s civilizational war with Iran-backed Hamas terrorist group in Gaza. He addresses the conflict given his extensive background as a 30-year veteran of combat, staff and international military diplomatic assignments and post-service informal analysis and discussions with former Senior IDF commanders.

Watch the YouTube interview with Brig. Gen. (US Army retired) John Adams here.

Background of General John Adams

John Adams retired as a Brigadier General from the U.S. Army in September 2007, after more than 30 years of active-duty service. His final military assignment was Deputy United States Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee in Belgium. John is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm (1991), where he earned the Bronze Star Medal, of Operation Guardian Assistance in Rwanda (1996), and served throughout the Balkans from 1998-2003. He served as a military attaché with the U.S. Embassies in South Korea, Croatia, Belgium, and Rwanda. In 2004, he served on temporary duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was deployed outside the United States for eighteen of his thirty years of active-duty service, including duty in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

He was stationed at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and participated in disaster recovery operations at the crash site.

During the past five years, he has participated in unofficial fact-finding missions in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, the Balkans, and Cuba. He has close business relationships with retired officers of the Israeli Defense Forces, several NATO Allies, and is a strong supporter of the U.S. alliance with the State of Israel and NATO.

 Among the major findings in this wide-ranging discussion are:

  1. Delayed Initial Hostage release of 50 Israel and Dual Citizen women and children in exchange for 150 women and teens in Israeli prison reveals HAMAS strategy to worsen terms for pauses enabling regrouping, resupply and refitting of fighters in South GAZA.
  2. IDF HUMINT and interrogation of HAMAS prisoners has revealed significant 400 tunnels, weapons and rocket depots located under hospitals, schools and Mosques.
  3. IDF war strategy reflects, in part, recommendations of former PM Naftali Bennett former Maglan Special Ops commando officer to divide GAZA, establish security perimeter, humanitarian corridor, recycle IDF forces.
  4. IDF adaptive tactics coupled with HUMINT, and drone surveillance have destroyed nearly half 10 of 24 HAMAS fighting battalions, disrupted command and control and neutralized 4 HAMAS commanders in both GAZA and Lebanon.
  5. IDF tactical strategy has minimized, where possible, both Palestinian civilian and Israeli military casualties contrary to HAMAS sources.
  6.   During Hostage release pauses, IDF should refresh and rotate combat units, replace and repair equipment, conduct surveillance to develop target profile intelligence from aerial and drone surveillance, and interrogate captured Hamas fighters for exploitation once combat resumes.
  7. IDF will face controversy over operations in Khan Yunis where HAMAS may have embedded among 1.75 Million Palestinian who sought refuge from Northern GAZA combat zone.
  8. IDF performance considers cautionary warnings of former US commanders about grinding urban warfare and failures in Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts: Fallujah, Mosul and Kabul airport.
  9. IDF retaliation of Hezbollah rocket and missile attacks in Northern Israel has forced rollback of Iran – backed collusion with HAMAS.
  10. The US must take more aggressive preemptive attacks against Iran proxies, including Iraqi Shia Militia Kataib Hezbollah firing short range ballistic missiles at the Al Asad airbase causing significant US forces casualties.
  11. US Central Command has to develop proactive strategy against Iran proxy Houthi Rebels threatening to close strategic choke point Bab Al Mandab in Red Sea as well as launching ballistic missiles to Israel and Arab allies in Middle East conflict zone.

IDF support groups in Israel

If you wish to support the IDF General Adams suggests you might consider the websites of the Friends of the FIDF (FIDF) that understands the logistical needs of people serving in the IDF.  His other recommendation is ERAN – Emotional first aid – that provides emotional support aid to Israeli families whose husbands, sons and daughters have been called to service during IDF Operation Iron Swords.



One Response

  1. A. Distribute feral pigs into examined and abandoned tunnels.
    B. Alternatively, flood the -A- tunnels with excrement-slurried -seawater.
    C. Relocate Gazan populace among the dozens of available Indonesian islands.
    D. Israel to annex Gaza strip. as partial compensation for their lives damaged, lost.

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