Brig. General (US Army retired) John Adams: Could IDF dismissal of Intelligence Warning of Hamas October 7th Attack result in Agranat 2.0 Commission Investigation?

by Jerry Gordon and Brig. General (US Army Retired) John Adams

Jerry Gordon, a Senior Editor of The New English Review, invited retired US Army Brig. General John Adams to discuss Israel Defense Force military doctrine and strategic options in the conduct of the Jewish state’s civilizational war with Iran-backed Hamas terrorist group in Gaza. He addresses the conflict given his extensive background as a 30-year veteran of combat, staff and international military diplomatic assignments and post-service informal analysis and discussions with former Senior IDF commanders.

Watch the YouTube interview with Brig. Gen. (US Army retired) John Adams here.

Background of General John Adams

John Adams retired as a Brigadier General from the U.S. Army in September 2007, after more than 30 years of active-duty service. His final military assignment was Deputy United States Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee in Belgium. John is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm (1991), where he earned the Bronze Star Medal, of Operation Guardian Assistance in Rwanda (1996), and served throughout the Balkans from 1998-2003. He served as a military attaché with the U.S. Embassies in South Korea, Croatia, Belgium, and Rwanda. In 2004, he served on temporary duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was deployed outside the United States for eighteen of his thirty years of active-duty service, including duty in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

He was stationed at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and participated in disaster recovery operations at the crash site.

During the past five years, he has participated in unofficial fact-finding missions in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, the Balkans, and Cuba. He has close business relationships with retired officers of the Israeli Defense Forces, several NATO Allies, and is a strong supporter of the U.S. alliance with the State of Israel and NATO.

 Among the major findings in this wide-ranging discussion are:

  1. Media revelations of two-year-old IDF Intelligence report on HAMAS October 7th GAZA attack raises likelihood of investigation commission “Agranat 2.0” on failures of IDF military intelligence directorate and command structure to heed warnings.
  2. US Biden Administration concerns over civilian casualties with further IDF operations in South Gaza with renewal of fighting by HAMAS may impede achievement of Israel’s war aims: release of remaining US and Israeli Hostages and destruction of HAMAS.
  3. Netanyahu announcement of Global assassination plan against HAMAS leadership given prior history might result in possible blowback.
  4. Former Israeli PM And Maglan Commando officer, Naftali Bennett recommended De-Nazification program in GAZA and establishment of permanent one mile security zone in North Gaza.
  5. Strategic option under discussion of possible exile of HAMAS fighters and families modeled on 1982 Beirut Palestinian PLO force evacuation to Tunisia during First Israel War given locations in Qatar, Algeria and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.
  6. Analysis of current Israeli War with HAMAS by Former NATO Supreme Military Commander US Navy Admiral James Stavridis, given prior experience in humanitarian bombing pauses in both Vietnam in 1973 and Libya in 2011, suggests it allows refreshing restocking of ammunition and weapons and rebuilding of HAMAS forces which may hobble momentum of IDF war aims in GAZA.
  7. Analysis by Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs of HAMAS civilian casualty reports suggests possible *scam” to win global media war against Israel.
  8. Spike in US and Global Antisemitic protests during Israel war with HAMAS feeds on ancient Jew Hatred.

8 Responses

  1. Someone should be hung by their navel for the deadly inconsideration of surprise attacks, after:
    1. Hitler’s blitz on USSR
    2. Japan’s attack – Pearl Harbor
    3. 9/11 demolition
    4. Yom Kippor War invasion
    5. Oct 7, 2013 horror anniversary of Yom Kippor debacle
    ** What other atrocities are due for the near future? Who knows??

  2. Let’s learn from and adapt improvements to history to ensure our survival long-term.
    1. Israel to annex Gaza and all its properties, in partial reparations for injuries, damages. costs incurred by Israel.
    2. Relocate ALL Gazans to rehab islands (in Indonesia, for example).
    Qatar and Iran and UN to continue financial support to relocators.
    Additional support from gas/oil field prduct sales, costs and profits to be shared 50/50 with Israel.

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