Britain says Russia trying to carve out mini-state for Assad in Syria


Once again, Russia is playing the adult in the room. How else will non-Sunnis in Syria be protected? This is something no one in the Presidential field is addressing. Reuters:

Britain said on Tuesday Russia could be trying to carve out an Alawite mini-state in Syria for its ally President Bashar al-Assad by bombing his opponents instead of fighting Islamic State militants.

Russia and Britain have been trading barbs after British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told Reuters he believed President Vladimir Putin was worsening the Syrian civil war by bombing opponents of Islamic State.

Hammond dismissed Russian criticism that he was spreading “dangerous disinformation”, saying there was a limit to how long Russia could pose as a promoter of the peace process while bombing Assad’s opponents, who the West hopes can shape Syria once the president is gone.

The West won’t be able to shape Syria by kicking Assad out. See Iraq, Libya and Egypt.

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  1. In World War One France, Britain and Russia were allies.

    That could happen again, if people had sufficient moral and political imagination.

    Imagine not only an *Alawite” sovereign entity (carefully delineated so as to have some sea frontage, arable land, and geographically defensible land borders) but…adjoining, and similarly delineated, a *Christian” sovereign mini-state, into which the Assyrian Christians – not only from ‘Syria’ but from Iraq – but also Armenian Christians, and the few surviving Yazidis and Mandaeans – could be consolidated, and assisted to establish and to defend themselves, protected and assisted by both Russia *and* France and Britain and, preferably, and recalling the wisdom of John Quincy Adams who back in the day supported Russia against Muslim Turkey and understood the justice of the Greek Christian war of independence against Muslim Turkey – the USA. Those mini-states would necessarily have to be Alawite-only and Christian-and-other-Infidel ONLY. And why not stop there? Why not help the Maronites to recreate a Christian and secular Mont Libanus? And in the future, should Muslim genocide be unloosed in full fury against the Copts of Egypt, the same group of powerful sponsors could see to it that Sinai became Aegyptia Nova, its Muslims evicted into Egypt or Jordan and the Copts – fleeing into the wilderness – assisted to create a free nation (commanding and protecting the Suez, on behalf of all Infidels).

    Let’s dream *bigger* dreams than the ghastly visions entertained by the Enemy. Let’s start looking at the pressure-points where the jihad can be grimly beaten back.

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