British runaway schoolgirl, 16, MARRIES Australian ISIS fanatic dubbed the ‘Ginger Jihadi’ in Syria


Amira Abase, 16 – who travelled to Syria with two other school friends from East London – has married Australian extremist Abdullah Elmir. He has bragged that IS would not stop their murderous campaign until their flag was flying over Buckingham Palace. 

Police have now launched an urgent investigation after the radicalised fighter sent a horrific warning to this newspaper that supporters of the terror group are ‘itching to do an attack’ on targets in London.

Dubbed the ‘Ginger Jihadi’ because of his long red hair, 18-year-old Elmir became a poster boy for the Islamic State after he fled his home city of Sydney last year, and later turned up in Syria, appearing in sick propaganda videos. One of the youngest Western fighters to have joined the group, he sent a message to The Mail on Sunday following our exclusive investigation into Abase, who we exposed last week as trying to lure an undercover reporter to Syria to become a jihadi bride like herself.

Elmir confirmed that he has married the British schoolgirl, who was only 15 when she travelled to Syria via Turkey earlier this year, and told us not to contact her again. Boasting of his ‘connections’ in Britain, he warned of attacks against the UK as ‘brothers that I know there… are itching to do an attack.’ He added: ‘This is a direct threat.’

Elmir also callously mocked the massacre of 38 tourists by an IS-inspired gunman on a beach in Tunisia last month, urging Allah to ‘bless’ murderer Seifeddine Rezgui for carrying out the attack.

Communicating through an encrypted text message service called Kik, Elmir said: ‘And on the Tunisia attacks, May Allah bless the man who slaughtered those filthy kuffar [infidels] and May Allah grant him the highest level in Jannah [Paradise].

Last week this newspaper how revealed schoolgirl Abase was trying to groom other young people to flee Britain and join Islamic State. Communicating via Kik messages with a reporter who was posing as a 16-year-old girl from East London, Abase gave instructions on how to travel to Syria as she had done, and suggested the reporter could become the second wife of a Western jihadi.

Abase declined to confirm whether she was married herself, but now it appears she was trying to persuade a young girl to marry a man who fits the description of her own husband.

Her description of the groom as being aged 18, and half-Lebanese and half-Australian and a ‘frontline fighter’ matched that of Elmir. She said: ‘Hes born muslim, not Asian thow [sic], hes half Lebanese and half Australian.’ When asked why the groom wanted a second wife, Abase replied: ‘I dunno, to provide for her [first wife] ext [extra].’

Abase is now thought to be living in Raqqa, capital of the self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate, with Elmir, who made headlines worldwide last October after travelling from Australia to Syria.

Elmir was working as a butcher in Sydney when he suddenly disappeared. Having arrived in Syria, he appeared in an IS video wearing military fatigues and flanked by dozens of armed fighters, boasting: ‘Until we put the black flag [of IS] on top of Buckingham Palace, until we put the black flag on top of the White House, we will not stop, and will keep on fighting.’ He also dared Western leaders to send their troops to Syria for a ground war with the terror group, which now controls swathes of territory across Iraq and Syria, and commands the loyalty of affiliated terror groups in Africa and beyond.

Former school mates at Condell Park High School have described Elmir as a ‘reserved and ‘easy-going’ pupil, and never suspected that he would turn out to be an extremist. They never do.

His family, who live in the multi-cultural suburb of Bankstown in western Sydney, refused to comment on the videos at the time. But an unnamed relative later described Elmir as ‘an idiot’ who had been brainwashed by IS. This weekend, the family of Abase declined to comment on the revelation that she has married Elmir.

But a source close to the family said they believed that she was married in March, but did not know to whom.

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