Buckingham Palace: Terror suspect headed for Windsor Castle but found himself at pub of the same name


 From the Daily Mail  and The Telegraph

A suspected terrorist accused of attacking police with a sword outside Buckingham Palace ranted that the ‘Queen and her soldiers will all be in hellfire’, a court heard. 

Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 26, sparked a major terror alert when he was arrested outside the royal residence last Friday.    The Uber driver was found with a samurai sword in the passenger footwell of the blue Toyota Prius he was driving.

Westminster magistrates’ court in London heard a note to Chowdhury’s 23-year-old sister Sneha was found which said:  ‘To my dearest sister, By the time you read this Insha’Allah [God willing] I will be with Allah. Do not cry and be strong. The Shaheed [witness or martyr] will take 70 members of his family with him to paradise. I will take you there Insha’Allah. Tell everyone I love them and that they should struggle against the enemies of Allah …The Queen and her soldiers will all be in the hellfire, they go to war with Muslims around the world and kill them without any mercy.’

Chowdhury, flanked by two plainclothes officers in the reinforced glass dock, nodded as the note was read out.

Police seized mobile phones and a laptop from the £230,000 home Chowdhury shares with his parents and sister in a Luton suburb. They arrested a second man, aged 30, in west London, who was released without charge.

Evidence taken from the dash-cam of the vehicle as well as the SatNav, appears to show that Chowdhury left his home address in Luton at around 6.30pm that evening after tapping Windsor Castle into the SatNav. Almost an hour later, the car arrived in Windsor but, rather than the royal castle, it stopped outside a pub called The Windsor Castle.

Two minutes later, it was driven past the Victoria barracks in Windsor, home of the Coldstream Guards, but did not stop, heading instead to central London. At around 8.15pm the driver arrived at Constitution Hill in London, not far from the Mall.

He then drove around the Mall – the road between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square – in a loop until he stopped next to a police van and was soon arrested.   

Yesterday, Chowdhury appeared before a district judge at Westminster magistrates’ court. Chowdhury was remanded in custody and ordered to appear at the Old Bailey on September 21. 

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  1. It seems that faith and knowledge form a continuum, both in terms of our secular thinking and in relation to Christian truth(s).

    As regards the secular continuum, faith-knowledge would correspond with time, and knowledge correspond with space. That space and time, itself forms a continuum unsurprisingly indicates that these are questions that are likely to be replete with paradoxes. But then the deeper physics is plumbed at both the micro and macro levels, the more the paradoxes seem to be proliferating.

    The realm of the spirit being so intangible and mysterious, the findings of our faith-knowledge (or knowledge-faith, depending) will always be a matter of interpetation, in the sense that God evidently leaves ‘wriggle-room’ for the determined atheist, who requires little to no reason to stick with his increasingly (not least scientifically) improbable world-view.

    So, where our faith/world-view is concerned, the old atheist jibe, that religionnis just wishful thinking, need not be entirely false. After all, why would not God make his creation to correspond with the understanding He inspires in the minds of his own.

    The atheists’ own wisful thinking is a sorry pretence of claim to be the sole custodians of cold, clear reason, when the reaity is that, as we now know from quantum physics, even material reality is dynamic, and the great paradigm-changers of phsyics have all, I believe been passionately religious. Although, I think, understandably, that WWII put a damper on the faith in formal religions of some of the Jewish physicists.

    With so much beauty in the world, why should the truth be ugly, not to be wished for, not to be hoped for, undesirable ?

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