Canada Awaits a Pair of Impending Catastrophes

There are two countries that I once regarded as home: Canada, where I have spent most of my life, and Greece, where I lived for five years. Both are now lost to me. Governed by a leftist administration and effectively submitting to the adhan—the call of the muezzin—each is now under siege.

Greece has become a way-station for a vast press of Muslim refugees sowing disorder and mayhem in their wake. Fishermen on the island of Lesbos, which I know well, have seen their livelihoods disrupted, and are unable to navigate through the filth and garbage littering their shores. Elsewhere the migrants reward their hosts by going on rampages. A graphic video shows what lies in wait for this once anti-Islamic country, which endured over 400 years of Ottoman oppression. As one Greek respondent says, “We are under occupation.”

As for Canada, the future augurs poorly. Under the partisan and incompetent administration of Justin Trudeau—like Barack Obama the most unqualified and dangerous person ever to occupy his nation’s highest office—we are witnessing the importation of a veritable Muslim army that will ultimately change the face of the country beyond recognition. Trudeau, who has ended Canada’s military contribution to the war against ISIS and vowed to weaken anti-terrorist Bill C-51, is opening the gates with intemperate haste to 25,000 Muslim refugees, aka “Syrians,” a number proportionately equivalent, as author Howard Rotberg points out, to 225,000 Muslims flooding in short order into the U.S. CTV News reports that up to 900 Syrians a day are set to land in Montreal and Toronto, starting December 1.

A part of the first wave of these intruders will be housed in Kingston, Ontario, only 20 miles from the small town where my wife and I recently settled. Military personnel at the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) and Royal Military College in Kingston are being displaced to make room within days for 600 of these new arrivals. Such evictions are becoming common practice around the country. I have just heard from a correspondent who lives in the Gulf Islands region that military personnel plus their families are having to move out of their lodgings at CFB Comox on Vancouver Island to make way for the refugees. “No matter,” as Daniel Greenfield has commented, “soldiers aren’t important. Muslim victims are.”

America, as we know, has been under siege for some time, in ways that dwarf our own problems in Canada: a porous southern border swarming with illegals who now number in the millions, and a growing and restive Muslim community that has brought Mogadishu into parts of the country. Barack Obama has only exacerbated the coming disaster, bringing it closer to its malign fruition, with his open-border advocacy for multitudes of Muslim interlopers, whom he now compares to “pilgrims” on the Mayflower. Justin Trudeau is cut from the same cloth. With his penchant for mosque-hopping and his love-in with the Islamic community, he may well concur with Obama that the muezzin’s call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

It should be clear by this time that we are letting ourselves in for two impending catastrophic eventualities.

First, an upsurge in jihadist violence, as in France, Greece, the Scandinavian countries, Macedonia, Hungary, Germany (German federal police chief Hans-Georg Maasen estimates that among the migrants there are approximately 8000 Islamic radicals planning combat missions), and other nations that have succumbed to the siren call of compassion or a false solution to offset declining birth rates. This is to be expected of Western Europeans who, as Michael Walsh writes, “have been softened up by years of cultural relativism, soft-core socialism and the American willingness to shield them from the consequences of their moral, social, and military weakness.” That game is just about over for them—the same game that we in Canada are now playing in earnest.

Second, apart from the imminent threat of violence, there is also the delayed effect of cultural expropriation, the attenuated jihadism of values-encroachment in which an alien and retrograde view of the world impacts a modern host society. It is characterized by a mindset hostile to the history, moral codes, legal instruments, technological innovation and intellectual vitality of Western civilization, gradually infiltrating and changing all we have taken for granted into an accommodationist parody of itself. In this latter case, the damage is even greater than most terrorist atrocities, and likely irreversible.

There is yet another factor that further complicates the issue. According to the World Health Organization, Europe is experiencing an alarming rise in infectious diseases, including HIV, associated with the migrant efflux on the continent. The WHO director absurdly blames the high rate of HIV infection—an increase of 33 percent—on the “social exclusion” migrants ostensibly suffer and recommends providing them with free medical treatment, obviously at great expense to the taxpayer. But Carol Brown at American Thinker provides the real solution: “do not let these people in.”

Too late, it seems. Anyone who doubts that the enemy is now firmly embedded within our gates has not been paying attention. I refer not only to the denizens of a civilization incompatible with and antithetical to the patrimony of the West, but to our own complicit governments, educators and opinion leaders intent on committing national and civilizational suicide. I sometimes wonder if the time has not come for the military to step up, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk fashion, and refuse to obey the destructive commands of our civilian governments.

I do not say this lightly. I vividly recall my experience as a young man living in Greece during the reign of the military junta: being fired from my ESL job in Crete for making seditious statements, shadowed by the Asfalia (Security force), and awakening every morning to a police officer stationed by the chestnut tree in the courtyard to keep an eye on my movements, finding myself threatened with prison and the dreaded bastinado, facing down a tank in the streets of Piraeus, and finally having to take asylum in the Canadian embassy in Athens. It wasn’t a picnic, to say the least.

Times change, and the threat we are now confronting is posed not by a military putsch but by the soft fascism of our current socialist administrations and a military marching in lockstep with its ideological overlords whose deceptive rhetoric and destabilizing policies will cost us all dearly. Our generals, very much like our university administrators and media apparatchiks, have become political sutlers fearful for their reputations and protective not of the country but of their cushy billets. Some are cowards. Some are ignorant. Some are corrupt. But they all have one thing in common: they are what the French call vendus, they have sold out the country, and they have done so, regrettably, with a majority electoral accomplice.

The issue for me has become immediate, close-range and intimately personal. My wife and I have already had several unpleasant encounters with Muslim supremacists in the area, some of which I recounted in an article for this site titled “The New Colonizers.” There have been more. And as we are practically next door to Kingston, I am now speculating whether the abandoned school building and curtilage just up the street will be converted into an affordable housing complex for sixty to eighty “Syrians.” This will transform ordinary life in our quiet neighborhood in ways we can scarcely imagine—unless we have been following the reports of the devastation being wrought in European towns and cities by the incoming hordes. Even the mainstream media have not been able to suppress the horror stories coming out of Europe.

Perhaps we should not complain. After all, our situation is appreciably better than in Germany where, as the Gatestone Institute reports and the leader of the Free Democratic Party [FDP] Sebastian Czaja has warned, a proposal was tabled in the Berlin Senate to enact “emergency legislation that would allow local authorities to seize private residences to accommodate asylum seekers. The proposal—which would effectively suspend Germany’s constitutional guarantee of private property—would authorize police forcibly to enter private homes and apartments without a warrant to determine their suitability as housing for refugees and migrants.” That such a proposal has not yet been considered here offers rather cold comfort. Eventually, we too will have our no-go zones and some of us will learn first-hand the meaning of Koranic sura 4:89.

I don’t know if I will ever revisit Greece, whose language, culture and people have long appealed to me, but I do know that I no longer feel at home in my own country. Indeed, it is hard to feel at one with a people that has voted a bare-chesting juvenile into power and “opened its heart” to a migratory invasion from backward and violence-prone cultures whose basic values, endemic anti-Semitism, deep-seated misogyny, religious convictions and social assumptions are in millennial conflict with the traditions and beliefs that the West, despite its lapses and deviations, has represented—until now. The Canadian electorate is one I can no longer respect or enjoy any bond of sympathy with. It is probably unfair to rebuke Trudeau too harshly, for this puerile and self-inflated individual is merely the comprehensive image of the country he governs.

Canada has joined the cultural declension of the West and I fear there will be no turning back. Were it possible, we would now be packing our bags. The problem, of course, is where to go.

First published in PJ Media.


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