Captured Hamas terrorists could be charged with rape

Israel is reportedly considering whether to charge Hamas fighters with rape, after a witness testified about a suspected gang rape at the site of the Supernova music festival massacre.

Investigators from the Israeli police’s Lahav 433 national crime unit have collected evidence of sexual offences against women by Hamas attackers during the deadly cross-border raid on Oct 7, Israel’s Haaretz and Maariv newspapers reported on Wednesday.

One female survivor of the attack at the music festival near the Gaza border has given testimony, saying while she was hiding from the terrorists she saw a young woman gang raped and murdered. “As I was hiding, I could see in the corner of my eye that a [gunman] was raping her,” the woman was quoted as saying. The survivor reportedly testified that other gunmen also appeared to have raped the victim and later shot her in the head, then mutilated her body.

Another witness who was hiding in the same area but did not see the rape reportedly informed the investigators that he was told about the incident by the surviving woman as it happened.

Previous accusations of rape by Hamas fighters came from emergency responders of the Zaka group who collected the bodies from the ransacked kibbutzim and the site of the festival. Some of the responders said that they saw the naked bodies of dead women that showed signs of abuse.

Israeli authorities are believed to be holding hundreds of suspects involved in the Hamas attack.

The Israeli authorities previously did not officially report any instances of rape but several women taken hostage by Hamas on Oct 7, some of them partygoers captured at the festival, were paraded naked in the streets of Gaza.

Shani Louk, an Israeli-German woman who went to the festival, was seen half-naked and unconscious laying face-down in the back of a pick-up truck filled with gunmen in Gaza. She was later declared dead when authorities found bone fragments that matched her DNA.

It was a fragment of skull bone leading to speculation that she had been either beheaded or died of a skull injury (explosive shot? blunt instrument?) such that had shattered her skull.  The Hamas groupie in Australia that calls herself Syrian Girl denies this, or that she was stripped as an accompaniment to rape.  There’s nothing to see, look “Shani Louk dual Israeli national was NOT RAPED or BEHEADED. Her head is still attached to her clothed body in photos. She was already dressed skantily while rave dancing…”

Oh and the other young woman filmed being forced out of a Hamas truck in a dire condition wasn’t raped either – that is, of course, mud on her trousers, not the evidence of rape and/or buggery. 

Muslim men don’t rape Jewish girls because (no-one) would have the desire to rape those disease ridden hags… That tweet is  deleted, but not before several people took a screen shot.

I don’t know what her status is in Australia but I hope the authorities have marked her card.


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